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April 2020 Newsletter

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The Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this issue!


Member of the Year 2019 Award

Order of the Fighter's Cross





Citation: Vault joined the community in early 2019, as he was looking for people to play Division 2 with. Always very vocal and willing to help Vault, has grown into a valuable member of the group. Whether that was helping people farm to improve their builds, leading people through their first raids or being a reliable team mate in PvP Vault has proven himself. He has put in over 500 hours of Division 2 with the Fighting 13th, and has now also surpassed that with Destiny 2. His great sense of humor and his use of language (picked up from his adopted home) which led to some amusing and colourful outbursts make Vault, well Vault. Without doubt Vault is Rookie of the Year, let alone its Member of the Year and will go on to be a big part of the community for many years (if the old bastard doesn't die first;) ).



Member of the Month Awards

MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - @Klobbson (November)

Despite how busy the Swedish Army Rangers have been keeping him, Klobbson was able to host various events for different games for the Pathfinders during the month of November. Well done!


MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - @ThunderPhat (December)

Thunderphat became a new member of the Senior Council, a group which gives advice and feedback to leadership on all sorts of matters. Thunderphat also willingly took on the Social Media Manager position, and has been doing an excellent job keeping our various social media accounts up to date! Job well done!


MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - @MrPepsi (January)

MrPepsi slashed and feinted his way into winning the big Medieval Mayhem Mordhau Tournament on January 11th, 2020. Aside from his alternative handle on his Great Sword, he has been active across several different games in the F13, participating in many events. Well done!



MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - @Vultur#1460 (February)

Vultur's ball handling skills are second to none in Rocket League. He helped take the RL's competitive squad to 5th place in the 3v3 Indy Gaming League Winter Circuit. A job well done and keep up the good work, Grand Champion!



MotM.png.ced99507424b6a4ad81adca6db5c8592.png Member of the Month Award - @KosherHam013 (March)

Kosherham has been instrumental in getting his new EFT recruits up to par. Kosherham dedicated dozens of hours a week in playing the game and now would be considered a Subject Matter Expert of the game and its various nuances. With Kosherham's help, the Vikings Division has been able to have 1-2 raiding parties pillaging the streets of Tarkov on any given night within the month of March. A job well done!





PSA on the Global Coronavirus Pandemic

While the world appears to be falling apart at the seams due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, we at the Fighting 13th would like to remind everyone to stay safe. Please heed your country's/government's officials' guidelines and orders to stop the spread of this virus, and please keep an eye out on your loved ones.


Life as we know it in the proverbial blink of an eye has changed as we know it. It may take months, or even a year or more, to contain and eventually eradicate this virus, but we will do it.


In the meantime, if quarantine/lockdown's got you bored, be on the lookout for more events to join in on. If you are curious about updates or want to discuss the latest, we have created a #covid-19 channel just for that. And lastly, while many of your governments are taking unprecedented steps to ease the economic pain of all this, if you are in need of help, whatever it may be, please reach out. The exceptional members of this community stand by one another in times of crisis like this.




Meme-Off Competition

This a Discord server event which will be run twice a month, from the 1st-15th and the 16th-30th (or 31st), with a different theme each period.


Rules are simple:

- Submit any meme with said theme to #dank_memes channel with "Meme-Off" (So it can be found later) in the description.
- First person to create/post the meme (in case there are people who post the same meme twice) gets credit.
- The person with the most reactions (by different users) wins a small community award at the end of the Meme-off.

Please contact @CS42R for any questions, comments, or concerns.

The theme for April 1st-15th is our favorite maritime sponge and his friends : SpongeBob SquarePants



The current leading meme in the Meme Off Competition as I write. Credit goes to @Dutch for this masterpiece. 




Social Media

We still need your content to help promote this wonderful community. Screenshots, clips, videos, streams--if you produce it we can use it. Got something you want to share contact @ThunderPhat or @BillyBanter. If you want branding for you videos please contact @BillyBanter.





Our Newest Division--the Rocket League Division "Air Wolves!"


Introducing: The Rocket League Division "Air Wolves." 

Commanding Officer: @Forked

Executive Officer: @Elephantagon

On the December 18th, 2018, we got our first text channel in Discord dedicated to Rocket League here in F13. Some of us started spending a lot of time in the voice channels of Other Games 1 and 2 until we got our own voice channel at March 25th, 2019. We then started doing tournaments.

The first tournament was the Indy gaming league summer circuit. @RJBViking, @Vultur#1460 and @Elephantagonrepresented F13 with @DenBenny and  @Benny_07 as substitutes. Halfway through the season, RJBViking left for the Americas to chase his dreams (he was sadly just chased back across the pond by COVID-19) and Denbenny replaced him. They got to the play-offs but got knocked out early.

