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  1. BirdDog2043

    [PENDING] SYCK_DemonKitty Application [WoWs]

    Welcome to the forum! Where in California are you from?
  2. BirdDog2043

    Community Poll #14: New Years Resolutions

    Well it's not really my resolution, I was going to do it anyway it just so happened to be the new year
  3. BirdDog2043

    Community Poll #14: New Years Resolutions

    My only resolution is to keep trying new beers 🍻
  4. BirdDog2043

    [APPROVED] Fn_Paul Application [INS]

    Welcome to the Show 😈
  5. BirdDog2043

    [APPROVED] Stiff Application [INS]

    Hello and welcome 👋
  6. BirdDog2043

    [APPROVED] stickman1775 Application [BFV]

    bruh you're getting old
  7. BirdDog2043

    Return to hell......

    this game gets me erect
  8. BirdDog2043

    YouTube Intro Contest Poll

    Was pretty tough to choose between Billy's #1 and Copat's. Nice job everybody
  9. BirdDog2043

    December 2018 Newsletter

    War of rights mention! YEEEEEEEE!
  10. BirdDog2043

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    Found me some sweet flight sim deals on a plane and an airport 😎
  11. BirdDog2043

    Community Poll #11: How Many Tabs do you have Open?

    Damn i'm the only novice soul here
  12. BirdDog2043

    Movember 'Stash'

  13. BirdDog2043

    Community Poll #11: How Many Tabs do you have Open?

    i am but a mere novice >.< too many tabs stress me out, but its unavoidable for school projects
  14. BirdDog2043

    9/11 17th Anniversary

    The story of those on board Flight 93 has always stood out to me. They sacrificed everything in order to save countless lives, without hesitation. Their level of bravery and selflessness is what every American should strive to live up to.