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    Hello! I just recently applied so here's a little bit about me. I'm 22 years old. I like beer and any hard liquor. When I go to the bar, I tend to try whatever IPA they have on tap or order a nice gin and tonic. I have a lot of interests and games I play. I wear lolita fashion which is very frilly and girly. This is just one of my outfits laid out on my bed. I often go drinking dressed like this. It's very amusing to drunk people and I've been invited on random bar crawls. I am also am trying to get back into drawing. It's been a long time since I've actively done that. Quick doodle from a couple weeks ago. I'm also experimenting with pixel art. I also knit, sew, trying to get into making music, and bake. I'm looking into getting into fishing so if anyone here fishes please reach out to me. I'm very curious about that hobby. As far as games go, I play FFXIV, World of Warcraft, PUBG, and other various indie games. I'm always up for trying new things. I used to play LoL religiously, but I got to Plat II and quit out of boredom a few years ago. Oh! I also play Shadowverse which is a really fun TCG that's similar to hearthstone, but they're very generous about giving away free packs. (You get 40 from completing the tutorial.) If anyone wants to rope me into trying a new game, it's not that hard! Other random things I can think of is I have five cats, plus one foster kitty. I'm a crazy cat lady. I volunteer multiple times a week either helping build a house, IT work for a non-profit, and at a women's shelter. Oh, and I speak Japanese as a second language. I'm still learning, but I can hold conversations with native speakers! (My writing skills is where I struggle. Kanji is difficult.) If you need help translating or navigating something in Japanese, I don't mind helping. Anyways, nice to meet you all!
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    Living room setup: Corsair Crystal 460x Case Intel i5 7600K Zotac GTX 1070 AMP Asus TUF z270 mark2 16 GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB Corsair H100i v2 Hydro Toshiba OCZ 960GB SSD Seagate Hybrid SSD/HDD 2TB Corsair RM 850x PSU (4) Thermaltake Riing 120mm (2) Thermaltake Riing 140mm (2) Corsair 120mm Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard, reds, custom o-rings Logitech G502 RGB mouse Nerdytech Couchmaster Dual Thrustmaster t.16000m AKG 7XX headphones with ModMic SMSL M6 DAC/AMP
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    Hi. I'm RJBViking (real name Remi), a 20 year old guy from the cozy, frozen winter wonderland of Northern Norway. I joined the Fighting 13th in the end of May 2012, so closing in on 6 years now! I was playing squad mode in Battlefield 3 back in 2012 and fell in love with the team play, so I went on the interwebz looking for clans and I stumbled upon this one. So I started with joining the Falcons for Battlefield 3, and I always get nostalgic about the good old Falcons (squad of the year 2012 <3) I've mostly been playing Battlefield with the clan through the years and had a period with Rainbow Six: Siege, as well. Right now I'm not with any unit and I'm trying to figure out what game to buy (since so few of y'all are as passionate about Rocket League as me ) but I'm poor. I'm a quiet and awkward dude, I actually didn't talk on mic for the first 3 years in my time with the 13th, but now you should be able to squeeze something out of me if you try My hobbies include riding reindeer and hunting polar bears Rocket League, drumming, football, quizzing on sites like Sporcle and stuff like that. From the upcoming autumn I will be studying history at University in the city of Kristiansand in southern Norway.
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    .... I said I wasnt buying BF1 also because of the WW1 theme... Guess who owns BF1?
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    Count me in for sure. Tac Tuesday is what brought me to the 13th and I'm so excited it's coming back!
