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  1. Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    i am rdy for BF5 :Squad Edition great changes so far lets hope they work out


    u shall protecc me @Raven
  3. ACE3 Advanced Medical System

    there was a 3rd stick but it didnt work just like half of the adv. medical stuff at that time
  4. Breakwater (Tactical Tuesday - 5/29/2018)

    it would be kinda fitting if i play the VIP i "try" to be there
  5. ACE3 Advanced Medical System

    I member making the Vid with @TheReal Kyle the good old arma days

    not my timezone
  7. Operation Pheonix CTI

    Operation Pheonix Time Sat 12.05 at 17:00 GMT Objective This will be a test run on the Mission,we will be playing normal but ppl should keep there eyes open for any bugs and report any feedback they might have. The Mission is a Capture the Island Scenario that we hope to keep working on over a few weeks
  8. Level Gaming Competitive Events

    Level Gaming Tournament Overview Level is a global eSports organization that promotes online gaming through quality gaming events for both the amateur and professional player base. Our background derives from the original large scale organized combat series – Battlefield. Since 2012 we’ve organized dozens of unique events, hosted over 1000 competitive matches and with the release of Squad we intend to bring the same incredible events to this incredible community. Our goal is to provide the Squad community with events that don’t require you to be a part of a team to participate in organized competitive events but ultimately a hub to connect you with those groups should you be interested. We believe in game longevity driven by social and competitive experiences that doesn’t single out players that are short team members or are on their own. Set up of the Event Tournaments, or seasons, are the heart of Level. A season generally lasts between 5-8 weeks where every Saturday a battle takes place for approximately 2 hours. At the end of the day the teams score up to two points that go toward ultimately crowning a season champion. This event is unlike any other existing Squad competition due to its structured nature mixing players from all teams, communities and geographic locations. The 40v40 tournament involves four teams. Level Staff picks the captains, then they choose their team mascot and color. Level has its own private battle server and each side is provided their own private discord channel to discuss strategies. Level is not a clan, so being in a clan is not a problem. Just bring your clanmates along for the ride! Others If you dont get placed in the same team as the rest of us i can request a team change
  9. NAS Competitive 40v40 Clan Battles Information

    North American Squad (NAS) Overview North American Squad (NAS) is a collaborative effort by North American based clans to bring forth the best talent, on a weekly basis, for intense, non-toxic competition. While at the same time, providing expert commentary for the involvement of new individuals and potential future community members. The event holds a weekly, prime time match, every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM ET, where multiple clans look to fill both teams to combine strategies and efforts towards defeating the other team. The focus of the event is to increase the skill and teamwork for all involved and also to establish positive gameplay and strong community participation. Sign-ups are posted on Monday morning every week for Clan Reps. Participants are expected to be in the NAS Discord by 7:30 PM ET in the respective team's channels. All of the competition is hosted via participating clan community servers and the event is ran by the passionate NAS staff for the effort of solidifying North America as a strong, growing, and tactical community of Squad. Through community participation, NAS looks to have those that are not yet a part of a clan, or community, to fill in roster slots to be able to understand and participate in the competitive world of NAS by joining a clan for an evening. At 7:40 PM ET (20 min before the match goes live) we will send out a message asking for a roll call of any non clan member players that want to play. If you are interested in playing just sit in the Public Lobby. Once we are ready to load in we will announce the password for the server. We ask that clans only bring 9 members for the start. However if more are needed, we will balance the teams to the best of our ability. If you have any questions regarding the NAS Event, please contact any of the staff. Order of priority: 1. Clans with 9 Members 2. Clans with Low Numbers 3. Non-Clan Members(edited) Schedule 7:20 PM ET - Please start to fill into your assigned team channels. 7:30 PM ET - Roll call will begin to determine if fill-ins are required. Password will be given to the server in team chats. 7:40 PM ET - Non-clan members in #Public Lobby will be asked to fill in remaining spaces. 8:00 PM ET - NAS Event Starts. Two rounds on the assigned map in #event-info will be played with 5 minute intermission in the middle. Event Rules Respect: Players are expected to show respect towards their teammates, opponents, and the admin staff. If you cannot get along with members of the community, we will ask that you leave. Integrity: Players are expected to have integrity when playing in NAS Events. No hacking, cheating, or exploiting is tolerated.(edited) Event Streaming Information NAS is a friendly, non-tournament style, competitive event where North American clans can enjoy a friendly atmosphere to play Squad. Due to this, and our strong engagement with the community while streaming, there will not be a stream delay for NAS events. Stream Sniping: Due to no stream delay, it is up to the community to honor and play the game ethically. If you, or your clan, are unable to do this, please do not partake in NAS. -What is stream sniping? Having the Twitch stream open and having the AUDIO and/or VIDEO actively on/open to gain an advantage during an event. Violators of this, will be banned/removed from future NAS events. -What is acceptable? Having the Twitch stream open BUT having the AUDIO and VIDEO muted/closed. Or, alternatively, just not having the Twitch stream open at all. All events are recorded and posted live immediately following the match. -Why don't we just put in a stream delay? Sorry, this will never happen. This event is played with an honor system among the community it's created for. If you have a hard time understanding that, there's no reason for you to need to play in NAS.
  10. Squad NAS Clans v Clans 40v40

    NAS(North American Squad) is a Event where Clans fight each other.Its a 40v40 Battle, Clan sign up as Squads if possible its a 4 Clans v 4 Clans.Should Clans be short on members those spots are filled my other Clan members who volunteer to help out. Its a Competitive environment ppl are on Coms know the game and deploy tactics its not your normal random game of Squad. NAS Squad Role Callout Squad Leader -> Cmd.Owned /Hopper Medic ->Danius Medic->Cjack AT->Kyle AT->copat AR->Dutch/franklin GL->Klobbson/ nerd Rifle->Kraknar /kigon Rifle->Baboking/muligan
  11. Arena Commander Returns


    considering my bad luck in PU and the lost of 9k uec might aswell do some AC until 3.2
  12. PU - Money Making - WIP

    you can run them if you have someone with u
  13. PU - Money Making - WIP

    considering my bad luck atm i dont know if gonna work on this thread in 3.1
  14. Last post wins V42

    I might be in Amsterdam soon so more ribbons soon @Global Papisure you know where you gonna stay yet?last time i heard you ll be in Berlin what would be dope
  15. PU - Money Making - WIP

    the drug lab can run out of stock and Grim might be full FYI