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  1. BirdDog2043

    July 2018 Newsletter

    Don't listen to these Insurgency lies, Battlefield V is where the fun will be! (insurgency is a fun game and i will most likely be picking it up :P)
  2. BirdDog2043

    Community Poll #7: Who will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

    France looks like the strongest team but I'm pulling for an England upset
  3. BirdDog2043

    E3 2018 Discussion

    yeah same here, i like all the original stuff that's coming out.
  4. BirdDog2043

    E3 2018 Discussion

    Yusss, more fuel for my Just Cause addiction. Not sure how I feel about the extreme weather system though
  5. BirdDog2043

    E3 2018 Discussion

    Doom 2 looks sick, I should probably finally finish the first one.... Soooo, how do you Fallout players feel about the whole online only, multiplayer style of the game? I thought about getting it being that it's a prequel and I know nothing about the story but now i'm a little scared off, not really a fan of games that can breed griefers
  6. BirdDog2043

    E3 2018 Discussion

    Ohhh i'll have to look into this 😮
  7. BirdDog2043

    E3 2018 Discussion

    Let's discuss anything and everything E3 2018. What are your thoughts about the upcoming games and new announcements? Has anything caught you by surprise or disappointed you? And with the event still ongoing, here's a countdown for all the big developer conferences still to come - Personally, I was pretty surprised to hear about Origin Access Premier. At $100 a year you get access to top tier brand new games as well as 100's of other titles that I have yet to play. I'm going to seriously consider signing up when it launches later this summer. The rollout of Battlefield V gameplay has been lackluster for me, I wish they would show off more of the game because from the little gameplay that I've seen it looks like a lot of fun. Haven't been paying too much attention to other developers, I'll probably catch a recap on YouTube for everything that I miss
  8. BirdDog2043

    Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    New jackfrags Grand Operations gameplay video, looks like some classic plant the charge on the artillery gun gameplay 😛 Also, this dude at 4:13 totally looks like a ninja
  9. BirdDog2043

    Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    Let the tendies hit the floor, your new BFV Multiplayer Trailer
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  12. BirdDog2043

    Member Spotlight, June '18 : Kraknar

    Cool, good to see this make a comeback
  13. BirdDog2043

    Community Poll #5: How do you Commute?

  14. BirdDog2043

    Community Poll #5: How do you Commute?

    I take my car to school and work. Getting to work by bus is nearly impossible thanks to me not living in a big city, and I don't plan on walking for six hours either