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PU - Money Making - WIP

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Should you have a Cargo Ship and enough money doing Trade runs is the way to go

I currently ship 6k worth of cargo(4/66 Cargo slots) for 15mins and make a profit of 500 aUEC, the more money you put in the bigger your profit.
That said should the game crash you lose most likely the money you put into the run,what i would advise is to have a co Pilot,You have to pay him via the Beacons since you cant pay ppl directly yet

Current Run

Trade Run 

Oli->Deymar mine 141
buy meds-> sell meds
profit:0.95 per unit(have to double check)

Deymar mine 141 -> Oli
buy ore(the first one) -> sell ore
profit:1.45 per unit(have to double check)

time: less then 20mins depends on pilot

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On 4/24/2018 at 10:17 AM, CommanderOwned said:

the drug lab can run out of stock and Grim might be full FYI

I never realized the stock of things could run out and Grimhaven being full. Which I suspect will be true most of the time given how many things can be sold at Grimhaven for good profit. The tension will weaken as more systems get added at least. Oh well.

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43 minutes ago, CommanderOwned said:

considering my bad luck atm i dont know if gonna work on this thread in 3.1

Yeah I think I'd hold out on cargo runs until 3.2. I'm probably going to stick to missions and such. 

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