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    November 2018 Newsletter



    The monthly Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this month's issue!



    October 2018 Member of the Month 

    MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - Dutch

    @Dutch wins the coveted Member of the Month Award for October 2018 for his activity and organizational efforts. This past month, Dutch has been one of the most active, if not the most active, members within the community. He has organized a community-wide TTS event which received rave reviews (or so I hear...). On top of that, he owns and plays nearly every game the community plays, all while managing work and school. Congratulations!


    Little is it known that he has been here for virtually the entire history of the community itself--I personally recruited him from a RHIB off the shores of Oman (Gulf of Oman Map in BF2) on a fateful July day in 2009. It's been a pleasure having him here with us ever since. I have to shoehorn this factoid into every commendation regarding dutch :)



    Secret Santa 2018 SecretSanta.png.58174420dfe3405a1d2007e532a6afdb.png

    It's that time of year again! Winter is coming! And with it, Secret Santa! Secret Santa is a tradition within the Fighting 13th we have been doing where members give gifts to other members anonymously. Members are assigned a member to gift usually with a set maximum limit. This usually leads to some funny game exchanges, but also some fairly high-end games, especially with the Steam winter sale happening.


    If you're interested, contact @BillyBantam or @Lennoxx for more information. Look for more concrete details in the next newsletter. Signup HERE. Give a gift, get a gift, and earn a ribbon doing it!   



    Members Shop and Points System

    Something new we're trying out is a points system based on activity and a Members Shop where you can redeem these points for actual (and not-so-actual-but-fun) prizes! Think of an online Dave and Buster's... Prizes will include games and game keys (we already have Overwatch, Hearts of Iron IV, Hitman, 7 Days to Die, etc), tangible gifts and items, and other weird quirky things (the ability to "buy" an emoji slot on the Discord server...the ability to "buy" reputation points...etc.). 




    Which actions constitute how many number of points hasn't yet been finalized. More on that in the next newsletter. For now, what you need to know is that you will earn these points for:

    • Creating content (Posts, events, images)
    • Attending Events (by RSVPing to events)
    • Recruitment (each recruit will be worth so many number of points)
    • Awards
    • Activity in general (Points for logging in daily, points for discord activity, etc)


    Other features of this new system is the ability to see the items you have purchased, a log of your purchases and points earned, statistics, and a bank which can you can deposit points and earn interest on later. 



    Winter Activity Decline PSA

    Winter (or for @mekline, Summer) is an odd time for us in the Fighting 13th. I figure most, or at least many, people would assume Winter to be a more active time in the community than the other seasons based on the colder weather, the litany of good games that may or may not have just come out (or are about to), and the off time from work or school that is taken (or given). Well...this isn't the case...nor is it usually the case for us, unfortunately. The time off is usually spent (well) with friends and family, or traveling to see them. 


    This is a completely normal cycle within the community that will go away come January 2nd. This is not to say this place will become a ghost town, there's still events going on and there's still people to play with--our operational tempo is just not as high this time of year, as you'll see be a theme in the next few paragraphs. Fret not. That is all for this PSA.


    ARMA III/ Deathdealers Company News
    Effective 30 Oct 18 the old server was put to rest and the new server became the only one running. The new server and teamspeak info can be found in the #arma_deathdealers chat under pinned messages. Also effective immediately, we will be dropping down to biweekly Tac Tuesday to account for the holiday season and all-around low turn out, and this will run until the New Year.  Coming up this month will be the release of Operation Phoenix, an ongoing persistent mission against CSAT forces on Altis using the ALiVE framework. Details to come. We would also like to give a shout out to @Nitehawk for his consistent presence this past month for Tac Tuesday, special events, and assisting with testing and mission planning. As always we appreciate our members coming out for each event and keeping us alive, and welcome feedback from the community at large on our missions. If anyone has any requests for missions they'd like to see or do, please submit them to the Arma 3 forum on the Fighting 13th website https://www.fighting13th.com/forums/forum/35-arma/ . If you don't see a reply within a day or so, please ping @copat149 and let him know as he is human and forgets to do things every now and then ;)



    Escape from Tarkov / Vikings Company News

    Patch notes for 0.10.5 were revealed. No release date yet but we can suspect that it will be within the next couple of weeks. The important bits are pretty much the same as what was stated in the October newsletter except for it being a full wipe rather than a partial wipe. Raids and player counts have decreased as they always do during the end of a patch's life cycle, but we look forward to players returning when the fresh wipe hits.  Check out the reddit thread for patch notes: HERE.


    Congratulations to @KosherHam013, @TheRoyalPanda, and @BoltActionHero for receiving the EFT Service Ribbon :) 


    Contact @[13th] Exiduslol, @Scags, or @Daytex for more information.




    Sea of Thieves / Buccaneers Company News

    It's been somewhat quiet on the sea, but that should change soon with what's in store. There will be two more expansions this year: Shrouded Spoils will be released in November and the second, which will be revealed on the 10th of November, later this year. Shrouded Spoils will come laden with cosmetic upgrades that gives pirates access to more ship customization, including wheel and cannon cosmetic options. It will also introduce fog into the world with special loot only to be found within it.


    Commendations and specific goals for pirate legends are also coming. Game critics should prepare to take back some of their criticisms as the game world is slowly growing and mechanics progressing.


    Pirates unite once more, and get that booty. Contact @Chris P Bacon for more information.



