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Member Spotlight, July '18 : Forked

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Member Spotlight July '18 - Forked

We have decided to tie in member spotlight with member of the month, so for July you get to learn a little more about @Forked . He's been with the community since the beta days of Sea of Thieves, and since then has been become an active member of the community bringing together crews for SoT and supporting @Chris P Bacon on the Buccaneers.

Q1. Can you share a real life picture?

A. PFmK2Ds.png

Q2. Where are you from?

A. Norway

Q3. Tell us a little about yourself.

A. I am a 36 year old nerd with a beard. I grew up in Oslo, but moved across the country in 2007 to Ålesund. Living with my girlfriend, two dogs and three cats. I enjoy camping (when the weather is right) in the mountains and at the lakes in the area. I'm also no good at talking about myself.

Q4. What's the first video game that made an impression on you?

A. I would have to say Super Mario 1 on the NES. I didn't have the console myself, but I borrowed it from a friend and played the shit out of it on a black and white TV. At a later date.

Q5. Why/When did you join the Fighting 13th?

A. Stumbled over Chris P Bacon somewhere on the internet when talking about Sea of Thieves (pre-release) and he dragged me in. Now I appear to be quite stuck.

Q6. Any notable memories from your time with the community? (Funny, sad, memorable, whatever)

A. I have only been around sine March, but I have many fun memories in SoT with my fellow pirates.

Q7. Have you met anyone from the community IRL?

A. Not yet, but I will when I get a chance. Chris owes me a beer ?

Q8. What types of games do you usually play?

A. I enjoy RTS, strategy and single player games mostly. SoT is the only PvP game I have looked the last 5+ years.

Q9. What's your guilty pleasure game?

A. Factorio. Ever since I got it I have been coming back to it once or twice every major version, played through it vanilla and then stuffed it with mods and gone through it again.

Q10. What is one game you feel every person should play at least once? 

A. Super Mario 1 or 3. I like how the old games had no forgiveness and no save games. Granted newer games are way too long to do it all in one setting, but I sort of miss that time anyway.

Q11. What would you like to see from the Fighting 13th in the next 6 - 12 months?

A. I honestly have no clue. When it comes to gaming I live mostly in the moment. I do hope to be able to join gamenight with Tabletop Simulator at some point though. So more of that, please ?

Q12. Would you rather fight a horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses? Explain.

A. Can I get a flamethrower? Then it's 100 duck sized horses. BBQ horse for everybody tonight! (No you can't get a flamethrower - Command?)

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