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    What's up 13th! A little about me: 33yo and have lived all over the US as my job moves me every 2-4 years Been a member since January 2017 when I came over from console and built my PC, and some buddies PCs including another 13th members I was brought to the 13th by CJack and specifically built my PC to play Star Citizen I am now the AO for the Advocacy Division, can't wait to see what Star Citizen becomes! Outside of gaming I love watching and playing most sports, skiing, love researching products even if I don't plan on buying them 🤷 , and I recently started collecting watches and have bought way too many too fast 😂
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    Speaking of desktops
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    PLEASE NOTE EVENT MOVED TO JUNE 10th Greetings my fellow Stingrays! I am pleased to announce the very first "Battle of the Bloody Waves" Tournament for the NA Server on World of Warships. The Tournament will be held on Sunday, June 10, and start 7:00PM until approximately 10:30PM Eastern Time (6:00PM Central, 5:00PM Mountain & 4:00PM Pacific times). This Tournament is being sponsored my Shodprism and Stormwolfe (me). Since this is our first attempt at this sort of thing we will be keeping it small and simple. It will be a team event. Depending on the number of participants teams will be either 2 or 3 people per team. All teams will be created randomly and announced in the afternoon a few hours prior to the start on June 3rd. All battles will conducted using Tier 3 ships for this first event. Final details about what classes of ships will be used, and some other rules will be announced on Tournament Day. It is recommended that you have at least 1 Tier 3 Battleship, Cruiser, and Destroyer each to maximize flexibility. Teams that come in 1st & 2nd place will earn in game prizes PRIZES (TBA)! If this event is successful we will make it a regular thing every couple of months. In order to participate each player MUST be registered on this website and you MUST reserve your spot here. Reservations can be submitted up until Midnight, June 9th (Eastern Time). There will be NO reservations or entries allowed after this time. You can create your reservation by simply posting HERE that you want to participate and plan to be there at the designated time. Hope to see you on the Bloody Waves! Stormwolfe
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    Operation Breakwater Georgetown, Tanoa ION PMC Group. 29 May 2018 (21:00 EST / 20:00 CST) Briefing: After Typhoon Angela’s landfall on Tanoa, IDAP’s disaster reaction team was flown in, along with supplies and emergency equipment to start trying to get the island back on its feet. However, due to the logistical issues the recovery effort spearheaded by IDAP has been slow at best; many of the islands residents are still without power, and many more have yet to receive aid. Tanoan citizens are disgruntled with IDAP, and alleged rumors of corruption have spread. They have gathered around the central IDAP facility in Georgetown to protest IDAP, and an executive of IDAP was flown in to address the growing crowd and the citizens of Tanoa. Due to acts of violence and raids on IDAP facilities, ION PMC has been hired to guard the VIP as well as strategic IDAP facilities. At this time you are to keep a low profile, as we don’t know what true threat there is to the VIP. What we need: VIP - @CommanderOwned Team @cJack @copat149 @Danius @WeabusUltimas @Jfranklin94 @Jason99vmi Note: All players are set to be "trained" medics. MOD List: All of Cup ACE TFAR CBA Vcom AI V3.0 Advanced/Urban Rappelling Shac tac (opt) Blast Core (opt) 3den enhanced (opt) RSVP on the calendar Note: The mission is not limited to 8 players. Once the PMC slots are filled I will add the additional player options.
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    Tactical Tuesday is BACK!!!! We have been away from our roots for some time now, but it is time to return home. Tactical Tuesday is our weekly, weeknight event. These events will have a focus on structured mission put together by your fellow community members. So this is how this is all going to work. Every week on Wednesday you will see a post with a few questions. First, we will need to know an idea of how many players we will have. So Role Call DeathDealers! COME GET YOU SOME! Then a choice between PMC, Special Forces, or Regulars. Last but not least What kind of mission we will be running the following week. Rescue, Objective Assualt, Objective Defense, "Special Missions", or Combat Patrol just to name a few. Once these questions are answered and we have a feel for what everyone is into, the mission planning will begin. We will have our core group of mission makers, but this will be open to anyone who has an interest. If you have ideas or would like to be part of the mission making process let us know. The more involvement we have during this process the better these events will be. So please discuss Ideas. What would you like to get out of these events?
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    I think that's a great way of structuring it and I'd like to see how well we manage it!
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    For clarification; the PMC/SF/Regulars choice is an equipment and mission style choice, for example, PMCs wouldn't encounter tanks but wouldn't have armor or real air support either, but regulars might and do etc.
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    Fuck yes!!!! Deathdealers making a comeback!
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    Check it out at like 15 seconds lol
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    Finally got around to updating pictures with the actual specs: Corsair Crystal 460x Case Intel i5 7600K Zotac GTX 1070 AMP Asus TUF z270 mark2 16 GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB Corsair H100i v2 Hydro Toshiba OCZ 960GB SSD Seagate Hybrid SSD/HDD 2TB Corsair RM 850x PSU (4) Thermaltake Riing 120mm (2) Thermaltake Riing 140mm (2) Corsair 120mm Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard, reds, custom o-rings Logitech G502 RGB mouse Nerdytech Couchmaster Dual Thrustmaster t.16000m AKG 7XX headphones with ModMic SMSL M6 DAC/AMP
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    oh you would, just not voluntarily
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    So yeah, I'm LaevoS, 22 and probably a token Jew. Mostly known by friends and people that meet me for my Jewfro Been around since the ESO guild was a thing, I'm the most American sounding Israeli you'd probably ever hear. Don't mess with the Zohan is an accurate documentary of life here. I mostly lurk around the discord, dabble in digital art, cook, and read whenever I'm not in a game or spooking people with ancient Hebrew moonspeak. Also know an unhealthy amount of knowledge about tanks and the middle east politically and historically.
