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    January 2019 Newsletter - Happy New Years!



    The monthly Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this month's issue!



    Happy New Years! Bring on 2019!
    Happy New Years! I hope everybody enjoyed their New Years with friends and family.  2018 was an eventful year. Let us briefly recap on some of the things that happened:


         Early in the year, we made the switch from Guilded to our own website. Guilded served us well, and was a good tool for management, recruitment, and event planning. However, the need arose for our own home to be built (again), and voila! The website is still a work in progress, but we have been making great strides in making it more user-friendly and functional to the common user, you guys. Please let us know of any suggestions or bugs or concerns here.

         We lost a friend. The unfortunate passing of our dear friend, @Stormwolfe came upon us in July.  He was leading the NA side of the World of Warships group when unexpectedly, he passed away. We did not know right at the time, but the World of Warships guys knew something was not right and looked into the situation. 

         We bounced back. New units opened up for new games. And older games and units came out better than ever. World of Warships became the strongest it has ever been this year warring it out in each Clan Battles season. ARMA and the Deathdealers came back from the dead and became an active unit within the community again, with new missions every few weeks. We saw Sea of Thieves become a unit within the Buccaneers, and we saw that unit expand into a new pirate game: Atlas. Escape from Tarkov slowly but steadily grew into a scav-killing machine. Battlefield V became a hit, and with it, our Red Devils and Screaming Eagles Companies--combined they have over 70 members. And at the end of the year Insurgency: Sandstorm became a unit within the community, and are a becoming a force to be reckoned with, led by the fearsome Raven.


    It sounds really cliché, but I believe 2018 was a great year for the community, and 2019 will be an even better one for us. Hip hip, hooray for the Fighting 13th!






    2018 End the Year Awards

    With the end of the year comes end of year awards. There are six different awards we would like to present. Without any further ado:


    f13_navycross1.pngMember of the Year - Raven

    @Raven is being awarded the Fighter's Cross, the highest award in the land, for winning this year's Member of the Year competition.  Raven is as about gung-ho for the Fighting 13th Community as one can be. Raven will play any and all games with the community. He's always setting up all sorts of events for members to participate in, and when he's not doing the actual organizing, he's seeing how he can fit x, y, and z events into his personal schedule. If there is a new game within the Fighting 13th, odds are Raven is going to be right there playing alongside us. Raven is always looking out for the collective good. I had a conversation with him which I think embodies this the most, and the gist of it was that he's not getting paid for his work he's doing at the moment during the US government's shutdown, and his main worry was and are that the Coast Guardsmen under his purview are able to financially support himself. Raven is always thinking like this. Lastly, Raven stepped up into leadership late 2018 to kickstart the opening of our Insurgency: Sandstorm unit. Anything thrown at Raven he can accomplish. 



    f13_silverstar2.pngOfficer of the Year - Copat149

    @copat149 is being awarded the Silver Star, the second highest award within the community, for his efforts as an Officer and leader within the community. Copat not only helps out where needed, he excels at it. He truly embodies the idea of a servant-leader by making sure not only his, but other, personnel are being taken care of. 


    f13_silverstar2.pngRookie of the Year - Forked

    @Forked is being awarded the Silver Star, the second highest award within the community, for his efforts and activity for his first year here. Forked joined in early 2018 for Sea of Thieves. He rose to become one of the most active members within the community, specifically #5 on the Discord server's leaderboard rankings. Forked is always friendly and welcoming to new members, especially at those odd times of the day for the server (EU early morning times). And forked is very technically savvy, where being an active contributor to the #Tech_Talk channel giving his $0.02 and advice to others regarding the latest tech.


    f13_bronzestar1.pngRecruiter of the Year - Predacon

    @Predacon is being awarded the Bronze Star, the third highest award within the community, for winning Recruiter of the Year. Predacon recruited over 25 members in 2018. Well done! 


    f13_bronzestar1.pngDonor of the Year - 5wi55_ch3353

    @5wi55_ch3353. is being awarded the Bronze Star, the third highest award within the community, for winning Donor of the Year. Swiss has donated over $100 USD to further our cause. Thank you tons! 


    f13_bronzestar1.pngDiscordian of the Year - Locutus

    @Locutus is being awarded the Bronze Star, the third highest within the community, for winning Discordian of the Year. Locutus has reached level 50 on our Discord Server. Bravo! 



