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    Fall 2019 Newsletter



    The Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this issue!



    Member of the Month Awards

    MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - @vault1965 (July)

    Despite being with the clan a short amount of time he's been instrumental in helping our Division 2 player base grow. Always positive he takes the time out to help people with farming, builds, raid tactics and generally making new people feel welcome. He's a rising star--look out! A job well done :)


    MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - @Elephantagon (August)

    Elephantagon  is a beer loving man that we always enjoy playing with. In Sea of Thieves he has kept us company for countless hours on many a long voyage, all the while raining hell on enemy crews and NPCs. He has also helped restart Rocket League in the clan and has gathered quite a following of people from different segments, people that never used to play together before, but now do! He is a driving force in the clan, and is quick to give both advice and a helpful hand.


    MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - @WillDill (September)

    Willdill is a returning veteran member to the community. Since rejoining, he has been extremely active within most of the public channels on our Discord server, as well as in the various Red Devils chatrooms. Willdill is seemingly always ready to get into the Battlefield for some rounds or to lend a helping hand or some advice to someone in need. Welcome back and congratulations!




    Fighting 13th Charity Event

    The Fighting 13th will be hosting a weekend of tournaments and prize giveaways November 16th & 17th, 2019!

    In the spirit of the upcoming Holiday Season, we here at the Fighting 13th want to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. Leadership and the Senior Council have convened for the past month on how best to go about doing this, and who we as a community should focus our efforts on. After much debate and deliberation, we have settled on: 





    AbleGamers is an American Non-Profit charity that aims to improve the overall quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of video games. Video games allow individuals with disabilities to experience situations that may be difficult or limited in the real world, provide social networking opportunities to maintain mental and emotional health, and participate in one of the world’s largest pastimes. They work with industry leaders and game developers to create prosthetics, peripheral devices, and enable greater accessibility for disabled gamers, which allow gamers to play with their eyes, their mouth, or in other various ways that allow them to enjoy games.



    While an American based charity, they work internationally to benefit gamers world-wide. We here at the Fighting 13th have found this to be a worthy cause, and we are organizing 3 different game tournaments to benefit this wonderful charity!



    We will be hosting several charity tournaments over the course of the event weekend. Each tournament will cost $20 to buy-in. The winners of each group will have the opportunity to select FREE PC GAMES from a list of keys generously donated by Leadership. Winners will be allowed to select any number of games up to a total prize of $60. See the following spoiler for a list of a the current (and growing) list of keys that have been donated to date:



    7 Days to Die 24.99
    Alan Wake 14.99
    American Truck Simulator 4.99
    Bastion 14.99
    Conan Exiles 39.99
    Crazy Machines 3 9.99
    Darksiders II: Definitive Edition 29.99
    Dead Island Definitive Edition 19.99
    Dead Rising 4 29.99
    Destiny 2 34.99
    Divinity Original Sin 39.99[?]
    Endless Space 9.99[?]
    The Escapists 2 19.99
    God Eater 2 49.99
    HITMAN: The Complete First Season 59.99
    Hollow Knight 14.99
    Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition x2 14.99
    Invisible Inc. 19.99
    Just Cause 3 XXL Edition x2 29.44
    Kerbal Space Program 39.99
    Life is Feudal: Your Own 19.99
    Mafia III 39.99
    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 19.99
    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 19.99
    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 9.99
    Operation Flashpoint: Red Rising [?]
    Outlast 2 29.99
    Overwatch [?]
    Planetary Annihilation x2 39.99
    Portal Knights 19.99
    Project Cars 2 59.99
    Resident Evil Revelations 29.99
    Rust 34.99
    Shadow Warrior 39.99
    Shadow Warrior 2 39.99
    Sleeping Dogs 19.99[?]
    Sniper Elite 7.99
    Star Wars Battlefront II [Classic?] 9.99
    Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces II 5.99
    Star Wars Jedit Knight II: Jedi Outcast 9.99
    Star Wars Starfighter 5.99
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II 19.99
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 19.99
    Tomb Raider 19.99



    ADDITIONALLY Simply entering and participating in the charity event will enter your name into a random drawing. At the end of the tournament, one participant's name will be chosen at random and YOU TOO will get the opportunity to select keys from the donated pool (Winners of groups will be excluded from the raffle.)



    DON'T WANT TO PLAY/CAN'T MAKE IT THAT WEEKEND? If you are unable to participate, but would still like to get involved, everyone is welcome to contribute $10 to the charity pool. Such a donation will have your name entered into the raffle at the end of the tournament with a chance to win prizes!



