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Stormwolfe Cup. 23 September.

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The fist annual Stormwolfe Cup. (held in honour of our former leader and all around likeable guy Benedict M. "Buddy" Cardillo.) was held the 23 of September.
With an amazing tournaround of 11 members (for our standards.) it was an afternoon of fun and competative gameplay.
Members where randomly dropped into teams of three members while me and
@Yasvar handled the casting/spectator aspect of the tournament.

Members included.



Being that were still in infance when it comes to arranging these tournaments we are extremely satistifed with how it went. I'd like to think that everyone enjoyed the whole shenaningans. The tournament had a twofold objective. Honour the memory of the man with the deepest voice ever heard on Discord and a champion of a human being. And secondly it gave me and yas an insight into how people play and how we can drill things into your already thicker than lead skulls when times arrives for clan battles.

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