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    Sorry chap past my bedtime.
  2. Nice Predacon, good to have you as a wingman :D Friend request sent on Spectrum
  3. Thanks Kyle, I've sent friend requests for you, Rorshach & BlackRaven on Spectrum so far. >also what ships do you have? And what is your main ship you fly?  Probably gonna mix it up a touch come november but right now my ships are: Gladius Avenger Titan Renegade Constellation Andromeda F7C-M Super Hornet Freelancer 325a Fighter Redeemer (I think I'm the only person that still owns this lol) Totally up for helping to man a Hammerhead ?
  4. Age 32 Gender Male Location United Kingdom Microphone Yes Discord Username Senipah#5419 RSI Username Senipah1 Referrer How did you hear about us? Google/Reddit Hours of availability ~5-10 p.w. Why do you want to join us? I found you guys a while ago. I am a long term Battlefield player and a veteran backer of Star Citizen. I was looking for a gaming community active in both of these games and also active in the UK. I gamed with these guys [] for a long time, which was a community started on reddit [/r/pure] during BF3 but it's since faded out. Here's my Citizen Dossier for SC: - I have a monacle and a top hat. Battlelog profile for reference: Looking for mature UK & EU based people to play SC with. You guys seem well organised and active so hopefully you fit the bill. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Team player with experience in moderating online gaming communities. Additional information