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  1. Pirate games

    With gamepass @BirdDog2043
  2. Pirate games

    You shouldn't have...I'm just like the rest of the scum on earth...
  3. Pirate games

    That sounds NOT fun at should have preordered like the rest of us...
  4. Pirate games

    I have seen/heard of that offer multiple times (also from @Chris P Bacon )....I'm being cautious to say the least....or perhaps it's just out of principle that I'm probably not going to go with that deal (also why upgrade to win10 with this comp when I need a whole new comp).
  5. Pirate games one.....
  6. [OFFICIAL] Introduce Yourself to the Community!

    Awesome intros guys, keep it up! @Global Papi I'm pretty sure you're not the "one" hispanic guy in the community....there's others....right, @Daytex?
  7. Dinkleberg

    Perfect Contrast. 24/30
  8. Dinkleberg

    I was going to rate this 12/15 but 4/5 seemed to work as well. Love the green background. White text perfectly contrasts with it.
  9. Last post wins V42

    Are you sure about that @Stixx?
  10. Wulfies album

    What a repository! Thanks for uploading!
  11. [POLL] Poll #1: How do you like your coffee?

    I was guessing 4 years of age @Scags, geez.
  12. [POLL] Poll #1: How do you like your coffee?

    Welcome @Dukath! Wow, for the first time?
  13. Well, with the upcoming influx of new members to the website, it will be tough to personally greet everybody, but we'll try! New (and old) members are encouraged to post a little "about me" here in this topic. Who you are (unit you're with, position), when did you join (for older members), why, how you like it, interesting facts about you, etc. Without further ado, welcome aboard, everybody! We look forward to hearing a little about you!
  14. [POLL] Poll #1: How do you like your coffee?

    Welcome @Konarider443! For the sake of the poll, we are assuming almost similar levels of boldness and strength per coffee. And I guess I can edit the poll answers, but by "cream" we are also including milk and/or sugar instead of cream (creamer or half and half).
  15. [POLL] Poll #1: How do you like your coffee?

    @Wulfie Is that why you voted for Starbucks?