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  1. Wulfie

    Movember 'Stash'

    bring back the toothbrush tash charlie chaplin did it first
  2. Wulfie

    Hoi4 event

    Let's try again.... Anyone interested in Hoi4 join us this Saturday at 7pm GMT We will run vanilla just to make things easier. Please rspv here to let me know if you are coming or not Thanks wulfie.
  3. Wulfie

    King Two Lima [Sunday]


    SAR Autorifleman pls
  4. Wulfie


    you are doing it wrong its not upsidedown on its roof
  5. Wulfie

    King Two Lima II (Tactical Tuesday - 10/09/2018)

    mg for meeeeeee m60 all they way
  6. Wulfie

    Community Poll #11: How Many Tabs do you have Open?

    50+ all porn hub XD
  7. Wulfie

    Last post wins V42

    @Chris P Bacon
  8. Wulfie

    Last post wins V42

    Yesh there can only be one
  9. Wulfie

    Last post wins V42

    hahaha no shit posting only win
  10. Wulfie

    Space Force

    hahahahaha XD
  11. i can still hear the battle cry..........ITS JUST A BETA ?