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    In July 2018, Officer Stormwolfe of Warships NA passed away. In memory of Stormwolfe, the tournament he started was renamed after him, and now It's time for the second edition of The Stormwolfe Cup This tournament's setup is based on how many people will RSVP. So please do! Normally we play this in a low tier so everyone, new and old players, can participate in teams of 3-4 players. The teams are "randomly" selected with a small touch of balancing. We will also make our best to stream and comment all matches between the teams so those not playing can be part of all the tournament. The winning team from respective server will also will clash in a final a few weeks later to see what FT13 clan rules the ocean until next time!
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    RIG Splatttt Phantek p400s caseAsrockz270 TaichiCore i5 7600k overclockedEnermax t-40 aircoolerCorsair vengeannce dd4Nvidia gtx1070 founders editionSamsung 970 evo m.2Massdrop 1440p gaming monitor.
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    I don't have children.
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    I would like to volunteer as your child
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    try to wear more suits when going to the office... I do tend to look like a thug sometimes.
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    Devil's Route Hammer, Anvil and Ash teams have been sent to the Altis front. During the recent years Altis has seen it's internal conflict grow and become a playground for the power's of the world. CSAT forces have begun to move in and provide military support to the current regime, one that has been accused of multiple war crimes. NATO on the other hand has decided to support and assist local rebels in the area. Preparation for establishing NATO's first presence on the island nation began weeks ago and after the last week of precision strikes we are putting boots to the ground and establishing FOB Scarab. Your teams have been assigned to recon, assess and report back on the first proposed patrol route while the base is being established. You'll be traveling via armored Humvee and will have limited air support available for the duration of this mission. During this mission you may be ambushed, encounter explosives and hidden ordinance. You are weapons free at the discretion of your Squad Leader. Good luck and you'll receive and expanded briefing once your feet hit the ground. Hammer Squad Leader- Rifleman- Radio Operator- Omega Medic- Anvil Team Leader- Rifleman- Machine gunner- Ammo bearer (Mounted machine gun)- Ash Team Leader- Rifleman- AT Rifleman- Medic- Forge Pilot- Copat Pilot- Danklin Radio Operator-
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    Hi All, Apoligies, I am moving house so i will be on as much as i can this weekend, You wont miss my gameplay much ... i was part of a team that lost an entire game without a single kill recently LOL ... not funny As soon as i get my new internet ill be back online All the best Richie
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    Well it's not really my resolution, I was going to do it anyway it just so happened to be the new year
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    I’m looking into doing a different style of mission for us that will focus on the Flight Deck Operations of the USS Freedom, to include launching and recovery of aircraft, and the coordination of air strikes with ground teams, and in general improve the groups understanding of ACE laser guidance and target acquisition with various weapon systems that will add to our gameplay experience and increase the number of viable options for mission templates.
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    Only if there is an excessive abundance of Danger Zoooone!
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    That you are. We're all rooting for you! You're the only one left in the "Yes, still working on it" category! Refining your palate--admirable. How's that working for you? Why'd you vote no....? 🤔 Start now!
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    Work out more, eat healthier. Decided to postpone to Febuary, with the option to postpone to next January
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    My only resolution is to keep trying new beers 🍻
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    some small lifestyle changes we will see how they pan out . . .
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    Same shit, new year. Or I am perfect as i am.
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    Deep in the jungles of Cambodia a shadow has fallen over the rural villages and rivers as a new Triad has risen from the ashes of the Killing Fields. They have singlehandedly struck down all their competition with calculating cruelty and an iron fist; crushing drug empires beneath their boot as they’ve grown into the most powerful Triad that South East Asia has ever seen. This new Triad is known as the Yangon, and their new empire is swiftly growing. They have cornered the opium trade in South East Asia, and have rapidly outpaced the production of Afghanistan and other third world drug havens. Their tactics are brutal, burning whole villages where rival Triads have family, killing any authorities that stand in their way in the most terrible manner they can muster, torturing anyone who is a threat to their new kingdom in the Jungle. With their rapid rise in Cambodia and their spread to neighboring countries the UN has asked for help from the United States to bring down this threat to global peace and stability as the Yangon’s reach extends outwards from their jungle haven and threatens increasing violence across the globe. While the Cambodian government and the UN have asked for our help, it appears that the Cambodians do not have full control of their police or military, as local authorities where the Yangon operate have done little to combat them or have even helped remove their rivals for their rapid expansion to continue. With that said, it is still unclear if local garrisons of the Cambodian Army are cooperating with the Yangon or have simply avoided confrontation with them entirely. Three weeks ago the United States answered the call, sending in a Marine Force Recon team to recon the supposed heart of the Yangon operation along the Tonle Sekong river. They qucikly reported increased activity within the jungle as whole swathes of forest have been cut down and poppy fields grown in their place, along with reports of a newly constructed airstrip and several new docks to support large shipments of their drug. One week ago, they stopped responding. You and your SEAL team have been tasked with inserting into the area, conduct further recon of the area and of the Yangon and ascertain the status of the missing Marines. If possible, we must cripple their production and distribution here before their product can spread worldwide and slow down the rise of the Yangon. While we still do not know who is behind this group, we do know that they deal with interference harshly and satellite imagery has shown they have started using the Killing Fields with a brutality to rival Pol Pot. Good luck SEALs. MOD LIST ATTACHED Arma 3 Mod Preset Kawatora Full.html
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