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      July 2018 Newsletter

      New Newsletter
      Try saying that five times fast! We are starting up a monthly newsletter again. Its main goal is to keep you informed of what’s happening in the community and to spotlight certain members, achievements, awards, events, job postings and other things. We plan on releasing these the first few days of each new month. This first issue is intended to be more of a "baseline" newsletter, whereas the future newsletters will be slightly different. Let's get right to it!
      Community Status and Anniversary
      The community quietly turned nine years old on July 20th. July was a relatively quiet month in terms of activity so celebrations were not exactly taking place. Expect a bigger celebration for our 10-year anniversary...possibly IRL...
      Passing of Stormwolfe
      @Stormwolfe aka Benedict M. "Buddy" Cardillo of Paramus, NJ, passed away July 16th, 2018. Stormwolfe joined our community just under a year ago but quickly became an integral member and very rapidly rose to the officer rank. He was instrumental in growing and shaping our hugely successful World of Warships Stingrays Company. Many of you are a part of this community thanks to his selfless efforts and friendly and supportive personality. Stormwolfe was a devoted teacher with a passion for gaming and was an active member of his local D&D community. He had an intense passion for World War II history and softball, and spent many a long night discussing both intensively with our members. Stormwolfe is survived by his two children Calvin and Sharon, and his former spouse Sylvia. He passed a couple of weeks ago but if you would like to reach out to his relatives you may be able to find some additional information here. May his memory be a blessing.
      News from the Senior Council
      Once again, August is upon us and that means it's time for our quarterly Senior Council Meeting. Once every three months the senior members of the Community gather together to discuss the current direction, atmosphere and general experience the Fighting 13th is providing for new and old members from a non-leadership point of view. The Senior Council is run by a Chairman elected from among the Senior Members whose job is to organize these meetings and to be the bridge between the community and the leadership. For those curious about the Senior Council and who wish to provide feedback about the community please contact the current Senor Council Chairman @WeabusUltimas.
      ARMA / Deathdealers Company News
      Our ARMA III Company is back and better than ever!!!  Over the past few months, the Deathdealers have risen back to become one of our most active divisions once again with the return of Tactical Tuesday.  Tactical Tuesday consists of custom missions built for us by our community members, including things like the Able Sentry Campaign which took 5 weeks to complete!  If you love Arma and have been itching for something to play, now would be a great time to check it out.  Weekly events are posted to the calendar.  Check them out.  Hit that RSVP button!  We hope to see you at our future events.  Any questions can be directed to @cJack here or on Discord.
      Escape from Tarkov / Vikings Company News
      We Patch 0.9 released on July 18th--check out patch notes here. Recruitment has been put into "overdrive" from what @[13th] Exiduslol, Company Commander of Vikings Company, has told us (I guess he mixed up his games ). As far as events go, the Vikings are looking at starting a set weekly time for events, starting with the EFT Squad Up event on Saturday, August 11th. If you own EFT and are free then, come join! And lastly, if you're looking for a good reason to get into this game, there's a 15% pre-order discount. If you have any questions, please contact @[13th] Exiduslol or @Scags.
      Sea of Thieves / Buccaneers Company News
      Most evenings the Buccaneers have a crew of a handful of members sailing the seas and rummaging the ports. We are more than happy to take new (or as we call them, "landlubbers") sailors and train them to be the fearsome pirates everyone knows we are today. We rule the seas. We never sink (unless @Forked isn't following the rules of the road ). Few crews match up to the strength, ferocity, barbarity, and alcohol tolerance of us pirates, yaaargh!
      Also, Sea of Thieves has had a few content updates since release as well as events that add a bit more to the world. The latest update was for Cursed Sails. Click here for more information. @Benny_07 was so excited for this update, he wrote this poem:
      Beautiful. Anyways, contact @Chris P Bacon if you are interested in playing with or joining the Buccaneers for some sea trials
      Star Citizen / Advocacy Company News
      Star Citizen is always readily available to explore, mine, trade and to find and hunt whenever you like. SC is currently in 3.2.1 patch--a very stable patch. RSI have really made persistence a key feature in this update--it includes the amazing feature of logging out anywhere in space or planet with a bed in your ship. Along with new ships and weapons, most interestingly was the fact that stealth has now been implemented--so you can become sneaky sneaky.
      @TheReal Kyle is the main point of contact for Star Citizen/Advocacy matters, but he is in the process of moving. He has intermittent access to the nets. With that being said, @Raven and @Rorschach are organizing events in his stead, with previous events held once every one-to-three weeks in the three different game modes: Arena Commander, Star Marine and the PU (Persistence Universe). With the PU gradually growing in each new patch, expect more events within the PU. Though, keep an eye out for announcements regarding any upcoming events. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We will make sure you are locked and loaded, citizen.
      World of Warships / Hydras Company / Stingrays Company News
      World of Warships within the clan is going from strong to stronger, with numbers rising rapidly since August of last year.  We have been taking part in the clan wars function within the game getting to Gold league each season.  On July 14th, the Clash of the 13th tournament between the NA and EU sides was held. It was streamed live on twitch with peak viewership reaching 15 unique viewers. Congratulations @howells5 on winning!
      However, with the extremely sad passing of our NA leader Stormwolfe, we have decided to rename the cup in his honor and hopefully host it quarterly throughout the year. Hopefully the first official installment of the new cup will be created in September or October of this year. Be on the lookout for that. 
      Looking forward, we will be recruiting new members and taking part in more of the Ranked Season and the Clan Wars. Contact @Coldfreeze for more information.
      Upcoming Games
      This section will highlight games that are on our "watchlist" of potential games we want to get into. In this issue, we will highlight three games:
      Post Scriptum
      Post-Scriptum is a 40vs40, teamworked-based, first-person shooter set on the battlefields of WWII. The game uses the same core as Squad, but with a lot of other gameplay tweaks under the hood. These tweaks allow the game to feel different from it's cousin and create a better emphasis on teamwork. 
      Why is Post-Scriptum more teamwork based than Squad?
      The main difference is squad types, the spawn system, and kits. In PS there are 4 different squad types; Platoon Commander, Infantry, Logistics, and Armored. Each squad type is limited in purpose and abilities.
      Spawns cannot be created by Infantry squads other than the usage of two available MSPs (Mobile Spawn Points) which can be destroyed by the enemy. Otherwise, the team has to rely on the logistics squad with the creation of Foward Operating Bases.
      For better defense and pushes, the commander's bombing and the armored division's vehicles are essential to create pressure on the enemy. Even within the infantry units, their chosen kits puts them on specific objectives. Everyone will find something suited to their playstyle in Post-Scriptum so don't be afraid to try them all. 
      How is the pacing?
      The pacing varies per map layout and the teams themselves, it's never been a consistent pace. Most matches will last awhile as objectives have a timer protection system to allow the defense to set up each time a point is taken. This allow matches to maintain a good pacing without a steam-roll effect that sometimes occurs in Squad.
      If you're interested in the game and/or have questions feel free to contact @Global Papi.
      Insurgency: Sandstorm

