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Operation Falcon's Flight

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Vlad managed to escape our grasp during Operation Stake Heart and with the Chechnya Militia now alerted to our presence in the area Falcon Team was forced to make a fast exit. After making their way to the evacuation point Falcon Team set up a defensive perimeter and prepared to wait for their ride out of the area. Falcon Team will not have access to resupply and so ammo and medical conservation must be priority number one.

*This mission is a direct continuation of last week's mission. Player's should prepare their loadout before hand and submit it to me either through DM on discord or through posting here. A tutorial for exporting your loadout is linked here*

Loadout Guide:

*If you played the last mission you can export your loadout for that mission and I will use that for this mission*

  1. Weapons must be 5.56 Stanag compatible
  2. Uniforms cannot have US flags (CTRG is recommended)
  3. Ammo Bearer may carry a MAAWS with one round
  4. Marksman and Spotter may carry a 7.62


 What we need:

Team 1:
Team Leader - @cJack
Ammo-bearer [AT4] -
Automatic Rifleman -
Medic -

Team 2:
Team Leader -
EOD - @CS42R
Grenadier -
Medic -

Recon Team:
Marksmen -
Spotter -

Mod List:

  1. CUP Weapons
  2. CUP Terrains-Core
  3. CUP Terrains-Maps
  4. CUP Vehicles
  5. CUP Units
  6. CUP Terrains- CWA
  7. ACE
  8. TFAR
  9. CBA_A3
  10. Vcom AI V3.0
  11. Advanced Rappelling
  12. ShackTac User Interface (opt)
  13. Blastcore Edited(opt)
  14. JRSR (opt)
  15. 3den enhanced (opt)




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