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  1. CommanderOwned

    Hoi4 event


    vanilla lul
  2. CommanderOwned


    SL for Support SQD incase i join
  3. CommanderOwned

    World War 3

    oii russkie invaded berlin i dont stand for that u better help me out @thebronxbomber
  4. CommanderOwned

    World War 3

    also fuck anyone who gets in my city i fucc u up
  5. CommanderOwned

    World War 3

    Is this BF remastered?xD
  6. CommanderOwned

    Half a decade already.....

  7. Bf5 cause it went more tactical its more inline with SQD etc. it fits more for BF Fallout 76 cause coop/Mulitplayer i dont like playing "alone" Skull and bones floats my boot better then SoT*funny pun Anthem/div 2 could be fun ASSCreed No. 12 i liked the last one with the new changes so this one might be good too? @thebronxbomber add Sull and bones to the list but that doenst work now does it?
  8. CommanderOwned

    Hoi4 - general

    well besides the navy rework US and UK will get an overhaul too so if we luck the end of summer but more like Q3
  9. CommanderOwned

    Stellaris - Strategy Center

    me too i dont like the cluster fuck of small ships @Wulfie
  10. CommanderOwned

    E3 2018 Discussion

    there are so many games i am looking forward to play but the one that got me the most so far has to be Fallout 76 coop/multi
  11. CommanderOwned

    Squad - Gallery of the Fighters

    Is that tactical driving in WW2?
  12. CommanderOwned


    u aint getting close enough tho i gib 360 no scope that c4 of your chest boii *dab
  13. CommanderOwned


    HERETIC playing other games
  14. CommanderOwned

    [PENDING] unhorsinghippo Application [SQD]

    If you need anything ask the ppl below that said i added u on Discord i hope i ll see u around ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Squad leadership CommanderOwned Klobbson Global Papi High Command Danius thebronxbomber BillyBantam
  15. CommanderOwned

    D-DAY (Tactical Tuesday 6/05/2018)

    i shall defend the beaches *kappa