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  1. Wulfie

    Community Poll #14: New Years Resolutions

    new poll time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Wulfie

    TableTop Sundays - Human Punishment


    sorry i wasent around yesterday some RL shit poped up that i had to deal with.
  3. Wulfie

    TableTop Sundays - Human Punishment


    I'm in so long as it doesn't clash with my D&D session 😁
  4. Wulfie


    loving it so far
  5. Wulfie

    Return to hell......

    bugs aside i enjoyed the closed beta its come on miles and im loving the gameplay!
  6. Wulfie

    Community Poll #14: New Years Resolutions

    some small lifestyle changes we will see how they pan out . . .
  7. Wulfie


    I can't say I'm fully sold on the game as a whole.
  8. Wulfie

    BFV Origin Username List

    Origin: wulfie-war GMT
  9. Wulfie

    Return to hell......

    Yep i cant wait till next friday
  10. Wulfie

    Return to hell......

    myself and few others jumped on it to get into the aplha testing of the game ages ago.
  11. Wulfie

    Return to hell......

    Howdy all! Hell let loose is open for closed beta testing again in the new year and boy it has come on leaps and bounds since the aplha we tried out! Its running from January Friday 11th to monday the 14th. The closed beta is exclusively for Hell let loose crowdfunding backers who have closed beta access. Now implamented are.... AT guns Artillary AT rockets Tanks Mine placement and buildable defences Hurtgen Forest map which looks amazing. For more info on the latest updates head over to their website for their steam store page for full info. Hopfully see some comrades online in the new year to try out the latest additions in combat Wulfie out.
  12. Wulfie

    I WANT YOU!!!

    you dont want me ......
  13. still sounds like i spend something 0 to 100 is a big gap lol
  14. should have had a £0 option as i never spent a penny overated crap all this blackfriday cyber monday shite lol