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  1. Pirate games

    Yaa, They give you 2 weeks free trial
  2. Pirate games

    Gonna try it with the 2 weeks free access on pc first ^^ Preorder shame on you bronx... I thought better of you
  3. Pirate games

    I'd buy from those on the principle that microsoft are greedy b*tches I know it can be stolen cards etc which sucks though
  4. Pirate games

    Ooooooorrr you can get cheaper keys on like kinguin/g2play, think they're around 20 bucks for an OEM key (Means they're basically locked to your motherboard and you can only switch out hardware a certain amount of times per year, you can reformat how many times you want though) 20 bucks vs 120, They really ought to lower the price >_>
  5. Last post wins V42

    The only thing you won was an extra chromosome oheyo
  6. Last post wins V42

    It's Dutch, that's to be expected
  7. Only proper scope for an SV98, this or iron sights!
  8. Really?! With a beard like that I'd guess you've been drinking coffee since the age of 5
  9. Welcome Mr Mr Dukath ^^
  10. "I like my coffee like I like my women, black, bitter and preferably fair trade"
  11. I am one of the swedes occupying this clan, XO in the EFT unit,was ze XO in the world of warships division with le Boobacon as captain . I joined 2 and a half years ago sometime in october. Been playing games and fiddling with computers pretty much since I was physically able to ^^ 26 years old living up in the frozen wasteland that is northern Sweden. Not much else to say
  12. That's the only type of beer I drink, Cheap beer blend well with coke