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  1. We are going back again and revisiting them all because why the hell not :D please find all the events at the links below. Bf4 https://www.fighting13th.com/calendar/event/169-bf4-weekender/ Bad company 2 https://www.fighting13th.com/calendar/event/170-battlefield-bad-company-2/ Bf1 https://www.fighting13th.com/calendar/event/168-armistice-week-bf1-event/
  2. For any and all who have rising storm 2 veitnam Take hamburger hill, Survive the Tet offensive, Seek and destroy charlie in the jungle! please RSPV if you are interested or not.
  3. Rising storm 2 Veitnam event find it at the link below https://www.fighting13th.com/calendar/event/172-rising-storm-2-veitnam/
  4. Wulfie

    Hoi4 event

    Wanting to try another mp event of hoi4 find it at the link below https://www.fighting13th.com/calendar/event/171-hearts-of-iron-4-event/
  5. looking to get some folks into a large game of hoi4 depending on the numbers interested and on the day heres is the ideas..... Teams of two players each co-oping major countrys vs others or Ai Axis vs Allies PvP Players vs Ai Alt history scenario Modern day mod? Please RSPV if interested or not.
  6. The Battlefield bad company 2 weekender. Hit up all the old school nostalgia with returning to bad company 2 either the the standard maps or maybe even the jungles of the veitnam expantion with ccr blasting in the background! Much fun will be had! please RSPV if you are interested or not.
  7. Wulfie

    BF4 weekender

    Back to battlefield 4!!!! After the great success of the 10 year clan anniversary bf3 even the idea has come up the we go back and revisit the other battlefields also so this saturday its bf4. leveloution maps call in megaladons blow shit up in tanks planes helicopters and more this weekend! please RSPV if interested or not.
  8. With it being armistice this week and 101 years since the end of ww1 we will jump back into bf1..... General plan of the event is to play through all of the grand operations one by one to mark this event in history. Come and storm the trenchs of the Western front, Climb the cliffs and hills of Gallipoli, hold out in the forests of the Ardennes........ come and join us. please RSPV weather you are interested or not.
  9. Was great playing with ya's all again :)
  10. I'll be hopping on in 45 mins
  11. All day sunday like old times :P
  12. Nahhh warlords for the win 😉