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  1. Oink


    Hey BFV regulars, I mentioned training and its been discussed but nothing much has happened If you fancy getting some practise in a plane for example, then how about 2v2 in planes in training or anyother form of general practise to either hone your skills or help players like me with getting to grips with some mechanics such as sniping or flying all the best Richie
  2. Oink

    BFV Origin Username List

    Hi All, I changed my origin name to richie_erata to match my discord name, hope this helps abit
  3. Oink

    Training (Edit) (Editx2)

    sounds good, even though the range is not very good, i still think it wold help to spend some time in there with tution
  4. Oink

    Training (Edit) (Editx2)

    request sent on origin .... from ..... RMARBDK
  5. Oink

    Training (Edit) (Editx2)

    Kraknar is that your origin name? ill add you can go from there
  6. Oink

    Training (Edit) (Editx2)

    what zone are you? im GMT / uk time,
  7. Hi guys, Found out that you cannot damage other players in training, That kind of changes everything If anyone wants to mess around in the training area im in whenever i see you online. If not i hope to see you in any of the PvP game modes PS... Screw you BFV for the poor implemtation! (where is our full BFV game) !!
  8. Oink

    Holiday Play

    ill be on discord, if you see me in AFK nudge me or message me, playing the settlers 2 alot at the moment
  9. Oink

    Holiday Play

    its the 26th stixx
  10. Oink

    Holiday Play

    Hi All, Im alone christmas day and boxing day anyone up for some festive BFV? Origin name RMARBDK
  11. Hi All, Not sure if this should be posted here .... Ill update my profile etc when i get 5 mins, And i am going away for 2 weeks Grrrrrrrr no BFV - ive just got the KEV to level 10 !!! Catch you all soon Fight well
  12. Hi All I go by the name Richie, Im from UK, 34, Love BFV, used to play BF2 and BF2142 tons, i have BF1 and BFV, Im looking for a mature squad that is happy to teach and paitent with new players
  13. Age 34 Gender Male Location UK GMT London Microphone Yes Discord Username Richie_Erata Origin Name Rmarbdk Referrer How did you hear about us? BFV Forum Hours of availability 5+ (ISH) Why do you want to join us? From what i have read you seem like a good group Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? not that i can think of , but you never know Additional information have played eve online for years, so i know how to be part of a team