      Insurgency: Sandstorm is the next installment of the Insurgency series. Built on Unreal Engine 4, it retains the classic hardcore gameplay Insurgency is known for and expands upon it further with new features like larger environments, light drivable vehicles, competitive matchmaking support, and more. Insurgency: Sandstorm will have the same great, quick-paced, hardcore gameplay with Co-Op PvE, PvP, and Competitive modes.  Insurgency: Sandstorm hits a sweet spot for FPS that the 13th is missing. With its quick gamplay it offers a change of pace from other 13th FPS favorites. With the announcment of Sandstorm, many of the Fighting 13th have blown the dust off their original Insurgency while other 13th members have purchased it in preperation for Sandstorm. Insurgency: Sandstorm will release in September 2018 for $29.99, but if you pre-order, you will get a 10% discount (20% if you own the original Insurgency) and you will get Beta access a few weeks prior to release. Additional information and media can be found on the Insurgency: Sandstorm website here. Contact @Raven or @cJack for more information.
      Battlefield V
      Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield™ V as the series goes back to its roots in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. Take on immersive, all-out multiplayer with your squad in experiences like the vast Grand Operations and the cooperative Combined Arms, or witness human drama set against global combat in the single player War Stories. As you fight in epic, unexpected locations across the globe, enjoy the richest and most immersive Battlefield yet.
      Quick Facts
      Operations mode gets an upgrade, introducing Grand Operations. Grand Operations is tabbed as the ‘ultimate multiplayer experience’, featuring a dynamic 3-day experience that can change depending on the successes or failures of your team. The fact that each stage will actually be played is a significant change from Operations, no more getting stonewalled on the first set of objectives and never seeing the rest of the map. I’d love to find out more about how this will work.
      Final Stand - This new game mode will act as an intense tiebreaker for Grand Operations. There will be no respawning and limited ammo depending on the results of previous days. 
      Airborne - Brand new game mode featuring, you guessed it, jumping out of airplanes while flak explodes all around you. This mode is a part of Grand Operations that centers around attacking or defending a group of artillery guns. Attackers will land on the ground and search for explosives in order to destroy the artillery guns. Defenders will utilize towable weapons, fortifications, and anti-air guns in order to build a formidable defense against the attacking team.
      Release Information
      Enter mankind’s greatest conflict on Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and PC. On October 11, play the full game with Origin Access Premier or try it as part of the EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trials*. Or, join the fight on October 16 with Battlefield™ V Deluxe Edition early enlister access, or October 19 with the Battlefield™ V Standard Edition.
      That was all sales pitch--but, trust us, we will be heavily involved in this game. Expect a few more developments in terms of gameplay as well as which direction our community is going to take this game. Contact @BirdDog2043 for more information.
      Wrapping Up
      As of posting this, the community is:
       173 Members | 13 Officers | 8 Companies | 9 Years Going
        Member of the Month Award - @Stormwolfe (Posthumous)
      I'd also like to welcome the following members into the community:
      Well folks, that's all for this issue. Hope you all enjoy this first issue and stay tuned for our next article, which should be even more refined. If you want to contribute to next month's article, please contact @thebronxbomber 

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      August 2018 Newsletter

      The monthly Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this month's issue!
      August 2018 Member of the Month 
       Member of the Month Award - @Raven
      Raven has continuously proven himself to the community by being involved in just about every game we play. Raven is not only involved, but he is actively managing events for our Star Citizen group, and he is managing the spin-up of our new Insurgency: Sandstorm team. Raven is an extremely motivated member always wanting to accomplish more. Congratulations!
      Service Ribbon Awards
      Over the last few weeks, we implemented Service Ribbons as part of the awards system. Service Ribbons are awarded for playing games the community plays with the community. These types of awards will be akin to "campaign" ribbons in militaries around the world where each game would be similar to an "Area of Operations (AO)."  These awards are meant to incentivize playing games other than one's primary game within the community. Examples of criteria for these service ribbons range from having to "attend five events with the Deathdealers" for ARMA to having to "earn 2500 oil for the in-game clan(s)" in World of Warships. As of writing this, we have created service ribbons for the five current games the community officially plays now with plans in place to create new ribbons for upcoming games like Battlefield V and Insurgency: Sandstorm. We have no plans at the moment to retroactively create and subsequently award service ribbons for past games the community has played.
      Calendar/Events Function
      August brought about a significant increase in activity here in the Fighting 13th. 16 official events hosted throughout the month kept community members and their hardware busy. The calendar function is one of our most popular applications on the website, and it's a great tool to track what's being played and talked about within the community, as well as participation levels for such events. If you know you are going to attend an event on the calendar, please hit the "RSVP" button next to it to let leaders and other participants that you will be there.
      Tabletop Simulator Nights 
      Join us for the Table Top Simulator Revamp.  It's been a while since we have hosted one, but we are bringing it back.  The only thing you need to play is the Tabletop Simulator game on Steam, which costs $19.99 currently.  If you can't buy it for this TTS event, you are more than welcome to still hang out in Discord with us.  The games being considered at the moment are Secret Hitler, Trogdor, Cards against humanity, scrabble, and any other games in the steam workshop. We have a poll posted on the forum where we are trying to figure out what day and time to host this event.  Please vote so we have an idea of how many people to expect.  Booze are encouraged required. Contact @Lennoxx for more information.
      ARMA III/ Deathdealers Company News
      With summer nearing its end, Deathdealers Company has come back strong and continued to gain more members and push harder during Tactical Tuesdays. This month we have made the official change over to RHS mod set, and the new mod list is pinned in the #arma_deathdealers Discord channel. Last week, the opening shots were fired in our newest campaign, Operation Hell’s Gate as US Forces attempt to retake an African nation from the hands of the Russians. This campaign will continue for some weeks with regular installments every Tuesday (See the Calendar for event details). This week, we will be reopening the Alpha server with Chenarus Liberation to the public to try and garner new recruits from the Arma community. As always, we would love to have new people (or old ones) join us for our Tuesday missions! If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Deathdealers Discord channel or speak with @cJack directly. Also, we would like to give a shout-out to @Locutus for doing most of the legwork helping the team set up the Alpha server.
      Escape from Tarkov / Vikings Company News
      Patch 0.9 released in July,  which brought with it a plethora of new gear, but also new issues. Fortunately, hotfix 0.9.2 released in early August helping fix more noticeable in-game problems: hit registration and other new glitches. New barter items were also added which were very much appreciated by the community for bringing new ways to obtain good gear and quest items.  Technical patch 0.10 will be dropped any day now which will bring with it many welcome fixes and optimizations, new weapon modifications for the SA-58, and the addition of the heavily requested Mosin-Nagant to the field. 
      Our EFT Squad Up events have been hugely successful incorporating our new members from across multiple countries and time zones to work together as teams to get quests done and to fill our stashes with loot. A shout-out is in order for all the new members who have joined, @Daytex for stepping up to the plate to become the officer in charge of the NA side of the house, and the Vikings Company as a whole in the huge recruiting and activity effort over the last several weeks. Bravo! 
      Contact @[13th] Exiduslol, @Scags, or @Daytex for more information.
      Sea of Thieves / Buccaneers Company News
      ATTENTION: The Buccaneers are declaring war against all foes; pirate, landlubber, and skeleton alike! The "Sea of Friends" treaty period which we so graciously laid upon the Sea of Thieves community is ending (we will be focusing on PvP in the coming weeks)!
      Other than that, the number one item on our plunderin' list are cursed cannonballs, and we are actively looking for someone to use them on.  Bronx was welcomed to the game with the explosion of a few gunpowder barrels. And we have three pirates who reached Legendary status in Sea of Thieves: @Slabstone, @Benny_07, and @Elephantagon . Congratulations!
      Lastly, the weekly events are back on, until 19th of September when Forsaken Shores releases. Speaking of which...Not all is known to us of what Forsaken Shores will bring, but we do have this statement from the developers:

      This is subject to change before release as always. Contact @Chris P Bacon for more information.
      Star Citizen / Advocacy Company News
      Hello fellow citizens and non-citizens. Please give a warm welcome to @Senipah ,our newest member!  Don’t be shy, introduce yourself, and take flight in the expanding PU! 
      @Raven has also posted a couple of events primarily focused on Star Marine. You can see how well we coordinate and work together as a team from the screenshots we post in the #space_shots channel in Discord.
      Looking forward is an exciting time! We are very much looking forward to CITIZENCON 2948 next month October 10th in Austin, TX, and what news and implications it will bring about for us and the game. The livestream will start with Chris Roberts's much sought-after keynote demo and will be followed by different panels through the week. The event culminates in a final show with Chris Roberts hosting a panel called “Road to Release." I get excited just hearing that. Stay tuned on Discord, check for announcements for any upcoming events leading to Citizencon, and be on the lookout for a big group-up on Discord to watch the livestream and revel in all its glory.
      Lastly, we are anxiously awaiting the release of 3.3. It offers an explorable (first-ever) planet called Hurston, complete with its own city and four moons to explore that orbit it. Also coming are new weapons, gear, and ships, including the supremely impressive Aegis Hammerhead! Stop being a civilian and become a citizen today!! 
      Contact @TheReal Kyle for more information.
      World of Warships / Hydras Company / Stingrays Company News
      What a busy month! Season 3 of Clan Battles just finished. Stingrays (NA) company ended the season placing in the Gale League, Group I.  Hydras Company ended the season placing in Storm League, Group III. Hydras also participated in the Poseidon Cup and placed 5th of 16 teams! Job well done, everybody! And please thank @Yasvar for his efforts in managing and setting up our team to participate in the Poseidon Cup! 
      With the excitement of August behind us, the Stingrays and Hydras are entering "off-season" mode. However, we are still looking forward to update 0.7.9, which will bring about with it changes to the clan base system and various map changes.
      Lastly, please congratulate @Predacon on his promotion as Commander of 1st Division (the WOWS Companies) and @Shodprism on his promotion as Commanding Officer of Stingrays Company! Please contact them or @Coldfreeze for more information.
      Upcoming Games
      This section will highlight games that are on our "watchlist" of potential games we want to get into. In this issue, we will highlight three games:
      Insurgency: Sandstorm
      Since last month's newsletter arcticle on Insurgency: Sandstorm (INS), it has joined the 13th as an X-Ray Company team and had it's first official event this past weekend. Raven would like to thank @Baboking, @WeabusUltimas, @PhaseVortX, @Dutch, and @copat149  for joining in on the action! It was an armful of fun (a reference to the gory, but oddly satisfying dismemberment system INS employs)! Be on the lookout for more events!
      With a brand new build being released on August 30th for the start of Beta 2, INS was buggy and in need of optimization. The developers listened to feedback from Beta 2 testers like us and released two hotfixes. These hotfixes enabled the game to run smoother on higher settings and squashed many of the reported bugs. The Beta 2 will run right up to the official launch on September 18th. INS is definitely an INSanely fun game that is even more fun when a group of the 13th are playing together. Contact @Raven or come join us in the Discord INS chat if you are interested or looking for more information.
      Battlefield V
      The Battlefield V Open Beta is starting! If you’re having doubts about the game, looking to try it out, or if you’re just excited to play it, now is the chance. Pre-load has already begun and you can start playing on Thursday, September 6th. We already have two organized events taking place during the beta weekend, one on Saturday, September 8th at 8 PM EDT and the other on Sunday, September 9th at 8 PM CEDT. Hope to see you there if you’re looking to play some Battlefield with the clan!

      Also, BFV has been delayed, unfortunately. The release date has been pushed back a month from October 19th to November 20th. But worry not! We will still be ready to jump into the game as a community on release date with fun events in store and good times to be had. Contact @BirdDog2043 for more information.

      World War 3 (By @BillyBantam)
      Many people were disappointed with the annoucment of Battlefield V. After heading to World War I in Battlefield 1 (seriously what is going on with this naming!) many people were hoping to return to the Battlefields of the near future. Looking to fill that gap are The Farm 51, a Polish development team of around 90 employees working on World War 3-A multiplayer military FPS set in a modern, global conflict. Strong teamplay, national armed forces, real locations, full body awareness, and a versatile customization system all contribute to the authenticity of the modern combat experience enhanced by other essential elements such as a robust ballistic system, advanced armors and life-like weapons.
      Ballistic System and Weapon Customization.
      The development team engaged with Military Professionals and experts early on in the project to try to craft the most realistic ballistics and armor system in an FPS to date. Every shot counts, and every bullet behaves as you would expect when hitting armor and body parts! On top of this there will be a full weapon customization system, similar to that seen in Escape From Tarkov, with customization options having a noticeable effect on weapon performance.
      First Impressions
      I was lucky enough to get my hands on the game at Gamescom in Cologne. It honestly felt great, reminded me a lot of Battlefield 3 crossed with ARMA. The gunplay felt very good, with each shot feeling like it had weight behind it. The map I played seem really well designed and had a grey, gritty realism to it. Overall I was very impressed with what I saw, there is certainly lots of promise and it will be interesting to see if the developer can match their ambition.
      World War 3 goes into Early Access sometime in the fall. A technical test is being run before EA starts, you can sign up here.
      Other Tidbits
      As of posting this, the community is:
       181 Members | 14 Officers | 8 Companies | 9 Years Going
      Please welcome the following members to the community:
      @Lxngered (dixie2001)
      Noteworthy August Mentions
      @Spillner received lots of help in ARMA from the Deathdealers.
      @Forked started his three-year vacation.
      Word on the street is @howells5 baaaaaaa's in his spare time.
      @Pandas5560 made a quesadilla at 1am on August 25th.
      @copat149 was stuck in traffic for 12 hours, and didn't even get to work on August 17th. His boss has been informed.
      @PhaseVortX learned of cell phones' use in an IED attack, thanks to @Raven.
      @RJBViking started university.
      @Wulfie doesn't remember how drunk he got last weekend. However, citizens across Scotland strangely enough recall odd strange howling sounds each night last weekend. 
      @Jax rejoined our ranks. Welcome!
      @Lennoxx became active again, but is coping with a loss in her family. We wish her well.
      @Zer has been getting daily headaches for his work on We the Few.
      @Locutus learned the difference between Switzerland and Sweden.
      @BillyBantam might actually like this Battlefield
      @Predacon is traveling to Canada for work...and maple syrup.
      @Danius met up with @Kraknar at PAX West.
      I got a new gaming laptop.
      Community Polls:
      Community Poll 8: Best Star/Space Movie?
      Community Poll 9: How did you hear about us?
      Upcoming Features
      Promotions Sections
      Awards Sections
      News on Badges
      News on Videos
      Well, that's all for this issue, folks. Hope you enjoy! If you would like to contribute, please contact @thebronxbomber!