    The first tournament will be a Tabletop Simulator Poker tournament, in groups of 8. Games will include No Limit Texas Hold-em, Five Card Draw, and others if sufficient interest. Each group will play tournament style until one player emerges victorious. FOR THIS TOURNAMENT ONLY: IF you do not have the game, and can get 3 other players who ALSO do not have the game to buy-in alongside you, we will provide you each with a free copy of Tabletop Simulator. TTS on Steam right now is available for $20. So enter this charity event and pick up TTS for the same cost as the store while also contributing to a worth charity!!


    The second tournament will be a Mordhau ladder bracket, with each match being a Best 2 out of 3. There may be multiple ladder brackets, depending on the number of participants.


    The third tournament will be a Civilization VI tournament. The length and number of players in each group will be determined by the number of participants. The winner will be last-man-standing OR best score by times-up.



    The tournaments will take place the weekend of November 16th and 17th! So signup, buy-in, win, and giveback to gamers like us! To signup, please speak with anyone from Leadership or the Senior Council , and donate here:




    When donating, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR DISCORD/WEBSITE NAME in the notes! So we can figure out who you are.For our Non-American members, the donation amounts are 18.30 Euro [$20] and 9.15 [$10] respectively.

    We are very much looking forward to this and we really encourage all of you to come get involved. The list of tournaments is not entirely finalized at the moment, and we are open to suggests for how we could improve the event between now and November 16th! See you there!





    War Thunder Revival

    It is true! War Thunder has been successfully revived and is currently a squad under X-Ray Division. Wulfie has brought it back from the dead. It still has a strong following. And events are being created as we speak. 


    It's great to see war thunder back in the community again and with recent reinforcements in the form of our amazing new members, we are confident it will continue to grow! We are also hoping to do clan squadron battles in the near future well as custom battles. Land, sea or air we are standing by and ready!


    Contact @Wulfie for more information.



    Social Media Manager Opportunity

    The Fighting 13th is looking for someone to manage our social media. We have had social media accounts for some time, but right now they are really no doing any work for us. As our social media manager, you will update social networks and curate content to gain new followers. You will also create new social marketing campaigns, build community recognition, and manage all published community content.


    If you have experience, or think this is something you could do please contact @BillyBantam.





    Tactical Combat Division "Spartans" News

    It has been a slow few months for the games Tactical Combat Division plays. Our biggest update is the new game mode and Omaha Beach map Hell Let Loose is getting. This is sure to get us fairly active into the game. From the developers: 



    What is the 'Offensive' gamemode?
    The Offensive gamemode is the second to be introduced to Hell Let Loose, and with Warfare will make up the two key game modes that will sit within the Campaign metagame (we’ll explain more about this in the months to come). While Warfare is about two teams attempting to push each other back, Offensive pits one team of attackers against one team of defenders.

    We felt that the best way of introducing the Offensive gamemode was with one of the most iconic Offensive battles of World War Two - the US landing at Omaha Beach.


    Key features:
    Instead of defending a single sector against the enemy team, Defenders will now need to defend two strongpoints per sector line. Should both of the strongpoints in this line be captured, the defenders will need to fall back and defend the new frontline. If they are able to hold the line for 30 minutes, they will win the battle. Once they lose a strongpoint, they won’t be able to retake it. It is important to note that while a player can capture a sector from anywhere inside it in Warfare - in Offensive they must be within the strongpoint.


    More on the update here: https://steamcommunity.com/games/686810/announcements/detail/1595888090488515470


    Also, if you are interested, please signup for the King Two Lima event happening on October 26th. 


    Please contact @copat149 or @Raven for more information on Tactical Combat Division news.





    First Person Shooter Division "Red Devils" News


    Battlefield 5

    It is still a bit quiet around Battlefield, some games here and there. New content is coming soon though! The Metro remake should be live in October, which will bring some great and awful memories back for most players. The Pacific theater is going live this fall, but that will probably happen towards the latter end of the season, historically speaking.



    Not much news surrounding this game. We started to gather some players that are interest in playing it. We expect it to be big!


    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    It is to be expected that not everyone is going to like this game (in a community more aligned with Battlefield). A handful of us played the Beta--the game seems well designed so far, and it gives many of us that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare nostalgia! There sure are a lot of bugs, but we are expecting to see a well rounded game coming out on October 25th. It is going to be lots of fun, especially with a number of Red Devils anticipated to pick it up.


    If you have any questions, please contact @Stixx or @ThunderPhat or @tindahbox.





    World of Warships Division "Hydras" News

    These past three months have been a great time for the World of Warships Division. We have broken records and gained a decent number of players. We made new friends and enemies--that is the Hydra way. To forever sail the salty sea.⛴️



    Clan battles -- Season 6 "Neighbors":


    EU Squad: What a strange but fruitful season this has been. Wargaming in all their wisdom decided to change our beloved tier 10 clan battles to tier 8 which changed the entire dynamic of the competitive battles. The start of the season was great fun, but then this turned to salt. We struggled to push through the gold ranks and keep it fun. Then a plan was devised, and we sailed through the ranks to the golden gate of Typhoon League, struggled to fight for what was rightfully ours. We lost...we cried, we shouted at the enemies for cheating the system in their stupid little Destroyers. Salt there was. We tried again, and then...

