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    October 2018 Newsletter



    The monthly Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this month's issue!



    September 2018 Member of the Month 

    MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - PhasevortX

    @PhaseVortX wins the coveted MOTM award for September 2018 for his excellent graphic creations, his dedicated work and in-depth and knowledgeable insights helping out website management, and hosting a fun TTS event. While this award is only for a member's actions and achievements during the monthly period, this underscores the fact that Vort has always been extremely dedicated to the Fighting 13th since he joined many moons ago (about 70 moons ago to be more specific...over 5½ years). I could write a whole newsletter-sized topic devoted to all Vort's done within the community,  but I'll save you the trouble because this is just the MOTM section. I will say he is one of those rare individuals who is multi-facted is so many different skill areas...I would call him a virtual renaissance man. Congratulations on the award, Vort! You deserve it. :)



    Medal of Valor / Other Awards

    Last month, we announced the creation and implementation of Service Ribbons for members of the community for taking part in events and raids tailored for the games we play. This month, we're announcing our first "Medals," the Medal of Valor awards. These medals will be awarded specifically for in-game effort and heroics--whether it be for getting a double-digit kill streak or some kamikaze action that caused a chain-reaction of events to turn the tides of the game. 


    f13_valor_plat2.pngMedal of Valor 1st Classf13_valor_gold2.pngMedal of Valor 2nd Classf13_valor_silver2.pngMedal of Valor 3rd Class f13_valor_bronze2.pngMedal of Valor 4th Class


    These awards will be awarded based upon the level of raw skill and heroics shown, but also are contingent on the stakes of the competition--i.e. a clan tournament vs. a public match, or such as being atop a game-wide leaderboard vs. being atop a scoreboard in a single match. More information is forthcoming. 


    Members will be able to earn these awards multiple times. Officers will have differing levels of award authority for the Medal of Valor awards. If you believe you or somebody else should be recommended for an award, let an officer know or submit an award recommendation HERE.


    Please congratulate our first three recipients of these awards: 


    f13_valor_silver2.pngMedal of Valor 3rd Class - @L.A.M.Gunner


    f13_valor_bronze2.pngMedal of Valor 4th Class - @Stracht

    f13_valor_bronze2.pngMedal of Valor 4th Class - @Cyclops_123


    These three individuals were known as the European Bombers during the EU's Stormwolfe Competition that happened on September 23rd. L.A.M.Gunner was the overall MVP of the event. Well done, guys. You definitely earned it. :)


    We will be retroactively awarding these awards in some circumstances. Also, thank Vort again for these beautiful creations! In other award news, we will be announcing more medals and more ribbons in the months to come. Stay tuned!




    Newsletter Feedback/Ideas/Suggestions

    The monthly newsletter has now been around for several months, and it's gotten rave reviews! Members old and new alike have given us positive feedback on the newsletter, and many have told us of how well-informed they have become (and have been since joining the clan x number of years ago). There's good reason for this. We spend a lot of time curating the best (and sometimes funniest) content for you to see and we spotlight different members' achievements and happenings. We also advertise it with an @Everyone mention on Discord, which instantaneously notifies all 500+ of our server users--and we keep all other @Everyone mentions to a minimum to prevent you all from muting those mentions (we'd like to keep @Everyone mentions for the most important topics and issues only).


    The newsletter has been mostly a product of just the few officers we have in the community. They have done an incredible job compiling this puzzle-of-a-newsletter for your information and entertainment. However, we would still like to hear feedback from the rest of you regarding your ideas and suggestions--anything you think we could do better. Anything we can implement for the betterment of the community newsletter, whether it be a new section, new periodicals, a different way to showcase something we already have on it, new graphics, etc. You name it! We'd like to hear it. Let us know on Discord or join the War Room forum discussion HERE to give us your inputs.




    ARMA III/ Deathdealers Company News
    September was another successful month for the Deathdealers.  We continue to grow, and have an active player base with new players showing interest daily.  We have been working with our EU player base to better accommodate times that work for them.  We have decided to replay missions / host special events on Sundays as well as our regularly-scheduled Tactical Tuesday events.  Our first Sunday event was held on the 29th of September and was titled Sci-Fi Sunday.  It was a pretty big hit and brought a lot of new, and returning players back to Arma 3 with the community.  We will keep having these events weekly, and we will keep pushing new content and exploring new ideas.  All we need is all of you to show interest in our missions, give some feedback to the discussions on the discord, and most of all show up.  We have some really cool things planned for the future, and the more players we have the more in-depth our missions can be. So spread the word, invite your friends, because we have only just begun.  As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact @cJack and @copat149 directly via Discord.




