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  1. PhaseVortX

    Community Poll #10: What did you think of the BFV Beta?

    I liked the core gameplay. I'm not a fan of the new progression system, I think it's stupid, but it is what it is. As long as people feel favorably about it, I'll probably jump in around the non-OA Premier date. And hopefully it doesn't die off this time
  2. PhaseVortX

    Insurgency: Sandstorm Beta


    If you all are still online around 10 or 10:30pm, I'll join in.
  3. PhaseVortX

    Tabletop Simulator: Wizard's Academy

    UTC: 5:00pm PT: 10:00am Official Description: Wizard's Academy is a co-operative game of magical experimentation for 1-6 players. In each game, the players select a scenario, such as summoning and binding a demon to steal its powers, defending the academy against an attack by an army of Imps, or (in the most difficult scenario) facing an academy inspector whom they must impress with their mastery of magic. Players move around the academy collecting glyphs in order to cast spells. At first, the effects of the spells are unknown, but as the players try new things, the students gain the power to manipulate the academy, the creatures within it, and the fates themselves – ideally achieving their goals before the monsters and elements that they've accidentally summoned reduce the building to smoking rubble. Event Details: We will be playing a standard game, and it is expected to run about 2 hours, but plan for 3 in case rules explanation takes a bit of extra time.
  4. PhaseVortX

    Community Poll #9: How did you hear about us?

    Here's my interesting recruitment story... I was on the Battlelog forums, yours was the top of the list on the PC recruitment forums. The End. :P
  5. PhaseVortX

    [OFFICIAL] Roll Call!

  6. PhaseVortX

    [OFFICIAL] Website Bugs/Issues/Comments

    @TheReal Kyle The scaling you are seeing is just part of the responsive design of the IP Board theme. That's the reason the menus change. It's designed for touch devices when the width of the window hits a certain threshold. The menus and navigation for a tablet or phone should not have any hover elements in it, because most touch devices can't use hover at all. @thebronxbomber If CSS is directly editable, here are a few overrides to get rid of some of the last remnants of that blue color. /* Fixes forum tag background */ .ipsTags, .ipsTag, .ipsTag_prefix { background: #cca240; } /* Fixes social media hover background */ .veilon-social-icons a:hover { background: #cca240; } /* Should override the icon colors in the navigation */ .ipsNavBar_primary > ul > li a:hover:before { color: #cca240 !important; }