[PENDING] ChrisAngels Application [BFV]

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  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Microphone
  • Discord Username


  • Origin Name
  • Referrer
  • How did you hear about us?
    A quick Google search for Battlefield clans
  • Hours of availability
    8-15 hours
  • Why do you want to join us?
    Looking for someone to play with and have some great fun in the prosess
  • Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us?
    Have done some designing in the past emblems, flyers, banner and so on
  • Additional information
    Have been in a couple of clans / communities but have fallen off for different reasons example people i played alot with dissapear. changes in schedule for work and so on.
    I'm not apart of any comunities clans at the moment.
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