    Escape from Tarkov / Vikings Company News

    Patch 0.10.5 and 0.11.0 have been announced and whereas the last patch focused mainly on bug fixes and optimizations, patch 0.10.5 and 0.11.0 will be more about  content updates. On the Talking Tarkov podcast, Battlestate Games COO--Nikita, confirmed that patch 0.10.5 will introduce:


    • Medical animations
    • The Flea Market trading space
    • New Mosin mods
    • The MP7 PDW
    • Seasonal-based ranking system for the current game mod "as a test"
    • A partial wipe


    Patch 0.11.0 will release later on and will introduce a new test map, the Terra Group labs. It will contain "tactical scav raiders" that are more aggressive then the scavs we have now and they will actively hunt you as you navigate the map. The new weapons for this patch include the SVD sniper/designated marksman rifle, the H&K M416 and the FN Scar MK16. Other features that are coming with 0.11.0 include the introduction of character customization with each faction getting their own new sets of available clothing. The compass system will finally be added to help in land navigation and directing fire during skirmishes. A new scav boss by the name of "Killa" will be introduced into the Interchange map and will sport an RPK-16, rare loot and cheeky slaved out heavy armor. There is no set date for 0.10.5 but we can be expected release around October or early November. A full list of planned and soon to be added content and improvements can be found on the EFT sub reddit HERE.


    In other news, please join us for our public raids. They are incredibly fun and entertaining...side effects include sitting on your computer chair for hours at a time, getting shot in the face, losing months' worth of gear in a single moment, degenerative addiction to EFT, and wanting to do it all over again. ;) Contact @[13th] Exiduslol, @Scags, or @Daytex for more information.




    Sea of Thieves / Buccaneers Company News

    Cursed sails was released on September 19th. It was a free DLC for Sea of Thieves, and with the update we have gotten:


    • A larger map, with the area added featuring lots of active volcanoes and boiling hot water (and chests and skulls from this area pay double)
    • 15 new islands and some smaller merchant islands
    • A new way of interacting with barrels and crates (A loot-all function)
    • Rowboats
    • Lots of new cosmetics, as usual with these kinds of updates


    Join us on our rumboats, we have rum! We have fun...when THIS isn't happening ? Contact @Chris P Bacon for more information.



    Star Citizen / Advocacy Company News

    First and foremost, we would like to congratulate @Rorschach on becoming the Advocacy Company Executive Officer (XO). He will be assisting Kyle in creating events and running raids, and of course the behind-the-scenes administrative fun we officers love.

    Star Citizen and Advocacy Company are searching for new and old members alike to fly and crew the 'verse. With the addition of new missions on the ground and in the air, we will need as much manpower as we can get--starting with but not limited to, fully crewing an Aegis Hammerhead to secure the UEE-controlled space to exterminate pirate scum.


    We're looking for individuals that are interested in not only combat, but all aspects of the available universe: cargo running, mining, racing, ground control and security. So, please join the gang in undertaking one of the most ambitious patches of Star Citizen so far...o7.


    We are still very much looking forward to CITIZENCON 2948 on October 10th in Austin, TX! The livestream will start with Chris Roberts's much sought-after keynote demo and will be followed by different panels through the week. The event culminates in a final show with Chris Roberts hosting a panel called “Road to Release."  Stay tuned on Discord, check for forum discussions and announcements for any upcoming events leading to Citizencon, and be on the lookout for a big group-up on Discord to watch the livestream and revel in all its glory.


    Contact @TheReal Kyle and @Rorschach for more information.



    World of Warships / Hydras Company / Stingrays Company News

    First, please welcome and congratulate @5wi55_ch3353. as the new Executive Officer for the Hydras Company! He's done an excellent job organizing the troops already, and has already proven himself a viable link between World of Warships members and leadership.


    World of Warships is currently in ranked season 10. Do not let the name deceive you, as even though it is "ranked," most World of Warships players in the Stingrays and Hydras Companies would rather be fightin' in Clan Battles. To offset the seemingly perpetual seeming-boredom from the relatively "quiet" time that is the Clan Battles offseason, the World of Warships group has been trying their utmost to keep a lively attitude and spirit. 


    On September 23rd, the World of Warships group hosted the first periodical Stormwolfe Cup. It was a huge success! The winning team was the European Bombers: L.A.M.Gunner, Stracht, and Cyclops. Congratulations, again! We would like to give a HUGE shoutout to @Yasvar for setup and coordination of the event. :) Thank you!


    Most players are grinding out the ranked levels, which many find tedious, but important in keeping their individual and combined skill levels honed for the next Clan Battles season. Even still though, the group has been able to have tonnes (see if you catch the joke ;) ) of fun every weekend. Please join in on the fun!