    We pulled through! We broke our clan record by getting in the typhoon league. A job well done, gents! Sir Admiral Captain Commodore Lord Commander Lieutenant @Capt_Teek is very proud of you!


    NA Squad: We tried playing in a more structured format this season by having a set parameter for Alpha and Bravo teams. But, due to the constraints of life, this got cast aside halfway through the season and we went back to our old ways. We managed to get both squads into Storm 3 which is about our average. All in all, a fairly successful season where we learned a few things. A big thanks to our EU counterparts for helping us along.



    Well done to:

    @Gunfios with 184 battles played

    @L.A.M.Gunner with 167 battles played

    @Stracht with 166 battles played and with a lucky win and earning the Valor Citation, and

    @wr0s with an amazing play winning a match against the odds and earning the Valor Citation

    And a big welcome to our new friends: 
    5wi55_Ch3353 (He has re-joined us. Welcome back, sir!)
    Also, kudos to @Yasvar for becoming the Events Coordinator
    Also congratulations to @wr0s and @KingRichard201 for achieving rank 1. Take a rest, bois!
    And last but not least, @Gunfios is a great chap... ;)
    Please contact @Capt_Teek or @Dirty Andy if you are interested in getting together with the fine sailors of the World of Warships Division. 




    Escape from Tarkov Division "Vikings" News

    No new updates. We still play the game. @Jfranklin94 has been a very welcome guest of ours. Come loot the streets of Tarkov with us!


    Contact @[13th] Exiduslol or @Daytex for more information.





    Looter Shooters Division "Pathfinders" News

    Pathfinders has been going strong in recent months, mainly thanks to Division 2. We have a core group of regular players and a raid group that gets together every weekend. Since launch, we have welcomed many new recruits, most notably @vault1965 and @Facco95Pc, who have been a massive help in helping Division players with builds, advice, and teaching how to complete the raid. Also big thanks to @Draw for supporting on the NA side.


    Going forward Division 2 players are looking forward to Title Update 6 and Episode 2. Title Update 6 brings massive changes to the game from targeted lootdrops, weapon and gear balancing and a huge UI overhaul. Episode 2 brings new story content to the game based around The Pentagon, and a rumored new raid against True Sons in "The Foundry." Looking into 2020, the thing we are all excited for is to head back to New York! Do we finally get to take down Aaron Keener?




    What else for Pathfinders? We are looking to rekindle the Destiny 2 flame. With the launch of New Light (the Free to Play Destiny 2) and Shadowkeep on Steam, many players new and old are excited to jump into Destiny 2 again. There have been a lot of changes in the last year, and with Armor 2.0 going live with the launch of New Light it's going to feel like a familiar "brand new" game.


    Please contact @BillyBantam for more information!





    Sea of Thieves Division "Buccaneers" News

    The Buccaneers are still at it, killing strangers all over the deep blue sea.

    The one year anniversary update hit us back around April/May. It brings a long quest line with more lore, riddles, explosions, traps and other goodies. 

    The Arena:

    New in Sea of Thieves is The Arena--a pure PvP experience. It puts you with other four-people crews for points. Points are earned by handing in chests, shooting/sinking other boats and killing players.



    Pets have finally arrived! You can now fire your monkey out of a cannon and watch it soar through the sky! New types of coins were introduced for this--you can buy them with real money or you can try to hunt down a special skeleton that will run if you see it (so be on the lookout!). Some of us already have a pet and this has caused a lot of damage to boats as the crew was busy playing with the little ones.

    The developers have also added fishing to the game, so do not expect @Benny_07 to help around on the boat as he will be busy catching the trophy fish.


    We would like to give a warm welcome to new members:

    Jazzy- he sailed with us in Atlas, but has finally started playing Sea of Thieves 🙂
    Psyko-- Jazzy's brother, he only has a few hours in the game - but he hungers for more!

    For anyone interested in the game, you can try it for a month for £1/$1 using Xbox Game Pass for PC (beta). It includes Sea of Thieves and bunch of other games. Feel free to stop by #pirate-chat or ask @Forked if you have any questions about the game






    Other Tidbits



    As of posting this, the community is:

     250 Members | 15 Officers | 8 Divisions | 10 Years Going


    Please welcome the following members to the community:

































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    Nice newsletter. Good to see so many divisions and games beeing played actively by many members. 


    Let us hope it keeps going well for all the games and the restarted Destiny 2 team!

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