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Founded in 2009 and active ever since, the Fighting 13th is an international, diverse group of mature gamers who play for the love of the game. We are a casual clan, valuing teamwork, respect, community, camaraderie.

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World of Warships

The Fighting 13th currently has active North American and European companies, with fleets led by capable Captains and supported by international crews of dedicated community members. We regularly participate in weekly clan battles, and have groups putting their mettle to the test on the high seas on a daily basis. Click the links below for more information and to enlist today!


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    HAPPY TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! It has been an honor leading you fine bunch. It has been a wild ride at some points. Today marks ten years from when the Fighting 13th (originally the 13th MEU) was established. We played basically the three games on my PC....Battlefield 2, Battlefield Heroes, and Age of Empires III. Age of Empires was never too big and Battlefield 2 died off, but Battlefield Heroes became our first game game, where we had an impressive seven squads at one point! Early 2010 came Battlefield: Bad Company 2 where we even doubled in size...and then a mutinous split came about which devastated us. We almost threw in the towel. Battlefield Play4Free (very short-lived game) came about and helped us to start picking up the pieces. We were a pretty formidable force in that relatively small game. We went on to place 4th in a Tournament (for money) out of 32 teams in what would be the only P4F Cup to happen. We had a set 10-14 members who practiced every other day or so, and we had tactics formulated--it really paid off. Battlefield 3 in 2011 is where we really started to mold our identity. We were on all three platforms (then) with six/seven squads dominating BF3 in public matches and scrims. Here is a picture of some of that history: I am not posting this picture just to gloat ;) This is one of my most memorable moments in the community. A 38 minute back-and-forth match on Grand Bazaar on Battlefield 3....intense--all 38 minutes of it. We had two infantry squads and a dedicated LAV/engineer squad roaming the four corner streets. The last few minutes we were down by maybe 100 tickets (whoever set this match up made it like 2000v2000 tickets). Everything was just clicking to us...we were all in sync. Communication was constant but not overbearing. Squads were going down, but were not being wiped out completely. It was awesome. My armpits were extremely sweaty after that, my body was trembling.....you would have thought I had just ran a 5K....and I'm sure those other 11 teammates felt the same way I did. After BF3 started to decline, Battlefield 4 came along. It's where we have most of our current core members from. And then 1-2 years after it was released, it died down and a new game appeared. In the early half of the community, our population seemed to swell and decline coincidentally with each new Battlefield game that came out. Nowadays, games do not seem to last as long. The games that we also played alongside these games include the likes of Halo, Killzone 3, Planetside 2, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, The Division, and many more. In 2015, another monumental piece of software came out...Discord. We adopted it in 2016. It changed the dynamic of the two decades of clanning and clan history before it. In 2018, we lost Stormwolfe. He was then commanding the Stingrays Squadron (WOWS NA Group). He will forever be in our memory. Six years prior, we lost a dear friend and clan mate, Purplevine, due to a drunken driving accident in the UK. These were among our lowest moments. May their souls rest in peace and may their memories last in our hearts and their loved one's forever. Currently, the community plays ARMA III, Battlefield V, Escape from Tarkov, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Mordhau, Rocket League, Sea of Thieves, The Division 2, and World of Warships, among other games. We have over 200 AWESOME members and we are always looking for more. Thank you all for everything you do. You make this community very pleasurable for me as well as others. The cover picture depicts Colonel Joe W Kittinger making an extremely high-altitude jump from the edge of space in 1960. I chose it because our 10 year anniversary marks the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings. Also, it symbolizes our future, and how we are always looking for more. Here's to our future. Happy ten years! If you have any awesome memories from your time here, please share them with us here! Also, here's our old old website if you want to really go look at a time capsule: http://13thmeu.forumotion.com/forum View full record