    Also, congratulations to @Arndawg who became ranked 26th in all of the EU in the "Highest Damage with the Minotaur-class Ship" Category with 333,519 damage! And congratulations to @Duckie for being the first member of the community to reach rank one in the tenth season of ranked gameplay. Impressive accomplishments, gents! And congratulations on your medals for these! :)


    Contact @Predacon, @Shodprism (Stingrays Company NA), or @5wi55_ch3353. (Hydras Company EU) for more information.





    Upcoming Games
    This section will highlight games that are on our "watchlist" of potential games we want to get into. In this issue, we will highlight three games:


    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    Since last month's newsletter, Insurgency: Sandstorm has had weekly 13th events and has continued to receive updates to squash bugs and optimize the game during the Beta. Events have been packed with action, and with all the recent updates, the game is running better and better. The developers have very high standards for where they want Sandstorm to be before release and feel they still have some work left to reach those standards. With that being said, the developers have decided to delay the release date until December 12th, as we found out last month. While it is nice to have a game reach full release, this was a solid decision by the devs. Sandstorm still needs optimization and games that get released unfinished tend to struggle to find a player base (cough, Mass Effect Andromeda, cough ? ).  This new release date will not only allow the devs the time they need to fully optimize the game, but also gives gamers more time to get the pre-order discount and join the Beta ?

    As Sandstorm devs release updates and hold Q&A sessions, @Raven posts "cliff notes" in the Discord Insurgency Sandstorm chat to keep the 13th informed. In the most recent Q&A the devs discussed their road map up to and post-December 12th release. For the remainder of the Beta, they will continue to work on optimization, balance, and bug squashing. During that process, they will continue to rotate through available maps and game modes to better focus efforts. Post-December 12th launch, the Devs will shift the bulk of their efforts to adding more content to the game to include more modes, weapons, player customization, player servers, support for the mod community, and much more.
    Check the Sandstorm calendar and Discord chat for future weekly events every other Wednesday and Friday and hit that RSVP button! Contact @Raven for more information. 



    Battlefield V

    Many of us die-hard Battlefield-series fans are still looking forward to BFV's release in November...and are attempting to occupy our time elsewhere in the meantime. Not much news this month regarding Battlefield V has come out, except we did learn of some of the weapons that will be in the game at release. Contact @BirdDog2043 for more information.



    Other Games

    • World War 3 will have an early access release this month.
    • Members have been spotted enjoying Forza Horizon 4, which released earlier this month.
    • Assassin's Creed Odyssey released earlier this month.
    • Red Dead Redemption 2 will release later this month.




    Other Tidbits



    As of posting this, the community is:

     181 Members | 17 Officers | 8 Companies | 9 Years Going


    Please welcome the following members to the community:






    Noteworthy August Mentions

    @Baboking got engaged to the love of his life! Congratulations! :)

    @KosherHam013 now goes by the name "Papa Kosher" for giving the younger lads swell life advice.

    @Shenanigans has once again disappeared into the dark (uni). Shenanigans spottings have been reported in Louisiana, but also at Yellowstone National Park. If you see him, please report him to the proper authorities.

    @BoltActionHero has rejoined the EFT group halfway into its latest patch and has already caught up to the higher-level players. Rest assured, he has been signed up for mandatory addiction counseling.

    @TheRoyalPanda was happy for the gear he just looted, as his teammates were lying dead around him. Some Vikings Company members believe this to be a conspiracy.

    @Pandas5560 had a stomach bug. Hope it's all better, buddy!

    @CS42R and @Jfranklin94 caught @cursedkable playing a weird "game." I can't repeat it here....

    @Lennoxx was killed by a Facehugger in an ARMA Op. RIP.

    @Nitehawk immersed himself in an ARMA Op taking place in the cold of Norway by lowering his room temperature really low. Unrelated, his electric bill has also skyrocketed this month.

    @Wulfie was really sad to learn that a Wednesday was not the weekend.

    @RJBViking traveled to Oslo for a Rocket League tournament. Outstanding!

    @5wi55_ch3353. is giving up his career has a WoWs player and from now on will be known as the lead singer for The Who.




    Community Polls:

    Community Poll #10: What did you think of the BFV Beta?

    Community Poll #11: How many Tabs do you have Open?


    Upcoming Features

    Secret Santa Planning

    Promotions Sections

    Potential Points System

    News on other Awards

    News on Videos




    Well, that's all for this issue, folks. Hope you enjoy! If you would like to contribute, please contact @thebronxbomber or post in the War Room's Newsletter Ideas and Discussion topic!

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