Founded in 2009, the Fighting 13th is a global group of mature gamers who play for the love of the game.


Check out our Divisions and the events they host. We host different training, raiding, and competitive events within the community.

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Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon

Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves


All hands on deck, me hearties! Our presence in the Sea of Thieves' maritime world has been going strong since release in March 2018. Come join us as we sail the ocean blue and pillage and desolate coastal towns island villages. Our group is always searching for trusty landlubbers and those itching for their sea legs alike! We be on the lookout for lads and lassies to man the guns, load our cargo, and fight off the scallywags and picaroons whom be 'n our way!





We play regularly several times a week.


Key Personnel


@Chris P Bacon Buccaneers Company Commander






Buccaneers Company





Sea of Thieves Calendar

Sea of Thieves Forum



Joining Us


Come chat with us in the #pirate_chat channel on our official Discord server or join our voice rooms underneath to get a crew formed and ready to fight! Apply to join the community officially here: https://www.fighting13th.com/join/


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