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    Greetings gaming denizens! As we saw in CP#2, "What are sports?" and "American football (at the last minute)" tied for being our community's favorite team sports (or lack thereof ). This next question deals with Battlefield V, the reveal for it coming out on the 23rd. Battlefield has always been a staple within the community, so we're excited for this reveal and for more details on it down the road. So vote away before the BFV reveal on the 23rd! /Vote /Discuss
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    I withdraw my negative comments. If Dutch plays with me, I'm sure I'll love this game.
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    I am sure we can make room. Hit that RSVP button
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    yeah they seem to be taking from more hardcore games like squad and rising storm to put emphasis on squads and squad leaders.
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    Chill out Bane! We don't need anymore drugs
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    it would be kinda fitting if i play the VIP i "try" to be there
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    Boom! WW2 confirmed boys, this thread can end.
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    The eyes from Diablo III? If so, then thank you sir 👍
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    The wait for the first content update is over! Join our crew on The Hungering Deep's launch night and be among the first pirates to face the newest dangers on or under the seas! (hopefully no allmondbeards are amongst the perils) Our focus will be on discovering the new PVE adventures, but bring your bloodthirst as we're sure to clash into some PVP along the way.
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    My money is on WWII, but i'll be happy with whatever. I'm ready for another battlefield
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    Battlefield: Future Ultra Modern Warfare. We will fight in the moons of saturn and nuke uranus!
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    But more importantly...Will there be battle royale??
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    I guess WWII, although I'm not really sure. I feel a bit fed up on most of them honestly, not really easy to do something that hasn't been done before in FPS. (Well I don't know any games that did Korea but meh!)
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    I like to play baseball. But mostly I focus on fitness. to get my weight up on a healthy level, wich is going pretty well now.
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    That's not too far from the truth, really But yeah my local team is just from a small town but there's always a big crowd and a good atmosphere, it's something special compared to supporting big commercialised teams! I've always been fascinated by high-school sports in America. Over here (and I assume most places in Europe) sports are usually completely separate from schools on all levels. If you want to play sports you'll have to join a local club (and pay annoying fees). Lol it might sound impressive but the second highest level in our esports league isn't all that good, trust me
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    Everyone on this side of the pond assumes everyone in Europe loves European football Good to see you're an avid fan of the local teams (I try to support my local teams...when they're not facing my actual favorite teams). I do like going out to the pub to watch Premier League and Bundesliga play (morning time for us ). College football is big in America, bigger than any actual semi-professional football leagues/teams out there (or so it seems) and Arena football. Though also (but not as much) football in general is pretty big here--it starts in High school where for smaller towns, it's a big town-wide/county-wide event every friday night game--college football seems to be the regional version of this. Wow...I had no idea you were that good in Rocket League! We'll be keeping an eye on you for any forays into the eSports world (for other games) definitely (I can honestly say you were one of our best BF3 players for sure)
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    Definitely European football. It's not a perfect sport, but it's the sport I've loved ever since I was old enough to understand what sport is. I used to play when I was younger, and after years of inactivity, I try to play on a weekly basis with my mates (it's not a pretty sight, I'd steer clear). Leagues I follow: English Premier League, Major League Soccer (USA), the Norwegian elite division (a little bit anyway), and I try to attend my local 3rd division team's games as much as I can (amateur level basically). Teams I follow: Manchester United (England), Portland Timbers (USA), SK Brann (Norway) and then my local amateur team Bjørnevatn. For sports I don't know too much about: I have attended one baseball game in America, and it was 2,5 not so entertaining hours and half an entertaining hour because it took me a while to actually know what was happening. We saw a homerun! Definitely a highlight. When in America I also like watching Ohio State college football games with my girlfriend's family as they (and apparently everyone in Ohio) are extremely passionate about their college team. Like, extremely. I don't know if this is normal in every state in America but jeez, I go to Walmart and I see like 20+ people sporting Ohio State gear anytime of the year. But anyway, I think I've gotten a somewhat solid understanding of the game that is American Football. Aaand since eSports were added, I also love watching Rocket League esports, where I also compete at the second highest level in the biggest Norwegian league. I love sports
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    Mr. Rodgers is still alive.
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    Mr. CTO, what is the next initiative you're planning?
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    Hang a screenshot of your desktop on a museum, proceed to make money.
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    Aye man, 20 seconds of uncomfort for 10hours of comfort is pretty good math.
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    -Dutch "Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"
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    considering my bad luck in PU and the lost of 9k uec might aswell do some AC until 3.2
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    YER BOI!!!! My signature is back..... YESSSSS i say yes to this site @thebronxbomber