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Tac Tuesday: Dunkirk

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Tactical Tuesday:

The Battle of Dunkirk

"To the glorious memory of the pilots, mariners, and soldiers of the French and Allied armies who sacrificed themselves in the Battle of Dunkirk, May–June 1940."


At the onset of the Battle of France, Nazi Germany launched a surprise offensive through the Ardennes, out maneuvering and out flanking Allied forces, creating an isolated pocket of troops around Dunkirk that were now trapped between the advancing tanks and the sea. Thousands of troops, ill equipped to fight off the 
With the Wehrmacht closing in on the trapped Allied forces at Dunkirk, a desperate struggle has begun to hold off the advancing German forces and allow for the evacuation of Allied troops across the channel to England. 
We are outnumbered, outgunned, and running out of time.


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