Founded in 2009, the Fighting 13th is a global group of mature gamers who play for the love of the game.


Check out our Divisions and the events they host. We host different training, raiding, and competitive events within the community.

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  • Join the Fighting 13th today!

    So you want to join us? Awesome! We are excited you want to take your gaming experience to the next level. Becoming a Community Member is a fast and simple process. Before you start, make sure you:

    • Are 17 years old or older
    • Have a working working microphone and Discord installed
    • Have a team-focused mindset and a willingness to learn
    • Are able to listen, follow directions when need be, and be able to think for yourself
    • Are mature

    Meet these requirements? Great! Below are the steps to get started:

    1. Web Account

    Creating an account on the website requires a username, password, and email validation. 


    2. Application

    Apply for the game of your choice. The application goes over community-wide and game-specific questions.


    3. Member Introduction

    After you have applied, a staff member from the team you are applying for will go over your application, discuss a few items of interest, answer any questions you might have, and welcome you to the team.

    If you have any questions, any staff member will be glad to help. PM, DM, hit up, or mention any staff member!

  • About Fighting 13th

    Since 2009, Fighting 13th has been a truly global community of passionate gamers playing multiplayer games both big and small.  Our operational footprint in the gaming world is steadily increasing, and you can be a part of the action! Find out more about us here.