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    Viper FD

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    Fighting 13th Snapchat Group

    I always assume dutch is nood noodling his noodle
  8. Scags

    Tarkov Project News

    Patch hit a couple of days ago. Here's some of the things they've added/fixed Improved network synchronization of doors Synchronization of the corpses positions Adjusted grenade synchronization  Optimizations: Looting items handling optimization Shadow performance optimization Procedural animations performance optimization Link to the wall of text that is the patch notes:
  9. 😁 Entertaining read 🤣 Panzermadels next? 😀
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    Last post wins V42

    Yea just outside Skellefteå
  11. Scags

    Last post wins V42

    The freakin' map refuses to save my location, and yea Klobbson's the winner there, I think it's a draw between me and exi, or one of us are winning by inches