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      October 2018 Newsletter

      The monthly Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this month's issue!
      September 2018 Member of the Month 
       Member of the Month Award - PhasevortX
      @PhaseVortX wins the coveted MOTM award for September 2018 for his excellent graphic creations, his dedicated work and in-depth and knowledgeable insights helping out website management, and hosting a fun TTS event. While this award is only for a member's actions and achievements during the monthly period, this underscores the fact that Vort has always been extremely dedicated to the Fighting 13th since he joined many moons ago (about 70 moons ago to be more specific...over 5½ years). I could write a whole newsletter-sized topic devoted to all Vort's done within the community,  but I'll save you the trouble because this is just the MOTM section. I will say he is one of those rare individuals who is multi-facted is so many different skill areas...I would call him a virtual renaissance man. Congratulations on the award, Vort! You deserve it.
      Medal of Valor / Other Awards
      Last month, we announced the creation and implementation of Service Ribbons for members of the community for taking part in events and raids tailored for the games we play. This month, we're announcing our first "Medals," the Medal of Valor awards. These medals will be awarded specifically for in-game effort and heroics--whether it be for getting a double-digit kill streak or some kamikaze action that caused a chain-reaction of events to turn the tides of the game. 
      Medal of Valor 1st ClassMedal of Valor 2nd ClassMedal of Valor 3rd Class Medal of Valor 4th Class
      These awards will be awarded based upon the level of raw skill and heroics shown, but also are contingent on the stakes of the competition--i.e. a clan tournament vs. a public match, or such as being atop a game-wide leaderboard vs. being atop a scoreboard in a single match. More information is forthcoming. 
      Members will be able to earn these awards multiple times. Officers will have differing levels of award authority for the Medal of Valor awards. If you believe you or somebody else should be recommended for an award, let an officer know or submit an award recommendation HERE.
      Please congratulate our first three recipients of these awards: 
      Medal of Valor 3rd Class - @L.A.M.Gunner
      Medal of Valor 4th Class - @Stracht
      Medal of Valor 4th Class - @Cyclops_123
      These three individuals were known as the European Bombers during the EU's Stormwolfe Competition that happened on September 23rd. L.A.M.Gunner was the overall MVP of the event. Well done, guys. You definitely earned it. 
      We will be retroactively awarding these awards in some circumstances. Also, thank Vort again for these beautiful creations! In other award news, we will be announcing more medals and more ribbons in the months to come. Stay tuned!
      Newsletter Feedback/Ideas/Suggestions
      The monthly newsletter has now been around for several months, and it's gotten rave reviews! Members old and new alike have given us positive feedback on the newsletter, and many have told us of how well-informed they have become (and have been since joining the clan x number of years ago). There's good reason for this. We spend a lot of time curating the best (and sometimes funniest) content for you to see and we spotlight different members' achievements and happenings. We also advertise it with an @Everyone mention on Discord, which instantaneously notifies all 500+ of our server users--and we keep all other @Everyone mentions to a minimum to prevent you all from muting those mentions (we'd like to keep @Everyone mentions for the most important topics and issues only).
      The newsletter has been mostly a product of just the few officers we have in the community. They have done an incredible job compiling this puzzle-of-a-newsletter for your information and entertainment. However, we would still like to hear feedback from the rest of you regarding your ideas and suggestions--anything you think we could do better. Anything we can implement for the betterment of the community newsletter, whether it be a new section, new periodicals, a different way to showcase something we already have on it, new graphics, etc. You name it! We'd like to hear it. Let us know on Discord or join the War Room forum discussion HERE to give us your inputs.
      ARMA III/ Deathdealers Company News
      September was another successful month for the Deathdealers.  We continue to grow, and have an active player base with new players showing interest daily.  We have been working with our EU player base to better accommodate times that work for them.  We have decided to replay missions / host special events on Sundays as well as our regularly-scheduled Tactical Tuesday events.  Our first Sunday event was held on the 29th of September and was titled Sci-Fi Sunday.  It was a pretty big hit and brought a lot of new, and returning players back to Arma 3 with the community.  We will keep having these events weekly, and we will keep pushing new content and exploring new ideas.  All we need is all of you to show interest in our missions, give some feedback to the discussions on the discord, and most of all show up.  We have some really cool things planned for the future, and the more players we have the more in-depth our missions can be. So spread the word, invite your friends, because we have only just begun.  As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact @cJack and @copat149 directly via Discord.
      Escape from Tarkov / Vikings Company News
      Patch 0.10.5 and 0.11.0 have been announced and whereas the last patch focused mainly on bug fixes and optimizations, patch 0.10.5 and 0.11.0 will be more about  content updates. On the Talking Tarkov podcast, Battlestate Games COO--Nikita, confirmed that patch 0.10.5 will introduce:
      Medical animations The Flea Market trading space New Mosin mods The MP7 PDW Seasonal-based ranking system for the current game mod "as a test" A partial wipe  
      Patch 0.11.0 will release later on and will introduce a new test map, the Terra Group labs. It will contain "tactical scav raiders" that are more aggressive then the scavs we have now and they will actively hunt you as you navigate the map. The new weapons for this patch include the SVD sniper/designated marksman rifle, the H&K M416 and the FN Scar MK16. Other features that are coming with 0.11.0 include the introduction of character customization with each faction getting their own new sets of available clothing. The compass system will finally be added to help in land navigation and directing fire during skirmishes. A new scav boss by the name of "Killa" will be introduced into the Interchange map and will sport an RPK-16, rare loot and cheeky slaved out heavy armor. There is no set date for 0.10.5 but we can be expected release around October or early November. A full list of planned and soon to be added content and improvements can be found on the EFT sub reddit HERE.
      In other news, please join us for our public raids. They are incredibly fun and entertaining...side effects include sitting on your computer chair for hours at a time, getting shot in the face, losing months' worth of gear in a single moment, degenerative addiction to EFT, and wanting to do it all over again.  Contact @[13th] Exiduslol, @Scags, or @Daytex for more information.
      Sea of Thieves / Buccaneers Company News
      Cursed sails was released on September 19th. It was a free DLC for Sea of Thieves, and with the update we have gotten:
      A larger map, with the area added featuring lots of active volcanoes and boiling hot water (and chests and skulls from this area pay double) 15 new islands and some smaller merchant islands A new way of interacting with barrels and crates (A loot-all function) Rowboats Lots of new cosmetics, as usual with these kinds of updates  
      Join us on our rumboats, we have rum! We have fun...when THIS isn't happening ? Contact @Chris P Bacon for more information.
      Star Citizen / Advocacy Company News
      First and foremost, we would like to congratulate @Rorschach on becoming the Advocacy Company Executive Officer (XO). He will be assisting Kyle in creating events and running raids, and of course the behind-the-scenes administrative fun we officers love.

