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    Whats everyones plans for the Boogaloo apocalypse?
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    Because everyone loves sequels, a second Jackbox Party Pack night will be held in Discord on April 4th. Everyone is welcome to pop in whenever they want. All you need to join is access to a web browser and enough bandwidth to view a discord stream. After getting our feet wet in the first of these, we will probably end up exclusively playing games from Jackbox Party Packs 3-6, as they have audience support. Also, if you have a game you really want to play, leave that feedback below. I've bolded the games that we haven't tried yet. Available games Quiplash 2 Guesspionage Tee K.O. (Requires Drawing) Fibbage 3 Survive the Internet Monster Seeking Monster Bracketeering Civic Doodle (Requires Drawing) You Don't Know Jack Full Stream Split the Room Patently Stupid (Requires Drawing) Mad Verse City (Lots of Writing) Zeeple Dome Role Models Joke Boat (Lots of Writing) Dictionarium Push the Button Trivia Murder Party 2 Fakin' It was left off because you need to be in the same physical space to play this game.
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    Is Mayonnaise an instrument?