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    ^ Every currently-serving member of the US Military.
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    I’ll take team 2 medic
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    I can always appreciate a good Bane quote.
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    I voted Starfield because I didn't notice it was multiple choice until it was too late. But I guess it's the Bethesda ones for me. Fallout 76, Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI. Fallout 76 though...Who knows, I'm excited to try it at least, a lot of uncertainty since we haven't gotten much gameplay. Starfield I'm really excited for. The first time they make their entire new world since early Elder Scrolls. And obviously The Elder Scrolls VI I'm going to be very very excited about. But I do realise, and I hope everyone else do too, that it's gonna take years for Elder Scrolls and years even for Starfield. I've seen comments from people talking about Starfield and Elder Scrolls within 2020 and I just wanna give them a hug and tell them it's going to be alright. Nothing from E3 really made me feel all warm and tingly inside though (except for Todd Howard's babyface, and Sony's flute player). Although I am excited for The Last of Us 2, Battlefield V, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Ghost of Tsushima a little bit, need gameplay of that. First Assassin's Creed since III that I'm a bit excited for. I like the little RPG-like changes they've done, and exploring Ancient Greece just sounds very cool. I just wish they would ditch the whole Assassin's Creed thing at this point, I feel like it's holding back the true potential of settings like Ancient Greece and Egypt in Origins.
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    The Division has such great team play, so far gameplay looks even better in The Division 2. TLOU 2 will have really good gameplay, and absolutely amazing story 🤞 Anthem and Cyberpunk both look very promising, just not much gameplay to go off of yet
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    Yeah. Pretty much obligated to get this.
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    Lol good stuff, but please post only once until someone else has.
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    Battlefield 10 Fighting Nazis on the moon With the help of SPACE FORCE
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    i think of them as little dutch's who can't talk. makes them slightly less annoying
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    Fun night! I like running medic, a lot of work for me tonight 😄
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