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  1. Commanding Officer (CO): @Forked Executive Officer (XO): @Elephantagon Established: March 2020 Current Games Playing: Rocket League The Rocket League "Air Wolves" Division is an official division of the Fighting 13th. A division is composed of anywhere between 15 and 100 members and is led by a Commanding Officer (CO) and an Executive Officer (XO) along with various key staff members. Organization The Rocket League Division is not split into any sub-units. However, the RL Division does play Competitive and Casual games, History The Rocket League Division was founded in March 2020 under the leadership of Forked and Elephantagon for the game Rocket League. Before becoming a full division, Rocket League was a squad-sized sub-unit of X-Ray Division. Honors and Awards RL Squad placed 2nd in 2019 Winter League Circuit Div III RL Squad placed 9th in 2019 Summer Indy gaming Circuit Div II RL Squad placed 5th in 2019 Fall indy Gaming Circuit Div III Previous Commanders Forked (Founder) March 2020 - Present. Patch and other Graphics
  2. Age 25 Gender Male Location Netherlands UTC+02:00 Microphone Yes Discord Username Elephantagon #0075 Xbox Live Username melvino100 Referrer How did you hear about us? Discord SoT Hours of availability 12 Why do you want to join us? I like to have a consistent team to play with. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? In game I have the Beer sails which look amazing, further not really right now. Outside of SoT I'm a Software engineer student so maybe in programming if need be, but as I am still a student it would more be like simple projects. I would not know any project that would help with SoT at this moment though. Additional information