      Star Citizen and Advocacy Company are searching for new and old members alike to fly and crew the 'verse. With the addition of new missions on the ground and in the air, we will need as much manpower as we can get--starting with but not limited to, fully crewing an Aegis Hammerhead to secure the UEE-controlled space to exterminate pirate scum.

      We're looking for individuals that are interested in not only combat, but all aspects of the available universe: cargo running, mining, racing, ground control and security. So, please join the gang in undertaking one of the most ambitious patches of Star Citizen so far...o7.
      We are still very much looking forward to CITIZENCON 2948 on October 10th in Austin, TX! The livestream will start with Chris Roberts's much sought-after keynote demo and will be followed by different panels through the week. The event culminates in a final show with Chris Roberts hosting a panel called “Road to Release."  Stay tuned on Discord, check for forum discussions and announcements for any upcoming events leading to Citizencon, and be on the lookout for a big group-up on Discord to watch the livestream and revel in all its glory.
      Contact @TheReal Kyle and @Rorschach for more information.
      World of Warships / Hydras Company / Stingrays Company News
      First, please welcome and congratulate @5wi55_ch3353. as the new Executive Officer for the Hydras Company! He's done an excellent job organizing the troops already, and has already proven himself a viable link between World of Warships members and leadership.
      World of Warships is currently in ranked season 10. Do not let the name deceive you, as even though it is "ranked," most World of Warships players in the Stingrays and Hydras Companies would rather be fightin' in Clan Battles. To offset the seemingly perpetual seeming-boredom from the relatively "quiet" time that is the Clan Battles offseason, the World of Warships group has been trying their utmost to keep a lively attitude and spirit. 
      On September 23rd, the World of Warships group hosted the first periodical Stormwolfe Cup. It was a huge success! The winning team was the European Bombers: L.A.M.Gunner, Stracht, and Cyclops. Congratulations, again! We would like to give a HUGE shoutout to @Yasvar for setup and coordination of the event. Thank you!
      Most players are grinding out the ranked levels, which many find tedious, but important in keeping their individual and combined skill levels honed for the next Clan Battles season. Even still though, the group has been able to have tonnes (see if you catch the joke ) of fun every weekend. Please join in on the fun!
      Also, congratulations to @Arndawg who became ranked 26th in all of the EU in the "Highest Damage with the Minotaur-class Ship" Category with 333,519 damage! And congratulations to @Duckie for being the first member of the community to reach rank one in the tenth season of ranked gameplay. Impressive accomplishments, gents! And congratulations on your medals for these!
      Contact @Predacon, @Shodprism (Stingrays Company NA), or @5wi55_ch3353. (Hydras Company EU) for more information.
      Upcoming Games
      This section will highlight games that are on our "watchlist" of potential games we want to get into. In this issue, we will highlight three games:
      Insurgency: Sandstorm
      Since last month's newsletter, Insurgency: Sandstorm has had weekly 13th events and has continued to receive updates to squash bugs and optimize the game during the Beta. Events have been packed with action, and with all the recent updates, the game is running better and better. The developers have very high standards for where they want Sandstorm to be before release and feel they still have some work left to reach those standards. With that being said, the developers have decided to delay the release date until December 12th, as we found out last month. While it is nice to have a game reach full release, this was a solid decision by the devs. Sandstorm still needs optimization and games that get released unfinished tend to struggle to find a player base (cough, Mass Effect Andromeda, cough ? ).  This new release date will not only allow the devs the time they need to fully optimize the game, but also gives gamers more time to get the pre-order discount and join the Beta ? . 

      As Sandstorm devs release updates and hold Q&A sessions, @Raven posts "cliff notes" in the Discord Insurgency Sandstorm chat to keep the 13th informed. In the most recent Q&A the devs discussed their road map up to and post-December 12th release. For the remainder of the Beta, they will continue to work on optimization, balance, and bug squashing. During that process, they will continue to rotate through available maps and game modes to better focus efforts. Post-December 12th launch, the Devs will shift the bulk of their efforts to adding more content to the game to include more modes, weapons, player customization, player servers, support for the mod community, and much more.
      Check the Sandstorm calendar and Discord chat for future weekly events every other Wednesday and Friday and hit that RSVP button! Contact @Raven for more information. 
      Battlefield V
      Many of us die-hard Battlefield-series fans are still looking forward to BFV's release in November...and are attempting to occupy our time elsewhere in the meantime. Not much news this month regarding Battlefield V has come out, except we did learn of some of the weapons that will be in the game at release. Contact @BirdDog2043 for more information.
      Other Games
      World War 3 will have an early access release this month. Members have been spotted enjoying Forza Horizon 4, which released earlier this month. Assassin's Creed Odyssey released earlier this month. Red Dead Redemption 2 will release later this month.  
      Other Tidbits
      As of posting this, the community is:
       181 Members | 17 Officers | 8 Companies | 9 Years Going
      Please welcome the following members to the community:
      Noteworthy August Mentions
      @Baboking got engaged to the love of his life! Congratulations!
      @KosherHam013 now goes by the name "Papa Kosher" for giving the younger lads swell life advice.
      @Shenanigans has once again disappeared into the dark (uni). Shenanigans spottings have been reported in Louisiana, but also at Yellowstone National Park. If you see him, please report him to the proper authorities.
      @BoltActionHero has rejoined the EFT group halfway into its latest patch and has already caught up to the higher-level players. Rest assured, he has been signed up for mandatory addiction counseling.
      @TheRoyalPanda was happy for the gear he just looted, as his teammates were lying dead around him. Some Vikings Company members believe this to be a conspiracy.
      @Pandas5560 had a stomach bug. Hope it's all better, buddy!
      @CS42R and @Jfranklin94 caught @cursedkable playing a weird "game." I can't repeat it here....
      @Lennoxx was killed by a Facehugger in an ARMA Op. RIP.
      @Nitehawk immersed himself in an ARMA Op taking place in the cold of Norway by lowering his room temperature really low. Unrelated, his electric bill has also skyrocketed this month.
      @Wulfie was really sad to learn that a Wednesday was not the weekend.
      @RJBViking traveled to Oslo for a Rocket League tournament. Outstanding!
      @5wi55_ch3353. is giving up his career has a WoWs player and from now on will be known as the lead singer for The Who.
      Community Polls:
      Community Poll #10: What did you think of the BFV Beta?
      Community Poll #11: How many Tabs do you have Open?
      Upcoming Features
      Secret Santa Planning
      Promotions Sections
      Potential Points System
      News on other Awards
      News on Videos
      Well, that's all for this issue, folks. Hope you enjoy! If you would like to contribute, please contact @thebronxbomber or post in the War Room's Newsletter Ideas and Discussion topic!

