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    Greetings, With the end of October and the "falling" back of our clocks, we bring you the October 2019 awards. Without further ado: MEMBER OF THE MONTH AWARD Member of the Month Award - @Yasvar (October 2019) Despite This is Yasvar's second instance of this prestigious award. Yasvar went above and beyond this month, even above and beyond his normal above-ness and beyond-ness. He took on the lead effort in organizing the momentous Stormwolfe Cup III, the periodic World of Warships tournament held in honor of the late @Stormwolfe. Yasvar organized 13 people into four teams who played six matches between themselves. Yasvar meticulously planned the details of the tournament weeks in advance and personally presided over four of the matches. Aside from the tournament, Yasvar has also been an integral member of the World of Warships Division's EU Squad in its quest for glory in the latest World of Warships Clan Battles season. A job well done! Anniversary Awards - MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL The following members are being awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) for yearly service to the community. The following members are being awarded their FOURTH MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL for FOUR years of service to the Fighting 13th! @cJack @grather @Kraknar @Scags. The following members are being awarded their THIRD MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL for THREE years of service to the Fighting 13th! @Dukath. The following members are being awarded their SECOND MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL for TWO years of service to the Fighting 13th! @Arndawg @Cyclops_123 @L.A.M.Gunner @Stracht. OTHER AWARDS COMBAT CROSS The following members are being awarded the COMBAT CROSS for their heroic efforts in the latest World of Warships Clan Battles season: @L.A.M.Gunner @Stracht @howells5 @Capt_Teek @Yasvar @Gaspadien @KingRichard201 @xABSOLUTIONx @johan 926 @Meako @wr0s @Lloyd @5wi55_ch3353. @Cyclops_123 @ELITEDESTROYER @Violentelk @WonkoTheSane1 @Gunfios @Optimus @Pman @Shodprism @_EnsignParker_ @Matt(skya297) @AquaWhale @Dirty Andy @rkep @Pandas5560 @HMCS_Devilfish Destiny 2 Midnight Raiders - VALOR CITATION For incredible effort conducting The Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2 in 2 hours and 25mins. The above members known as the Midnight Raiders organized into a cohesive raid team to take down Emperor Calus. Additionally, completing the Pleasure Gardens on the first try. Awesome job and we look forward to the next Destiny 2 raids!Congratulations! @CS42R @PhaseVortX @Nitehawk @MrPepsi @WeabusUltimas Valor Citation For participating in and completing the mission Operation Crosswinds in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The team managed to [REDACTED] and got out alive when [REDACTED] while placing members of [REDACTED] into a state of [REDACTED]. This led to Objective OSPREY VENUS being neutralized and the [REDACTED] being recovered. @BirdDog2043 @Matt(skya297) @copat149 Valor Citation For reaching level 100 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in less than two weeks. No life! @Dutch Valor Citation For having a high Kill/Death ratio (1.28) and for generally regarded as being superior in skill by his peers. @Big_Mac17 Honor Citation For being an awesome new guy! Bjirn is a great addition to the Rocket League squad. Keep up the good work! @bjirn Honor Citation For actively helping @Stixx in his duties as the FPS Division Commander and for actively playing the three games FPS Division supports with others, Battlefield V, Halo, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. @ThunderPhat Signed thebronxbomber Commandant, Fighting 13th
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    I don't need those shitty ass weapons. I have The Recluse.
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    I have all the weapons you mentioned. Need to get my hands on the catalyst for Outbreak and Worm.
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    This Saturday we will be kicking some Fallen out of our lovely City in the raid Scourge of the Past! Requirements: - Forsaken Recommended: - A penchant for destruction - Patience - A nice trench barrel shotgun Regarding the boss of the raid there are a few options that we can run depending on what people have. Please write a comment below if you have any of the following weapons: - Outbreak Perfected - DARCI - Whisper of the Worm - Izanagi's Burden - Polaris Lance(I would like to try a team of this one personally because I think it could be a sleeper for sustained DPS) - Sleeper Stimulant(Not optimal, but can work in a pinch) This is a fairly short and easy raid, with relatively few wipe mechanics(unlike Last Wish ಠ_ಠ). I still expect us to die a fair bit, and I will award the funniest and/or most glorious death with a secret prize. Spots are first come, first served!
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    It is time for a heroic fireteam of the Fighting 13th to take the fight to the Vex in the Garden of Salvation! Requirements: - Shadowkeep Recommended: - DARCI, Whisper or Izanagi's Burden are allegedly very good for most of the bosses. - A penchant for destruction - Patience This will be the first time for many of us, including myself, so expect many deaths. I will give a secret prize to the funniest and/or most glorious death of the evening. Spots are first come, first served.
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    Congratulations to all the superlative Fighting 13th members
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    Commanding Officer (CO): @Stixx Executive Officer (XO): Established: July 2009 Current Games Playing: Battlefield V, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Halo The First Person Shooters "Red Devils" Division is an official division of the Fighting 13th. A division is composed of anywhere between 15 and 100 members and is led by a Commanding Officer (CO) and an Executive Officer (XO) along with various key staff members. Organization The First Person Shooters Division is split regionally into two Squads: the North American (NA) Squad and the European (EU) Squad. History The First Person Shooters Division began as the Battlefield Division in July 2009. It was the original division in the community. Battlefield Division played Battlefield 2 originally, and then moved on to Battlefield Heroes, the online free-to-play and cartoon Battlefield game. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released in 2010 and FPS/BF Division jumped into action there as well, soon becoming a formidable force within the online scene. Honors and Awards Previous Commanders Patch and other Graphics
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    I have none of those weapons. But I prefer to focus on what I do have: Positive attitude Nice thick hair with great texture 20/20 vision Smart phone with 5gig data plan *** An hour after our raid start time I now have to be at my nephew's birthday party. So I'll sit it out boys. I think you have another who can take my place. I will be back on about 3 hours after start time so if someone needs to tag out I can jump in.