    Honorable Mentions

    There are many honorable mentions, most of which we will fit into the game/unit news sections, but I could not find a better place to fit this citation than here...enjoy:


    @wesz33 - Crazy Award (as submitted by @5wi55_ch3353.. The veracity of the story cannot be confirmed).




    For and not limited to:

         - Getting piss-wasted and losing his jacket, phone and wallet after paying his friend 300 Euros to drive him home--A trip that took 5 minutes.

         - Getting piss wasted and losing his shoes and wandering off from a party he attended only to end up being found and escorted home by two female officers in his local town. This adventure got him featured in the local news.

         - Getting piss wasted on New Nears and tripping on broken glass resulting in a cut on his right ankle which required 10 stitches with a further 3 stitches on another location, losing 1 liter of blood in the process and walking around one-legged like a true salty pirate yarrr.



    He‘s off to join the Norwegian army this month and will be sorely missed.






    Secret Santa 2018 Comes to an End SecretSanta.png.58174420dfe3405a1d2007e532a6afdb.png

    What a Secret Santa this year's was! We had over 30 participants, the most ever. We hope you all enjoy it and participate in next year's Secret Santa. If you participated, you will earn the Secret Santa Ribbon if you have not already earned it.




    Youtube Video Introduction Contest Results

    We want to thank everyone who participated in our YouTube intro contest.  Both those who submitted entries and those who took the time to vote on the finalist.  Copat, Billybantam, and PhaseVortX all submitted some great work, with @BillyBantam coming out on top with this submission. Here is the winning video introduction that will be displayed on videos we post to Youtube:



    MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - @Goatch33se

    Goatch33se is an extremely active new member who seems to get along well with everyone new and old. He has proven himself a great asset to the community so far by recruiting over 10 new members. Goatch33se's high level of activity and his superb recruitment efforts win him this month's coveted Member of the Month award. Congratulations :)



    ARMA III/ Deathdealers Company News
    2018 was one HELL of a year, especially for the Fighting 13th and the DEATHDEALERS.  We have had many great accomplishments, but one that really sticks out over the last year has been the return of Tactical Tuesday, and the Resurrection of the DeathDealers. We made the announcement back in May 2018 that we would be bringing Tactical Tuesday back.  Everyone was pretty excited, but I do not think any of us knew how much we were all going to enjoy it.  With our dedicated mission makers delivering us something fresh every week, we played through many scenarios.  Whether we were rescuing downed pilots in our First mission “King Two Lima," clearing safe passage through hostile forces in Iraq during the “Able Sentry” campaign, or hunting down our arch enemy VLAD, it was always interesting, and more importantly, fun.  For all this we owe Copat, and Weabus a huge thank you.  You guys went above and beyond last year and we all appreciate your work.
    With 2019 underway we have no intentions on slowing down.  We have huge plans for Arma and the Deathdealers. We are kicking it into gear with the “KAWATORA” campaign kicking off on January 15th.  This three-part campaign will be based in Cambodia, where we will be going against a new Triad known as the Yangon.  There are still some slots available, so if anyone has any interest in joining us head on over to the calendar post and hit that RSVP button.




    A big hearty congratulations goes to @WeabusUltimas -- his leadership nominated him for the Golden Goat award, an award for the Deathdealer that stood out the most in terms of activity and support, among other things. Also, honorable mention to @Jfranklin94--his activity shot through the roof this last year. We are extremely glad to have him around here.


