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    Hello all, I'm ThunderPhat. Most people call me Thunder or TP. I'm 35 from the UK. Family and work keep me busy all the time but I find time to game a couple of times a week. I mainly play FPS games, current list includes BFV (main game), Insurgency Sandstorm (not played much) and DayZ. I did use to be a big Arma exile player but no one plays it anymore. I've been a BF player for a long time and its always been my main game (apart from BF1). I say your advert on the BF forums and decided to pop on to your discord. I have to say it's a friendly group. I love that you talk about games, cars and loads of other stuff, no to mention banter and have a laugh. Err what else, I co own Insurgency sandstorm servers and a DayZ PvE server with a friend. I have a YouTube, quit streaming and generally enjoy having fun in games but playing objectives.
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    Hey all, my name is Andrija, I am from Croatia, Zagreb I'm 26 years old, In my real life I am a police officer, currently working and trying to get into the criminalistic college. I am in the Hydra division under the supervision of Captain Teek, like him I like to drink aswell, I love playing world of warships, arma 3, world of tanks, and other simmilar realistic games to say so, I love doing stupid stuff in a group of people, and I hope to stay here for a long time.