Next up was the fall circuit, with Vultur, Denbenny and Elephantagon playing with @Dutch as a sub. This time around it went a lot better and they got all the way to the finals! We lost the last match, but second place is something we are all happy with.

The winter circuit also went well, with the same team (with Bas00 and Wrex as subs) nearly reaching the semi finals.

Some statistics from the tournaments:
86 games against 22 opponents - won most of the games.
199 goals with 131 assists, 317 saves and 643 shots on goal.

And that is just the competitive side of Rocket League! We often just get together and play private matches against each others just for fun. With everyone on discord and just playing (mostly) random teams we can all have a laugh.


A healthy balance of competition and casualness is the key to Rocket League Division's success and growth from a venture to full on division. Well done!

Feel free to contact either @Forked or @Elephantagon- or just join one of our sessions on discord. 





Tactical Combat Division "Spartans" News

It has been a slow few months for the games Tactical Combat Division plays. We have a partnership with 79AD and 1-505th clans for Arma events.


No currently planned upcoming events, but expect some soon whether for ARMA III, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum, or Mordhau.


Please contact @copat149 or @cJack for more information on Tactical Combat Division news.





First Person Shooter Division "Vikings" News

The FPS Division will be changing its name to the "Vikings" tag. All "Red Devils" will be switched to the new tag.


Escape from Tarkov recently got a big content patch bringing along some new features--the biggest one being a weight system, restricting how much your character can effectively carry out from a single game. Along with this, there were some new parts for various weapons of the game and some new armor. And, hopefully, not too far down into the future we will also be getting a new location in the streets of Tarkov, which essentially will be a huge urban combat environment located in the main city of Tarkov. Also, this patch will also include a fresh start for everyone, resetting every single player's account back to level on--a perfect time to jump into the game if you are not already a part of it! 


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has added a brand new game mode called Warzone. Members seem to be enjoying Warzone more than the base game. Warzone is the Battle Royale mode in the newest Call of Duty that takes place on the map of Verdansk. Players drop in and fight their way for control over a shrinking circle, much like other Battle Royales. What's different is the Gulag, where players have an extra shot at getting back in the game on their own accord should they die early on...or they can rely on their teammates to buy them back for $4500. The mode is well crafted, original, and tons of fun--you should join us the next time you see us playing!


Contact @Stixx or @Daytex for more information.




World of Warships Division "Hydras" News

Clan Battles happened.


On the NA side, this current clan battle season was not our best showing. We made it to Gale league 1. We typically get into Storm league, but we were on the cusp of it. Considering we were down several players this season, I would say we did pretty damn good. We managed a 47% win rate over 99 battles. We did manage to upgrade our Naval Base's Steel Port which allows everyone playing clan battles and ranked battles to earn more steel.


On the EU side, we managed a 54% win rate over 69 battles resulting in Gold II. 


For more information, please contact @Dirty Andy or @Capt_Teek




Looter Shooters Division "Pathfinders" News

Destiny 2 - Destiny has moved into Season of the Worthy with the return of Trials, the pinnacle PvP mode. If you like PvP and think you are pretty good it's worth jumping in with the guys and trying to go Flawless. The story of Season of the Worthy is based around saving the last city:


With the Sundial freed from the clutches of the Red Legion, one escaped Posion Flayer enacts a desperate ploy for revenge against the Last City. Guardians of the Light must set aside old differences to band together with unlikely allies and save the City from total destruction.


Don't forget that since September 2019 Destiny 2 went free to play, and there is tons of content for new players. If you are looking for something to do while in isolation, then there will be plenty here to keep you going. If you have any questions ask for help! There's plenty of help to be found from within the LS Division!


Division 2 - March saw the launch of the first Division 2 expansion: Warlords of New York. With a complete overhaul of the gear system, a new map adding Lower Manhattan, new difficulty levels and some interesting new Exotic items, there has never been a better time to jump into (back into) The Division 2. With a new raid, The Foundry, due to drop in the coming months there will be more to come in the future. WoNY also saw the addition of Legendary Strongholds, a whole new level of difficulty providing an additional challenge against a new faction...the White Tusk.

Pathfinders - Pathfinders is all about looters, whether that's our current focus, Looter Shooters, or more traditional games in the genre. We are always looking at the next big game, if you think that you have found something that will fit in Pathfinders please let Billy know.


Additional stuff
World War Z - World War Z was recently free on Epic Games, if you picked it up and are looking for someone to play with contact Billy.


Please contact @BillyBantam for more information!





Other Tidbits



As of posting this, the community is:

190 Members | 17 Officers | 6 Divisions | 10 Years Going



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