    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to @cJack or @copat149



    Battlefield V News

    The current state of the game is really good. DICE have been listening to the community, shown by them quickly withdrawing the TTK changes and are working on fixing the biggest issue right now: TTD. December saw the start of the first part of Tides of War, which saw players needing to complete challenges to unlock new items. This has seen great focus from our Battlefield players, whom work together daily and weekly to accomplish the various milestones. Recruitment has been continuing at a steady pace and we now have a solid core of regular players playing the game. And now that the holidays are out of the way, we will look to push further on this and try to recruit some of the new players playing the game. Also coming up, the BF team will start implementing the first batch of ribbons for you all to earn from us. Look out for any announcements! 


    Congratulations to @Stixx for his promotion to Lieutenant. He will be assisting Billybantam with the running of the Red Devils Company. 



    Escape from Tarkov / Vikings Company News

    Efadf There are many big changes in store with the upcoming patch for Escape from Tarkov. See them here. Aside from that, we are looking to ramp up events for the community this new year. Stay tuned for more information. 


    Congratulations to @KosherHam013 for winning our highly-coveted Tarkovian of the Year Award. Kosher is very active in the game, well-versed in all the many aspects of the game, and is always watching your six. 


    Check out the #hideout chat on Discord or join the Escape Room to squad up and kill some scavs with us! Contact @[13th] Exiduslol, @Scags, or @Daytex for more information.




    Sea of Thieves/Atlas / Buccaneers Company News

    It's been a good year for booty and many miles have been sailed! We have had many good times with the new seamen and sailors aboard. The grog (beer) has been flowing and laughter has been shared. A member we thought was lost at sea has come back out of the fog. A successful year has been had for the Buccaneers.


    Related image

    In December, the Buccaneers Company expanded to include the game Atlas. We pirates unite under one banner, for the time being...call it an accord of sorts (Pirates of the Caribbean reference). The game is in very early access, but it has given us much fun already. We run our own server (courtesy of forked) even. At the moment we are running at 2x2 PvE map, but a 3x2 PvP/PvE map will be launched later this month.



    There has been an influx in new members for Atlas, many of whom are good friends with current members. 

    Also, Congratulations to the following members:


    Pirate of the Year: @Elephantagon. Sailed : 3937370 m
    Legendary Pirate of the year: @Forked. Sailed : 4877435 m

    As always, come join us to experience the life on the high seas like we see it in either Sea of Thieves or Atlas! Contact @Chris P Bacon for more information.




    World of Warships / Hydras Company / Stingrays Company News

    The World of Warships gang has been in Clan Battles mode the whole month of December--no rest for the weary! The EU side has seen an uptick in active members, so much so that we have been able to run two teams on occasions for clan battles and currently have two teams sitting in Gold (storm league) rankings. Reaching Gold was our goal at the start of the season, something we handily achieved relatively early in the season. Our aims are even higher now. With the current roster improving every week in terms of game play and tactics and activity, we are hoping for a serious push for the next league (Typhoon). This season has already seen a massive increase in battles played for the EU side and as such might be considered the most successful one yet for the community.


    Aside from Clan Battles, December also saw the introduction of Ranked Sprint 2--this time with battles being played at Tier 6 in a 5v5 scenario. Update 0.8.0 went into PTS with the upcoming Aircraft carrier rework. And steel became more readily available to players willing to spend a bit of money or players owning ships in game. As such the clan has already seen its first steel ships in its harbor.


    Congratulations to @Yasvar for becoming Captain of the Year. 



    Other Tidbits



    As of posting this, the community is:

     221 Members | 15 Officers | 8 Companies | 9 Years Going


    Please welcome the following members to the community:














    @WillDill (Returning Member)




    @stickman1775 (Returning Member)






    @Moon Moon







    Upcoming Features

    Points System and Store Details

    Promotions Sections

    News on other Awards

    Community Wiki




    Well, that's all for this issue, folks. Hope you enjoy! If you would like to contribute, please contact @thebronxbomber or post in the War Room's Newsletter Ideas and Discussion topic!

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    This is a good crew, I like it here 🙂


    I'll throw out an extra mention of @Elephantagon for being the first of us to get to Athenas level 10 and finally getting his hands on the figure head :) He deserves the "Legendary" far more than I do.

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