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    Was great playing with ya's all again :)
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    Nahhh warlords for the win 😉
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    Zulus bout to whoop that Warlord ass
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    Wow, good seeing you here man. You're finally back from world traveling to catch up on some BF3 with us, eh? :) You two can both join! :D
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    Week Two The Fighting 13th vs. Goofy Missiles. The Fighting 13th’s team: RJBViking, Elephantagon, Tim (Eltjavo) Week Two of the IGL Summer Circuit was to be played against Goofy Missiles. Match 1 of 5: 0-2 loss. Week Two’s opponents were going to prove to be a lot tougher than that of Week One, and it would turn out to be a defensive series. GM pushed on and made 7 shots, scoring two of these. The Fighting 13th made a good defensive effort, making 5 saves, but was not able to capitalize on their chances. GM won the first match 2-0. Match 2 of 5: 2-3 loss The second match of the series was much closer. In this high-paced match, both teams made 4 saves, but GM had the stronger attacking power and was able to pull off a 3-2 win out of their 9 shots against F13’s 7 shots. Match 3 of 5: 1-3 loss Like in the first week, The Fighting 13th had to win the rest of their matches to stay in the series, only this time having to reverse-sweep GM’s 0-2 lead. GM, however, didn’t seem too interested in the possibility of being turned around, and pushed hard against The 13th’s goal. The Fighting 13th defended well, putting up 8 saves. GM still managed to score 3 goals, and with Elephantagon managing to score the F13’s only goal, GM would win 1-3, and taking the series 0-3. Series result: The Fighting 13th 0-3 Goofy Missiles Stats: Week Two Goals Assists Saves Shots Elephantagon 1 0 7 3 RJBViking 0 2 7 2 Tim 2 0 3 7
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    Week One The Fighting 13th vs. Young Dirty Mafiosi The Fighting 13th’s team: RJBViking, Elephantagon, Tim (Eltjavo) Our first clash in the IGL Summer Circuit was a Best of 5 series against Young Dirty Mafiosi. Match 1 of 5: 2-3 loss Despite keeping most of the pressure and leading 6-3 in shots, The 13th struggled to find the back of the net, while YDM were far more efficient and scored all their 3 shots, and went on to win the first match 2-3. Match 2 of 5: 2-1 win The Fighting 13th kept the pressure we saw in the first match, but had much more defensive control. The 13th saw 2 of their 6 shots in the goal, strong defending from YDM preventing more goals. YDM would go on to score only one of their 4 shots, therefore losing 2-1 to The 13th. Match 3 of 5: 4-2 loss YDM certainly picked up their game in match 3, counting 11 shots and scoring 4 goals despite The 13th’s heroic defending, making 6 saves. YDM won the third match 4-2. Match 4 of 5: 4-3 win With YDM being only one win away from taking the series, The Fighting 13th had to win two matches in a row. Fortunately, the boys stepped up to the task and pushed hard on the opponent, pounding away 16 shots against YDM’s goal, 4 of these finding the back of the net. With the attacking mindset, it created space for YDM to counter attack. “F13” was able to put up 6 hugely important saves, allowing 3 goals, making the 4-3 win. Match 5 of 5: 3-2 win Match points for both teams as the last match of the series kicked off. This was perhaps the closest match of the evening, counting 5-6 in shots and 5-4 in saves. The Fighting 13th was the most efficient team, however, beating YDM 3-1 and taking home the series with a 3-2 win. Series result: The Fighting 13th 3-2 Young Dirty Mafiosi Stats: Week One Goals Assists Saves Shots Elephantagon 5 3 7 16 RJBViking 5 5 5 14 Tim 3 1 6 8 Highlight of the game https://www.gifyourgame.com/PosticheEffuseLuigi Goal by Tim after a cross from RJBViking
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    All day sunday like old times :P
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    Congrats on the 10, bronx! (and everyone!)
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    You stalk me....that's why I'm on your "People you may know" list....
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    Shoutout Wolv for hitting me up on twitter to tell me it's going down! It's like I never left considering how often you stalk me and end up on my facebook "People you may know" list, bronx :p
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    Awulle you're all grown up with a family now :')
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    ive send white insomnie an whatsapp, he wil ltry to make it aswell What time do we start?
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    Congratz fella's. So many great memories, they still roam my mind every once in a while. I couldnt make it to the reunion but im still down to group up sometime.