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      November 2018 Newsletter

      The monthly Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this month's issue!
      October 2018 Member of the Month 
       Member of the Month Award - Dutch
      @Dutch wins the coveted Member of the Month Award for October 2018 for his activity and organizational efforts. This past month, Dutch has been one of the most active, if not the most active, members within the community. He has organized a community-wide TTS event which received rave reviews (or so I hear...). On top of that, he owns and plays nearly every game the community plays, all while managing work and school. Congratulations!
      Little is it known that he has been here for virtually the entire history of the community itself--I personally recruited him from a RHIB off the shores of Oman (Gulf of Oman Map in BF2) on a fateful July day in 2009. It's been a pleasure having him here with us ever since. I have to shoehorn this factoid into every commendation regarding dutch
      Secret Santa 2018 
      It's that time of year again! Winter is coming! And with it, Secret Santa! Secret Santa is a tradition within the Fighting 13th we have been doing where members give gifts to other members anonymously. Members are assigned a member to gift usually with a set maximum limit. This usually leads to some funny game exchanges, but also some fairly high-end games, especially with the Steam winter sale happening.
      If you're interested, contact @BillyBantam or @Lennoxx for more information. Look for more concrete details in the next newsletter. Signup HERE. Give a gift, get a gift, and earn a ribbon doing it!   
      Members Shop and Points System
      Something new we're trying out is a points system based on activity and a Members Shop where you can redeem these points for actual (and not-so-actual-but-fun) prizes! Think of an online Dave and Buster's... Prizes will include games and game keys (we already have Overwatch, Hearts of Iron IV, Hitman, 7 Days to Die, etc), tangible gifts and items, and other weird quirky things (the ability to "buy" an emoji slot on the Discord server...the ability to "buy" reputation points...etc.). 

      Which actions constitute how many number of points hasn't yet been finalized. More on that in the next newsletter. For now, what you need to know is that you will earn these points for:
      Creating content (Posts, events, images) Attending Events (by RSVPing to events) Recruitment (each recruit will be worth so many number of points) Awards Activity in general (Points for logging in daily, points for discord activity, etc)  
      Other features of this new system is the ability to see the items you have purchased, a log of your purchases and points earned, statistics, and a bank which can you can deposit points and earn interest on later. 
      Winter Activity Decline PSA
      Winter (or for @mekline, Summer) is an odd time for us in the Fighting 13th. I figure most, or at least many, people would assume Winter to be a more active time in the community than the other seasons based on the colder weather, the litany of good games that may or may not have just come out (or are about to), and the off time from work or school that is taken (or given). Well...this isn't the case...nor is it usually the case for us, unfortunately. The time off is usually spent (well) with friends and family, or traveling to see them. 
      This is a completely normal cycle within the community that will go away come January 2nd. This is not to say this place will become a ghost town, there's still events going on and there's still people to play with--our operational tempo is just not as high this time of year, as you'll see be a theme in the next few paragraphs. Fret not. That is all for this PSA.
      ARMA III/ Deathdealers Company News
      Effective 30 Oct 18 the old server was put to rest and the new server became the only one running. The new server and teamspeak info can be found in the #arma_deathdealers chat under pinned messages. Also effective immediately, we will be dropping down to biweekly Tac Tuesday to account for the holiday season and all-around low turn out, and this will run until the New Year.  Coming up this month will be the release of Operation Phoenix, an ongoing persistent mission against CSAT forces on Altis using the ALiVE framework. Details to come. We would also like to give a shout out to @Nitehawk for his consistent presence this past month for Tac Tuesday, special events, and assisting with testing and mission planning. As always we appreciate our members coming out for each event and keeping us alive, and welcome feedback from the community at large on our missions. If anyone has any requests for missions they'd like to see or do, please submit them to the Arma 3 forum on the Fighting 13th website https://www.fighting13th.com/forums/forum/35-arma/ . If you don't see a reply within a day or so, please ping @copat149 and let him know as he is human and forgets to do things every now and then
      Escape from Tarkov / Vikings Company News
      Patch notes for 0.10.5 were revealed. No release date yet but we can suspect that it will be within the next couple of weeks. The important bits are pretty much the same as what was stated in the October newsletter except for it being a full wipe rather than a partial wipe. Raids and player counts have decreased as they always do during the end of a patch's life cycle, but we look forward to players returning when the fresh wipe hits.  Check out the reddit thread for patch notes: HERE.
      Congratulations to @KosherHam013, @TheRoyalPanda, and @BoltActionHero for receiving the EFT Service Ribbon  
      Contact @[13th] Exiduslol, @Scags, or @Daytex for more information.
      Sea of Thieves / Buccaneers Company News
      It's been somewhat quiet on the sea, but that should change soon with what's in store. There will be two more expansions this year: Shrouded Spoils will be released in November and the second, which will be revealed on the 10th of November, later this year. Shrouded Spoils will come laden with cosmetic upgrades that gives pirates access to more ship customization, including wheel and cannon cosmetic options. It will also introduce fog into the world with special loot only to be found within it.
      Commendations and specific goals for pirate legends are also coming. Game critics should prepare to take back some of their criticisms as the game world is slowly growing and mechanics progressing.
      Pirates unite once more, and get that booty. Contact @Chris P Bacon for more information.
      Star Citizen / Advocacy Company News
      Alpha Patch 3.3.0m has been released to the PTU, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: PTU-958784. Citizencon 2948 happened. Click here for a recap of all the updates slated for the future in Star Citizen.
      Squadron 42 Trailer
      Contact @TheReal Kyle and @Rorschach for more information.
      World of Warships / Hydras Company / Stingrays Company News
      It has been a slow month with regards to WOWS as we are still in the offseason. Ranked Battles ended during the month and now we eagerly await the Clan Battles season! We also had the annual 'Spooktober' in-game event and a group of us salty sailors managed to complete the event on 'Hard' mode with a single destroyer left floating, hardly floating I must add. That was pretty epic.
      October saw the return of seaman @wesz33 after spending a considerable time cod fishing. And frazcon who was the captain of the destroyer in the aforementioned Spooktober game. We welcome both members back.
      The finals of our semi-annual Stormwolfe Cup were held which saw North American side ('murica) take the victory (albeit with a bit of help from some EU members) .  A congratulations is in order for NA on their first win in our intra-clan battles!
      @Yasvar is arranging a get-together on Sundays called "Slaughter Sundays," which will be a nice addition to get the team playing together before the Clan Battles season starts.
      Wargaming launched a new ranked season at tier 5 which sought to test if allowing people to division up in ranked would be feasible. It has received mixed reviews but all in all, @5wi55_ch3353. and others think it's a welcome addition. And there currently is also a plan to release a cross-server clan battle mode which would enable the NA and EU sectors to test their mettle with the RU and ASIA servers.
      Contact  @Shodprism (Stingrays Company NA), or @5wi55_ch3353. (Hydras Company EU) for more information.
      Upcoming Games
      This section will highlight games that are on our "watchlist" of potential games we want to get into. In this issue, we will highlight three games:
      Insurgency: Sandstorm
      We are still hugely looking forward to this...and we're hoping those who don't have it get it from a special someone in their lives as a Christmas gift  Contact @Raven for event and other information.
      Battlefield V
      We are EAGERLY awaiting Battlefield V's launch! And just around the corner on November 9th, if you have Origin Access Premier, you can play early. If you're curious to see what maps will be in Battlefield V, take a look at this video:
      A quick description of each map (Thanks @Stixx! ?
       This looks like an infantry-focused map with two flavors of urban combat: close-quarters in the residential area and mid-to-long range in the industrial areas of the harbour town.
      Fjell 652 
       A mountain peak setting that pits infantry against planes. Good luck, infantry! The "extreme dynamic weather" can trigger vision-obscuring storms that should make life difficult for pilots. Plus it looks like there are plenty of AA emplacements around.
       We've played Rotterdam during Battlefield preview events. It's a nicely balanced map that has foot soldiers fighting for a bridge while tanks roam the streets below.
       An infantry-focused map set in icy ruins in the aftermath of Rotterdam.
      Twisted Steel 
       The broken bridge in this map is supposedly the "biggest structure ever created for a Battlefield game". The bridge itself looks like an infantry bloodbath but there are marshlands for tanks to fight for around the bridge.
       It's tanks vs infantry on this map set in France. Trench lines and bushes provide infantry cover and there's a big central church for snipers to camp in.
       The biggest map "at launch" (which suggests bigger ones later). Set in Africa, Hamada is inspired by World War 2's biggest tank battles.
      An axis airfield just recently bombed by allied planes. There's a massive killzone in the central hangar.
      Panzerstorm (post-launch)
       Arriving in Tides of War chapter one after launch, this tank-focused map is set in lovely Belgian countryside.
      Contact @BillyBantam for more information.
      Other Games
      World War 3 had a rocky release, according to Community Members Members have been reportedly binging on Red Dead Redemption 2 Fallout 76 has some deep, intrinsic flaws as reported by @CS42R  
      Other Tidbits
      As of posting this, the community is:
       180 Members | 16 Officers | 8 Companies | 9 Years Going
      Please welcome the following members to the community:
      Noteworthy August Mentions
      On October 7th, dank @Danius clones started mass-replicating, and soon almost took over the entire server.
      @WeabusUltimas revealed to us the lonely world that is his weaboo cave. He's also had some pregnancy scares...
      @Capt_Teek alerted us to a memeless 24 hour period in the #dank_memes channel. Luckily authorities responded by inserting memes into the channel.
      @5wi55_ch3353. is going Mountain Hunting--sounds extremely manly, have fun!
      @TheMahaGamer is looking for players to group up on Black Ops 4.
      @Duckie for getting himself a girl, and one whom he has promised to get to Tier 10 asap.
      Monster Hunter World is ruining @Locutus's life.
      Thursdays are Fridays to @Lennoxx, while Fridays are Fridays to @copat149. At least these are better than Wednesdays being Fridays to @Wulfie
      @Forked posted Rebecca Black's Friday on Discord. May the curses leave your soul eventually.
      @Rorschach posted a poll asking which mustache style he should wear this month. Demand pictures!
      Community Polls:
      Community Poll #12: Fictional Captains
      Upcoming Features
      Secret Santa Details
      Points System and Store Details
      Promotions Sections
      News on other Awards
      News on Videos
      Well, that's all for this issue, folks. Hope you enjoy! If you would like to contribute, please contact @thebronxbomber or post in the War Room's Newsletter Ideas and Discussion topic!

