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BIRK - Quite A Man (Feedback appreciated!)

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So, I'm coming up with an album in January. Yes, that's right, soon you'll be in the same clan as a world famous star. Nah probably not, but I really hope I can live off my music or else I'm fucked since I ditched my education for this. I'm a smart man as you can tell. Anyways I would appreciate some feedback if you have any! Thanks in advance. Lyrics are below the embedded song.



Better to be feared than respected, but everyone's too afraid to make connection
Don't do shit without our blessing, we're masters at givin lessons
Tough love shit bring mind to resting, I'm not a man you wanna be testing
Man thinks he's hard but you know that he's less than, my 44 zero's masters at deception

Tight home you got, invite ourselves in
Tight eyes you got can feel your tension
Pain is my invention, your intervention
Blue won't be interceptin, there's no reception

Quite a man you are, used the system
Needle prick you need a quick zen, need a quick fix mistake as a quick mend
As an addict I'm your godsend, I am your god friend, a narcissistic masterpiece or so would I think

Quite a man you are to be snitchin
Can birds sing with their chest caved in, or what you thinkin
I hope you get my hintin, I hope the fear starts to sink in

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