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  1. PhaseVortX


    I'm not sure Anthem PvP would be a good idea anyway. Aside from armor and weapon balancing, they would also have to balance the movement and attack capabilities between the 4 Javelin classes, and if that wasn't enough then they would have to design maps around flight and hovering, taking into consideration the enormous speed boost you get while in flight. Personally, if they can just make an amazing PvE base, that would be fine by me.
  2. PhaseVortX


    I was in the Alpha, and thought it was pretty fun so I'm looking forward to it. And since I too have Premier I'll be jumping in on the 15th. (I also happen to have a 5 day weekend starting then too so I'll probably be on a lot unless it turns out to be really really boring).
  3. PhaseVortX

    Last post wins V42

  4. PhaseVortX

    Last post wins V42

    NUH-UH @Dutch
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    [OFFICIAL] Introduce Yourself to the Community!

    Glad to have you back Will
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    YouTube Intro Contest Poll

    Congrats Billy
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    YouTube Intro Contest!!!

    Here's my first go at it. Might add some more bits later.
  8. PhaseVortX

    YouTube Intro Contest!!!

    I'm mostly in favor of Billy's first one. But I think that one can be cut to about 5 seconds, or hell even 3. I personally can't stand long intros, they get in the way of the actual content and also feel unprofessional. Think of all the YouTubers that you all watch, now think about which ones seem more professional. Watch their intros and evaluate them. In my case, most of the YouTubers I watch either get straight to the content without an intro (extro only), or their intros are short and sweet (like under 5 seconds). Just my 2 cents.
  9. PhaseVortX

    Last post wins V42

    So um... those may or may not have broken when I updated the CKEditor icons. I don't have the plugin files though so I don't think I can restore it right now. Sorry!
  10. PhaseVortX

    Nintendo Switch or PS VR?

    My recommendation between the two is Switch, mostly because IMO it has more quality games on the platform that justify the purchase than VR. Switch is effectively the one home for all major Nintendo titles now, and the titles that have come out exclusively on it so far are for the most part, all amazing. Not every game will appeal to you, but there are certainly going to be a few of them that will. I've personally bought into BotW, Mario Odyssey, Pokemon Lets Go, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Octopath Traveler, Mario + Rabbids, and MK8D among others, I love all of them. The portability of Switch is amazing, and it is something that you will likely find yourself utilizing. The downsides of Switch are that Nintendo still can't get their damned online straightened out to modern standards and social features on Switch are practically nonexistent, and games will run at weaker resolutions and framerates than their multiplatform counterparts. It's probably the most powerful gaming portable on the market (excluding laptops), and the weakest current gen home console at the same time. VR wise, I own an Oculus, so while not a PSVR, most of the games on PSVR have been available on Oculus/Vive for a while. VR is truly a unique form of gaming, and can not and will never be replicated by gaming on a monitor. Despite the fact that you know the world you are in is not "real" it still feels real. However, gen 1 VR has a bit of a problem with the games. The trend right now with VR games is that most of them are like arcade games that last a few minutes or so and that's it until you start a new game. VR games also are currently a bit limited in scope due to the movement issue. Movement in VR either does not happen (stationary sitting games like racing games and a lot of the VR platformers like Moss), you point to move (which can be clunky), or you move with a thumbstick (which can be very nauseating). Furthermore, if you have a decently competent PC right now, I think you should save up and get a PC VR headset instead if you wanted to make the leap. You don't need a monster build to support VR now, a 1060 or equivalent could drive VR at the 90Hz you see on Oculus and Vive. (Btw, note that PSVR is a 60Hz experience, not 90).