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    zulus, m8
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    I'm in. Will this be on ps3? I still have mine
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    Sure I think BF3 is still on origin? Warlords ........ Assemble!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRB0MiqIlfM
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    This summer and autumn, the Fighting 13th's Rocket League team has entered the Indy Gaming League Summer Circuit! The IGL Summer Circuit is a league open to players of all ranks. The league includes six weeks of Circuit play (one match per week) and four weeks dedicated to single elimination playoffs. Matches are in the Best of 5 format. Teams are divided into Divisions based on their rank. The Fighting 13th was placed in Division 2 which is meant for teams ranked as Champion 3-Grand Champions with an MMR lower than 1599. The League is EU based and teams can have a roster of up to 5 players. The Fighting 13th roster: @RJBViking @Elephantagon @Tim (Eltjavo) @DenBenny @Benny In this thread I will post match and stat updates as we make our run for the playoffs! Results Week One: 3-2 win against Young Dirty Mafiosi Week Two: 0-3 loss against Goofy Missiles Stay tuned!
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    I think we should have a return to bf3 weekend
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    So, this is promising. I'm definitely getting but through the microsoft/xbox PC store with the live pass as it is only £1 for now. Anyone else interested? https://youtu.be/sQmVazrsZIM
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    Starts July 31st and runs until Sept. 15th. Tier 8 ships will be used.
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    As we hit the 10 year anniversary of the clan this month It got me thinking back to when I first joined which was back in 2011 on the ps3 putting the hours into Bf3 with the warlords way back then. So we are going back in boys! we are going back to karkand! we will leave no clan mate behind as we rip up the streets and the metro of BF3 for this clan weekend event!
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    it was great fun!
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    That was fun! It reminded me just how much fun BF3 was though :(
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    I'll be hopping on in 45 mins
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    Hahaha yep, all family man, not sure about the all grown up part :)))
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    Contacted ZannaRage but unfortunately he cant make it. He sends his regards. Wulfieeee!! what time will the event start?
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    The BF5 division should probably not count on me being very much online - just ask Awulle xD But I would like to play more
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    Don't know when I will be online. I forgot that it is was my 12 year wedding anniversary but on the good side I have day off on Monday :-)
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    IT now eyyy, i'm in that same game ;)
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    I'll be away all weekend for my birthday but if you guys are still going late into Sunday hopefully I can hop on even for a little while and say hi to all my old Warlord amigos! Have a blast guys
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    Noted in my agenda! Hi Red, :D u better join. like bronx said, hook up your controller :) I will pbb do the same. :$
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    BF5 on PS4 ?? Add me and ill join you https://battlefieldtracker.com/bfv/profile/psn/Buzz_K1llingtonn/overview Im doing good, 2 kids now, son and a daughter, still with the same lady, i work in IT now, so no more nightshifts and such :) How are you doing bronx? Still in the navy?
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    Also, here's our old old website if you want to really go look at a time capsule: http://13thmeu.forumotion.com/forum o wauw, the memories seeing that forum :D
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    There has really gone 10 years??? WOW !!! It was one of the best times in my life and I miss many of the old boys <3 Unfortunately I only have a little contact with Awulle and Mar (Mar is after every 2 to 3 years or something xD) best greetings Wolv_DK aka Wolverine_DK https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088363831/
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    But i don't know how to fly jets on PC
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    Age 52 Gender Male Region NA Location Primary game you wish to join us for Other Game Games you play World of Warships Microphone Yes Discord ID _EnsignParker_ Steam username Referrer How did you hear about us? Hours of availability Evenings after 1800 EST (4-6 hrs per night) available 7 days per week Why do you want to join us? To be in a WOW clan, to play clan battles, and to support the team in any other team events. Also to division up with clan members on a regular basis for regular warfighting. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? I own all the T-10 ships except the new French ships that require steel; Most all my T-8 through T-10 ships have level 19 commanders. I am developing into a very good DD player. I listen to the battle commander and execute to their direction. I did lead a lot of clan battles in my previous clan, but I follow just as well. Additional information US Navy retired (27 yrs)
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    It will be on pc mate I was just talking to s222d33 about weather or not there would even still be playstation servers running for it. Plus there will be more likely more people active online on the pc game also i don't think many of us still has a PS3 plus I sold mine years ago lol
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    Any and all is free to join this event.
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    I'd be all for this! I joined the clan for BF3 back in 2012 with the amazing Falcons squad, so many memories :D
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    Would you help organizing it? :)
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    Welcome to the Fighting 13th _EnsignParker_ !
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    I really like the new "game role" subscriptions 👍
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    When we had the arma 3 epoch server we had so much fun! I still remember the bridge trolls. I dont wanna pay a toll!