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Squad Up For Battlefield V

We have active NA and EU groups taking to the Battlefields of World War II!!


Join our Discord to find a squad and fill out an application here: https://www.fighting13th.com/join/


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Founded in 2009 and active ever since, the Fighting 13th is an international, diverse group of mature gamers who play for the love of the game. We are a casual clan, valuing teamwork, respect, community, camaraderie.

Click the links below to learn more about our community structure and the game we play. Find out what makes us so respected in the gaming sphere.

World of Warships

The Fighting 13th currently has active North American and European companies, with fleets led by capable Captains and supported by international crews of dedicated community members. We regularly participate in weekly clan battles, and have groups putting their mettle to the test on the high seas on a daily basis. Click the links below for more information and to enlist today!

    N March - 2019
    • "Flaps," as he is known, had what could be considered a fairly unforgettable month which damn near culminated in his permanent removal from the ranks of the 13th. Mud had the unfortunate circumstance of testing the structural strength of his recently acquired Corvette. In a rather misguided attempt to test the structural integrity of said fiberglass corvette, Mud found out the HARD way that in fact trees are tougher than fiberglass. Fortunately through either divine intervention, fate, luck, or perhaps the outstanding skills of the staff at Duke University Hospital Flaps and Aqua continue to fight along side us. If you don't know Mud get to know him. He is a kind , caring young man who loves his family. As Clan mates sometimes we don't really get to know the human side of our fellow members but this month has brought us all closer together in my opinion. We are so happy that Mud and WIlliam are doing well after an unforgettable month of calamity. Special shout out to Aqua who kept us all informed of the situation, which must have been very difficult to do. In reality this MOTM acknowledgement goes out to the entire Flaps family. Best wishes to all for a speedy recovery.

      The Staff

    N February - 2019
    • Wulfie is one of those members you cannot imagine the Fighting 13th without. He has been with us over seven years now and is one part of the chemical composition of the glue that holds us together. February was a particularly quiet month within the Fighting 13th--Wulfie made it still enjoyable to all members alike, by welcoming new recruits, hosting drunken parties in the public lobbies, and just generally being everywhere sort of.

      The Staff

    N January - 2019
    • Weabus wins the MOTM for the month of January for his hard work in putting together the newly re-formed Senior Council. He has been a power player within the Senior Council roster since the council's formation last year. Ever since its re-formation, he has communicated lines of effort to the community. He has put the Senior Council to work, itself producing many different concerns and actionable solutions for the community at large. Outside of the Senior Council, weabus is one of the more seasoned ARMA mission creators, and he enjoys being a weeb, the ultimate weeb.

      The Staff

    N December - 2018
    • Goatch33se is an extremely active new member who seems to get along well with everyone new and old. He has proven himself a great asset to the community so far by recruiting over 10 new members. Goatch33se's high level of activity and his superb recruitment efforts win him this month's coveted Member of the Month award. Congratulations! :)

      The Staff

    N L November - 2018
    • Capt_Teek wins this month's coveted Member of the Month award for his superior recruitment efforts, skillful captaining, and overall positive attitude and activity. Capt_Teek has bolstered our numbers by recruiting several World of Warships recruits this past month. Capt_Teek has also been a regular and recurring member of Hydras Company's efforts in WOWS's Clan Battles mode--he has been voted #1 WOWS player within the Fighting 13th unanimously by everyone here...or so we've heard ;) . In all seriousness, Capt_Teek displays an abundantly positive attitude, and it shows in how much the WOWS group adores him, and in how well he is able to recruit fellow sailors. He is open-minded and he takes genuine pleasure in being able to assist in any way he can, especially new folks. With all this being said, we would like to give Capt_Teek a hearty congratulations on winning MOTM!

      The Staff

    N L October - 2018
    • Dutch wins the coveted Member of the Month Award for October 2018 for his activity and organizational efforts. This past month, Dutch has been one of the most active, if not the most active, members within the community. He has organized a community-wide TTS event which received rave reviews (or so I hear...). On top of that, he owns and plays nearly every game the community plays, all while managing work and school. Congratulations! Little is it known that he has been here for virtually the entire history of the community itself--I personally recruited him from a RHIB off the shores of Oman (Gulf of Oman Map in BF2) on a fateful July day in 2009. It's been a pleasure having him here with us ever since. I have to shoehorn this factoid into every commendation regarding dutch

      The Staff

    N L September - 2018
    • PhaseVortX wins the coveted MOTM award for September 2018 for his excellent graphic creations, his dedicated work and in-depth and knowledgeable insights helping out website management, and hosting a fun TTS event. While this award is only for a member's actions and achievements during the monthly period, this underscores the fact that Vort has always been extremely dedicated to the Fighting 13th since he joined many moons ago (about 70 moons ago to be more specific...over 5½ years). I could write a whole newsletter-sized topic devoted to all Vort's done within the community, but I'll save you the trouble because this is just the MOTM section. I will say he is one of those rare individuals who is multi-facted is so many different skill areas...I would call him a virtual renaissance man. Congratulations on the award, Vort! You deserve it.

      The Staff

    N L August - 2018
    • Raven Raven has continuously proven himself to the community by being involved in just about every game we play. Raven is not only involved, but he is actively managing events for our Star Citizen group, and he is managing the spin-up of our new Insurgency: Sandstorm team. Raven is an extremely motivated member always wanting to accomplish more. Congratulations!

      The Staff

    N L July - 2018
    • Stormwolfe aka Benedict M. "Buddy" Cardillo of Paramus, NJ, passed away July 16th, 2018. Stormwolfe joined our community just under a year ago but quickly became an integral member and very rapidly rose to the officer rank. He was instrumental in growing and shaping our hugely successful World of Warships Stingrays Company. Many of you are a part of this community thanks to his selfless efforts and friendly and supportive personality. Stormwolfe was a devoted teacher with a passion for gaming and was an active member of his local D&D community. He had an intense passion for World War II history and softball, and spent many a long night discussing both intensively with our members. Stormwolfe is survived by his two children Calvin and Sharon, and his former spouse Sylvia. He passed a couple of weeks ago but if you would like to reach out to his relatives you may be able to find some additional information here. May his memory be a blessing.

      The Staff

    N June - 2018
    • For being a silly, bloodthirsty, social, grog-drinking pirate who gathers the crew and prepares the boat. He is the first off to get supplies, and last off if there are riddles to be solved. He is quite active on Discord, in Sea of Thieves, and in general where there is fun to be had.

      The Staff

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