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[APPROVED] Moonlightkms#3542 Application [NA] [Other Game]

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  • Age
  • Gender
  • Region
  • Location
  • Primary game you wish to join us for
    Other Game
  • Games you play
  • Microphone
  • Discord ID
  • Steam/UPlay/Origin username
  • Referrer
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Hours of availability
    During the morning and early afternoon EST, varies with my online schooling needs
  • Why do you want to join us?
    I posted on a Destiny 2 subreddit about joining a guild despite my rl disability and your name came up, figured why not.
  • Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us?
    I'm a hard worker despite my disability, rarely complain in raids etc. Former WoW raider in WotLK, can take orders and am a team player.
  • Additional information
    I do have cerebral palsy which limits my reaction time/speed to a certain degree but always strive to overcome it to the best of my abilities.

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