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      December 2018 Newsletter

      The monthly Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this month's issue!
      November 2018 Member of the Month 
       Member of the Month Award - @Capt_Teek
      Capt_Teek wins this month's coveted Member of the Month award for his superior recruitment efforts, skillful captaining, and overall positive attitude and activity. Capt_Teek has bolstered our numbers by recruiting several World of Warships recruits this past month. Capt_Teek has also been a regular and recurring member of Hydras Company's efforts in WOWS's Clan Battles mode--he has been voted #1 WOWS player within the Fighting 13th unanimously by everyone here...or so we've heard . In all seriousness, Capt_Teek displays an abundantly positive attitude, and it shows in how much the WOWS group adores him, and in how well he is able to recruit fellow sailors.  He is open-minded and he takes genuine pleasure in being able to assist in any way he can, especially new folks. With all this being said, we would like to give Capt_Teek a hearty congratulations on winning MOTM!
      Battlefield V Red Devils Company Established
      With the release of Battlefield V on November 20th, our newest unit, Red Devils Company, has been established and has already swelled to 57 current members as of this typing, with 2 or 3 coming in every day or so wishing to play with or join. Named for the British 6th Airborne Division which famously fought in Arnhem during Operation Market Garden, we aim to model ourselves after them using cunning tactics and tenacity to beat and out and route our enemy. @BillyBantam is taking charge of the helm of Red Devils with @copat149 at his side. We welcome all of our new members and recruits, and urge everyone in "Recruit" status on Discord to apply on this website to formally join the Fighting 13th. Perks include shiny tags, being considered for Member of the Month, awards, recommendations, prizes, a sense of belonging and other cool stuff.
      On December 5th, the first content drop was released with the Chapter 1: Overture update adding in checks and balances as well as a new map. On December 6th, the Tides of War will start and along with it brings us new assignments, equipment and customization options to work towards.
      Our members, recruits, and anyone else who has the urge is welcome to join us Sundays and Wednesdays for SQUAD UP to play the game together and have a good time. We would also like to remind our new recruits and members that we actively encourage you to be a part of the community at large and participate in community events like Secret Santa, or just join in on our lively, albeit sometimes strange, conversations in the main chat or discussions on the forums. Thank you to everyone that has joined us thus far, and we are looking forward to continued growth and excitement for Battlefield V and our community. See you on the Battlefield!

