Founded in 2009, the Fighting 13th is a global group of mature gamers who play for the love of the game.


Check out our Divisions and the events they host. We host different training, raiding, and competitive events within the community.

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Battlefield V

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Battlefield V


Our involvement in Battlefield V began when the game was released in November 2018. Since then, we have been kicking ass and taking names! The BFV group has received scores of new recruits over its lifetime. The BFV group continues a long and storied tradition within the Fighting 13th--the continuation of the series of Battlefield groups within the community from our very establishment 10 years ago. Come out and play with us as we traverse BFV's massive maps, its soothing-to-the-eyes landscapes, and the destruction of the enemy. There's something awe-inspiring about being a part of an organized team, coordinating and routing the enemy and PTFOing. You have to check us out.



Servers and Events


The BFV group plays on public servers, mainly in the Eastern US and in Europe, dependent on who is online. We are discussing the feasibility of our very own server(s) for the community. 


Events happen weekly. 



Key Personnel


@CS42R Screaming Eagles Company Commander 

@Stixx Red Devils Company Commander






Screaming Eagles Company (BFV NA)

Red Devils Company (BFV EU)





Battlefield Calendar

Battlefield V Origin Usernames List



Joining Us


Come chat with us in the #radio-chatter channel on discord, or post in the #battlefield_lfg chat to get a squad going, or to join a current squad in-game. Apply to join the community officially here: https://www.fighting13th.com/join/


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