King Two Lima: Midnight Sun (Tactical Tuesday - 09/25/2018)

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King Two Lima: Midnight Sun
Vidda Alpha


Yesterday Afternoon at approximately 22:27 a US Army Blackhawk with a 4 man delta team dropped off our radar and stopped responding to radio calls. This morning at 00:36 their emergency transponder activated, and was shut off 7 minutes later. With the transponder active for only a few minutes, we were able to narrow the search area to a 10 square mile area in the Vidda Alpha mountain range in Northern Norway. This is drastically off course from their planned flight path, and increasingly problematic this late in the summer as more powerful stormfronts move into the area and prevent us from inserting you via helicopter. 


You and your team will be brought into the search area via truck, and will have to find the team and the helicopter on foot. We are not sure of their whereabouts, only of their last location, as the mountains make it difficult to track them on radar and the storms have only made this harder. 

Be aware that in the area is a militant local Guerrilla force that is at odds with the Norwegian government. While their has been no confrontation between the two forces, the area is a powder keg waiting for a match to set the whole thing off. Watch your fire, and try not to start a war. 


Roles: minimum of 8 players. 


Delta Team: (restricted to certain players only)
Team Lead


Search Team:
Team Lead
Auto Rifleman

Team Lead
UAV Operator

Delta Team must be filled
1 search Team must be filled.
Additional mods (will provide links later today)


Vidda Alpha
Snowstorm mod.


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