      Scenes like this in BFV evoke images of 'Saving Private Ryan' and other movies.
      P.S. Please post your Origin usernames HERE and be on the lookout for discussions in the Battlefield V forum HERE.
      Secret Santa 2018 
      Secret Santa is a tradition within the Fighting 13th we have been doing where members give gifts to other members anonymously. Members are assigned a member to gift usually with a set maximum limit. This usually leads to some funny game exchanges, but also some fairly high-end games, especially with the Steam winter sale happening. Please note:
      Signups for Secret Santa can be done through THIS topic. The deadline for signing up will be December 13th! The Steam Winter Sale supposedly will start on December 20th and run for two weeks. We ask all participants to update their Steam Wishlists now. Secret Santas should buy and gift their present through Steam by January 2nd.  
      If you are interested, please contact @Danius and @BillyBantam for more information, or ask away in the signup topic. Give a gift, get a gift, and earn a ribbon doing it!   
      Advocacy Company (SC) Closing its Doors
      Leadership has decided to close down our Star Citizen unit, Advocacy Company. Interest in the game has fluctuated in the past, but at the moment is comparatively low. We will still be playing casually, and we will still be looking forward for updates as the game's development progresses. This is not a goodbye necessarily--more a "See you later." 
      ARMA III/ Deathdealers Company News
      Deathdealers Company has been on a continued break this holiday season to accommodate players who are spending time with their families, as well as to allow time to enjoy new games that have released this past month. On December 18th, we will be holding our Christmas event to celebrate the holidays with everyone. We would like to welcome the presence of members both old and new to enjoy the holiday spirit with *Operation Dark Claus* where we will hunt down the elusive Santa Claus and his Elf Team Six in the Arctic North. This will be our last mission of 2018, and we look forward to running it with you all. Please RSVP!
      The ARMA III server swap-over was done successfully, and we have laid to rest our old server this past month. We will be starting regular Tactical Tuesday installments again every week at the beginning of the New Year in 2019-- we have a special mission set planned to kick everything off and we hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are. If you have any questions about what you need to do to join an Arma operation, how we operate, or any general questions regarding the game or our missions, please feel free to ask in the #deathdealers chat on the Discord server or PM @cJack or @copat149 with your questions. Also, we would like to give a shoutout to an old member who has returned with a fiery passion,  @LeChefOmega! He is always excited and ready to play any op he can regardless of his past performance issues with the game. Hopefully, his new rig will put his poor FPS in the past and make him an Arma 3 pro!

      Teaser pic from the upcoming Operation Dark Claus event.
      Escape from Tarkov / Vikings Company News
      Exciting news has come from the Developers! They have released these notes in their announced pipeline for the game:
      Patch 0.11 will be released this year, for sure. But it will be downsized a little bit. For example there won't be UP/DOWN outfit change, transfered to the next patch. Patch 0.11 content: New Map; Killa; Guns (RPK 16 / HK-416 / Mosins / Remington 700 / AR-15 civil version ADAR / VEPR Hunter / SVD maybe / New Melee; New NPC "raiders" likely. Hideout is 98% ready. Highly likely next NY patch. Voice Chat - 90% ready. Highly likely next NY patch Arena - this is release endgame content. Nikita designed it a year ago, but it will be added with release of the game. Will be 1 on 1 / 2 on 2 / 5 on 5 / PVE mods and couple unique game mods. Will include 5 special Arena locations. One is ready 4 to go. Player will recieve "reputation points" for it. New antialiasing very soon Next scav boss after Killa will be on woods. Hunters gang. New maps will be realised much faster. Almost all content is ready. 2 maps in 2-3 months. Ratings - new season is on. Nikita told there will be gifts for top rankers. New NY gifts for players. Unique clothes for Beta and Alpha testers after release. Year 2019 will be the last year of Beta testing  
      We cannot wait for what's in store with EFT. As always, check out the #hideout chat on Discord or join the Escape Room to squad up and kill some scavs with us! Contact @[13th] Exiduslol, @Scags, or @Daytex for more information.
      Sea of Thieves / Buccaneers Company News
      Shrouded Spoils, the latest update, gives players a more "surprising" experience in Sea of Thieves, at least according to Kotaku. The latest update gives old foes new tricks by making enemies more plentiful, and kraken more slamming. Enemies also drop way way more loot and grant special commendations that can be spent on unique gear such as a golden cannons or a barnacle-encrusted ship hulls. For a while, enemy encounters were rare but Shrouded Spoils makes monster hunting an entirely viable activity for players sick and tired of digging up buried treasure.
      As always, come join us to experience the life on the high seas like we see it! Contact @Chris P Bacon for more information.
      World of Warships / Hydras Company / Stingrays Company News
      The WOWS group was still in its off-season phase until November 28th when the latest Clan Battles season started. Hydras Company (EU) has used the off-season to strengthen its roster and hone its skills. The next month will hopefully see us reach our minimum goal of getting Gold III ranking and hopefully pushing higher. The WOWS group's excitement for Clan Battles really showed--the group mustered 10 members the first day and 12 members the day after. With a few more of our players active, we could possibly be running two teams of seven this season which would be huge progress from hardly being able to muster seven members daily last season--Its competitive section will henceforth never be known as "THE NEVER SEVENS" again! If you are curious to see the status of Hydra Company's and Stingray Company's battles, check the #na_harbor and #eu_harbor chats on Discord. 
      Also, to aid in our fearless Captains' battle management efforts, please post your Tier X ships HERE and check out the other topics in the World of Warships forum HERE.
      In addition to the WOWS group's continued success on the war path, the WOWS group also has had a steady influx of new members recently, thanks in large part to @Capt_Teek. Thank you Capt_Teek! Also, please congratulate @Pman on stepping up to lead the NA side, Stingrays Company. He has proven himself over the last couple months and we expect him to do so further in the time to come. Please contact him or @5wi55_ch3353. (Hydras Company EU) for more information.
      Upcoming Games
      This section will highlight games that are on our "watchlist" of potential games we want to get into. 
      Insurgency: Sandstorm
      It is so close to releasing, we can almost taste it...Folks, that's right, release date is just around the corner on December 12th! You can try out Insurgency: Sandstorm's Open Beta December 7th through December 10th. Check out Raven's event for INS this Friday, December 7th HERE. Contact @Raven and check out THIS topic for more information or to ask any other questions. Raven will be taking lead of our INS squad. 
      Other Games
      War of Rights went into Early Access mode December 3rd. Dayz may be coming out of Early Access.  
      Other Tidbits
      As of posting this, the community is:
       201 Members | 13 Officers | 8 Companies | 9 Years Going
      Please welcome the following members to the community:
      @Boombat General
      Noteworthy November Mentions
      @Rorschach grew a mustache for movember...demand a picture!
      @ser_munchies will now be known as Bronx's personal medic.
      @Jason99vmi, @BirdDog2043, @Jfranklin94 have been marching to the beat o' the drum with War of Rights releasing into Early Access a few days ago.
      @ARM0R3R shows off his Tactical Operations Center Gaming Center.
      @Lt_Tickledik and skidmarkwalburg (pester him to signup) are competing in the "Best Name" competition.
      @Danius evolved into an emoji.
      Community Polls:
      Community Poll #13: How much did you spend for Black Friday/Cyber Monday?
      Upcoming Features
      Points System and Store Details
      Promotions Sections
      News on other Awards
      News on Videos
      Community Wiki
      Well, that's all for this issue, folks. Hope you enjoy! If you would like to contribute, please contact @thebronxbomber or post in the War Room's Newsletter Ideas and Discussion topic!

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