    Star Citizen / Advocacy Company News

    Alpha Patch 3.3.0m has been released to the PTU, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: PTU-958784. Citizencon 2948 happened. Click here for a recap of all the updates slated for the future in Star Citizen.


    Squadron 42 Trailer


    Contact @TheReal Kyle and @Rorschach for more information.



    World of Warships / Hydras Company / Stingrays Company News

    It has been a slow month with regards to WOWS as we are still in the offseason. Ranked Battles ended during the month and now we eagerly await the Clan Battles season! We also had the annual 'Spooktober' in-game event and a group of us salty sailors managed to complete the event on 'Hard' mode with a single destroyer left floating, hardly floating I must add. That was pretty epic.


    October saw the return of seaman @wesz33 after spending a considerable time cod fishing. And frazcon who was the captain of the destroyer in the aforementioned Spooktober game. We welcome both members back.


    The finals of our semi-annual Stormwolfe Cup were held which saw North American side ('murica) take the victory (albeit with a bit of help from some EU members) :).  A congratulations is in order for NA on their first win in our intra-clan battles!


    @Yasvar is arranging a get-together on Sundays called "Slaughter Sundays," which will be a nice addition to get the team playing together before the Clan Battles season starts.


    Wargaming launched a new ranked season at tier 5 which sought to test if allowing people to division up in ranked would be feasible. It has received mixed reviews but all in all, @5wi55_ch3353. and others think it's a welcome addition. And there currently is also a plan to release a cross-server clan battle mode which would enable the NA and EU sectors to test their mettle with the RU and ASIA servers.


    Contact  @Shodprism (Stingrays Company NA), or @5wi55_ch3353. (Hydras Company EU) for more information.





    Upcoming Games
    This section will highlight games that are on our "watchlist" of potential games we want to get into. In this issue, we will highlight three games:


    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    We are still hugely looking forward to this...and we're hoping those who don't have it get it from a special someone in their lives as a Christmas gift :) Contact @Raven for event and other information.



    Battlefield V

    We are EAGERLY awaiting Battlefield V's launch! And just around the corner on November 9th, if you have Origin Access Premier, you can play early. If you're curious to see what maps will be in Battlefield V, take a look at this video:



    A quick description of each map (Thanks @Stixx! :)?



     This looks like an infantry-focused map with two flavors of urban combat: close-quarters in the residential area and mid-to-long range in the industrial areas of the harbour town.

    Fjell 652 

     A mountain peak setting that pits infantry against planes. Good luck, infantry! The "extreme dynamic weather" can trigger vision-obscuring storms that should make life difficult for pilots. Plus it looks like there are plenty of AA emplacements around.


     We've played Rotterdam during Battlefield preview events. It's a nicely balanced map that has foot soldiers fighting for a bridge while tanks roam the streets below.


     An infantry-focused map set in icy ruins in the aftermath of Rotterdam.

    Twisted Steel 

     The broken bridge in this map is supposedly the "biggest structure ever created for a Battlefield game". The bridge itself looks like an infantry bloodbath but there are marshlands for tanks to fight for around the bridge.


     It's tanks vs infantry on this map set in France. Trench lines and bushes provide infantry cover and there's a big central church for snipers to camp in.


     The biggest map "at launch" (which suggests bigger ones later). Set in Africa, Hamada is inspired by World War 2's biggest tank battles.


    An axis airfield just recently bombed by allied planes. There's a massive killzone in the central hangar.

    Panzerstorm (post-launch)

     Arriving in Tides of War chapter one after launch, this tank-focused map is set in lovely Belgian countryside.


    Contact @BillyBantam for more information.


    Other Games

    • World War 3 had a rocky release, according to Community Members
    • Members have been reportedly binging on Red Dead Redemption 2
    • Fallout 76 has some deep, intrinsic flaws as reported by @CS42R




    Other Tidbits



    As of posting this, the community is:

     180 Members | 16 Officers | 8 Companies | 9 Years Going


    Please welcome the following members to the community:







    Noteworthy August Mentions

    On October 7th, dank @Danius clones started mass-replicating, and soon almost took over the entire server.

    @WeabusUltimas revealed to us the lonely world that is his weaboo cave. He's also had some pregnancy scares...

    @Capt_Teek alerted us to a memeless 24 hour period in the #dank_memes channel. Luckily authorities responded by inserting memes into the channel.

    @5wi55_ch3353. is going Mountain Hunting--sounds extremely manly, have fun!

    @TheMahaGamer is looking for players to group up on Black Ops 4.

    @Duckie for getting himself a girl, and one whom he has promised to get to Tier 10 asap.

    Monster Hunter World is ruining @Locutus's life.

    Thursdays are Fridays to @Lennoxx, while Fridays are Fridays to @copat149At least these are better than Wednesdays being Fridays to @Wulfie;)

    @Forked posted Rebecca Black's Friday on Discord. May the curses leave your soul eventually.

    @Rorschach posted a poll asking which mustache style he should wear this month. Demand pictures!



    Community Polls:

    Community Poll #12: Fictional Captains


    Upcoming Features

    Secret Santa Details

    Points System and Store Details

    Promotions Sections

    News on other Awards

    News on Videos





    Well, that's all for this issue, folks. Hope you enjoy! If you would like to contribute, please contact @thebronxbomber or post in the War Room's Newsletter Ideas and Discussion topic!

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