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  1. Wulfie

    Last post wins V42

    Yesh there can only be one
  2. Wulfie

    Last post wins V42

    hahaha no shit posting only win
  3. Wulfie

    Space Force

    hahahahaha XD
  4. i can still hear the battle cry..........ITS JUST A BETA 😂
  5. A few new features but nothing extraordinary I like how they worked on the operations mode from bf1 to make the grand operations over days in a campaign. Very pretty as always but i feel its just not a massive step away from bf1 loads of bugs which I hope is fleshed out before actual release and a lot of balancing issues as well. Other than that yes it is a good fun game I can see me buying it but not for preorder prices.
  6. Wulfie

    Last post wins V42

    all children .... i am offically going to be old next month
  7. Wulfie

    Sept 15th Hoi4 Event 5pm GMT

    Winner with the most votes is the ww1 great war mod that is what we will be using this Saturday.
  8. Wulfie

    Tactical Tuesday


    When are any of these events going to be on a weekend!?
  9. Wulfie

    Table Top Simulator Night

    Hmmm when exactly is nighttime and afternoon? Eg EST times.
  10. Wulfie

    August 2018 Newsletter

    Very good and awesome reading