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    I mean, is it really a fighting 13th site without this topic? 3 Rules: 1) No spam... 2) No double-posting 3) Don't talk about Last post wins club
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    No Coffee. I do lines of Coke Instead. I mean cans.
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    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7dm3e65j2eubf0v/Screenshot 2017-01-28 17.14.54_cropped.png Board Games with the Fighting 13th Returns!! Join us for another addition of our board game series, hosted via Tabletop Simulator!! Specific game we will be playing is still TBD, although most games have a 6 person maximum. If you are interested in joining, please contact @Danius ASAP. Potential games include: Scythe House on Haunted Hill Dead of Winter Zombicide Zombicide: Black Plague == Current signups == @Danius @BillyBantam @Chris P Bacon @Global Papi @baboking @CS42R - [MAYBE] @Rorschach - [MAYBE]
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    Chris P Bacon Norway Not unit, no position (for now) My unit was killed off at new years 17/18 (ESO) I joined about two years ago i think. Or soon? My other aliases is ChrisCroz, Jancs and Amonan I play most games, but right now I have high hopes for Sea of thiefs Old as the rivers, younger than the mountains. Favorite hobbies outside gaming is drinking
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    Hey all! This is a new thing we're starting. We'll be doing community polls periodically (read: weekly) on different subjects to garner discussion, banter, and to ridicule those members who we do not agree with! So, here's poll one: Coffee. All of us gamers become sleep-deprived at some point. To operate, we (most of us) run on coffee. Tell us how YOU like your coffee.
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    Pirate games Let try and find the ultimate multiplayer pirate game So far SoT is awesome fun https://www.seaofthieves.com/ Beta for Skull and bones signups https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/skull-and-bones/
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    Clan battles for EU Signups. Please sign-up to show your availability
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    Name - Wulfie * RL - Johnny MacPherson* Country - Scotland Age - 29 *30 this year..... mother of god* Occupation - Automotive Spray painter Date of joining the clan - late 2011 Divisions been in - *First to > last * *PS3 Warlords* BF3 > Arma2 > Dayz > Arma3 > War Thunder > BF4 > Squad > World of warships > BF1 > RTS/X-ray *current* Been around for so long now I really couldnt imagine being in another clan or anywhere else tbh many bonds and freinds have been made over the years and that is the main reason for it all I guess. Big into cars and motorbikes very much a greese monkey so im always messing about with enignes or doing something with veichles same go's for pc's, I enjoy building new rigs etc . . . Also play the guitar and drink a lot on weekends since there is nothing better to do
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    I am one of the swedes occupying this clan, XO in the EFT unit,was ze XO in the world of warships division with le Boobacon as captain . I joined 2 and a half years ago sometime in october. Been playing games and fiddling with computers pretty much since I was physically able to ^^ 26 years old living up in the frozen wasteland that is northern Sweden. Not much else to say
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    I'll kick it off The name is Predacon, I am ze captain of the uber World of Warships unit in this clan. I'm 19 y/o and i joined the clan on June 23rd, 2013. I like it here (otherwise i wouldnt have been here for so long) and it's like my second family that keeps growing and growing. I joined in the days when Battlefield Play4Free was a thing... needed a group to play it. and stumbled upon the 13th MEU (The clan's old name) and signed up. My roots are the glorious Eagles and Marauders back in the days! But have been part of Falcons (As member, BF4), Deathdealers (As both member and LT, ArmA), Tridents (As LT/ CPT, World of Warships) Something about myself outside of my gaming life... Real name goes by Diederick (Good luck pronouncing it) and i'm from this country where weird green plants that we smoke are legal. I'm an IT Supporter at this fashion company and i travel around europe for work related stuff. Unfortunatly this intereferes with my ability to game. I'm a music fanatic (You'll hear it on discord sometimes) and i eat a lot.
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    My chosen way is not listed. Strong enough to give you a heart attack and by the bucket. With Milk not cream.
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    yes lol! large americano with milk! or if im at home coffee and milk. none of this cream rubbish
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    GLobal i do have to say cuban coffee is pretty damn good.
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    Sea of Thieves launches, and we are having a party We are going to drink rum, play and have some fun Get the game, or a free trial of the xbox gamepass and join us (on pc or xbox One) Bring your rum, grog or whatever you fancy and hang out with us on discord. @BillyBantam might be streaming on twitch, in a pirate costume. https://www.xbox.com/en-CA/games/xbox-game-pass Free 14day trial
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    Jullie nederlands is zo verlept slecht
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    This doesn't even make sense you bafoon
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    From the album Squad

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    Gimme your desk I need a new one
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    Why would anyone vote for Dutch
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    I would if i could but i dont have enough!
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    @Scags, @[13th] ExiduslolThe lack of ikea furniture is appalling...
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    @Dutch Lies..... @Chris P Bacon Welcome to the website!
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    Put your pecker back in your pants Lick Dutch ??? Profit
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    I'd play SoT but it's windows 10. Damn, I knew I should have gotten the OS when I had the chance.
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    More like hitchhikers guide of the galaxy