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Veterans Day/WWI Armistice Anniversary

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What beautiful words those were, Armistice Day means a lot to myself too. I was in the Army Cadet Force for a while in my young teens, however I couldn’t join up when I came of age due to health reasons. I do however respect and have a lot of pride in knowing that my Dad and my Ancestors have fought for my Country’s (and the worlds) freedom. I’d like to share with you all my 2nd Great Uncle’s story and Medals from WW1... Arthur Horton signed up with the Coldstream Guards in 1905, he went to Egypt and India before the War broke out in 1914, although being a soldier first he was actually a qualified cook, I have a letter dated 1919 from one of his friends saying how much everyone loved his food. We have a photograph of him cooking in the trenches (although I haven’t seen it yet) So after being active during the whole 4 years of the War, he was discharged with the 1914, 1914/1915 Bronze Star Medal, the British War Medal, And the Allied Victory Medal, but he also received the British Military Medal for Bravery In The Field, it’s believed he ran into no mans land and saved one or more comrades under enemy fire... I’m incredibly proud to be related to him, and here are those above mentioned Medals worn by myself in memory of my Uncle Arthur (Note I’m wearing them on my right side due to them not being my own Medals) Also a phot of Uncle Arthur himself with my Nan. I hope you enjoy looking at these :) 




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