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King Two Lima [Sunday]

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"During a routine flight from Kandahar a UH-60 Blackhawk designated King Two Lima carrying 4 crew was shot down and crashed somewhere near the village of Sakhe. This is well within the Talibans area of control, and QRF ground forces will not reach the site in time to secure it or extract the crew. At this time UAV can not ascertain the status of the crew, and with Taliban closing in on the site we are out of time. We have available to us a Marine Force Recon element in the province that is standing by to secure the site, and recover the crew if possible. Expect heavy resistance as the area is firmly in enemy control. Phoenix out. "
What we need:

Ground Team:
SAR Team Lead [Required]

SAR Demo

SAR Medic

SAR Grenadier

SAR Rifleman

SAR Rifleman

SAR Autorifleman

Overwatch Team:
SAR Marksmen
SAR Spotter

Pilot Team:

Note that the Pilot team will also be the drone operators for the ground team.



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