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  1. Hook me up with that automatic rifleman please
  2. Age 25 Gender Male Location Pennsylvania, EST Microphone Yes Discord Username cursedkable Steam username Gardner Referrer Guest How did you hear about us? I was a member years ago, life got in the way and I stopped gaming for a while. Got my PC back working finally and saw the webpage in my bookmarks and was like "oh shit!" Hours of availability i have thursday, fridays, and sundays off Why do you want to join us? I was a member years ago and enjoyed playing with y'all, I'm looking to get back into that again hopefully Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? I was active duty military, 6 years, so I can bring everything i learned there to y'all How much experience do you have squad leading in Squad? I dont have much, still learning the controls to place stuff and all that to be honest, but I love playing squad and try to bring real world knowledge into it Additional information I was with the 13th back in 2014/2015 or so, then the army got in the way and i was constantly going to training and i ended up moving duty stations where my graphics card broke. I finally got a new one and i loaded up my chrome and i saw the webpage for the 13th in my bookmarks still and i clicked the link, glad to see y'all are still going strong