Able Sentry: DOWNFALL (Tactical Tuesday - 7/10/2018)

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Last night's raids on the enemy's IED production and the capture of several HVTs, the insurgent forces in Baghdad have been severely crippled and no longer possess the leadership or logistics for further attacks on occupation forces or civilian targets; however the central Mosque remains a significant stronghold and source of harassing fire for the surrounding neighborhoods. Before sunrise your team managed to clear the Eastern Entry of the Mosque and is prepared for a sunrise assault on the last bastion of insurgent forces in Baghdad. Allied command has received the go-ahead from the Iraqi Government to move in and eliminate all insurgents within the Mosque, however this must be done swiftly and with minimal damage to the structure, lest we anger the local populace further. We expect heavy resistance inside the Mosque, and a possible enemy counter attack. You'll be resupplied before the assault, but further resupplies will be difficult once you are inside the Mosque compound. 

If we can eliminate the enemy here gentlemen, the Battle of Baghdad will be an allied victory, and bring us one step closer to securing the rest of the country. Phoenix Out.

What we need:

Team 1:
Team Leader - @cJack
Rifleman [AT4]  - @Spillner
SAW Gunner - Jfranklin94
Medic -  @Nitehawk

Team 2:
Team Leader - @Danius
Rifleman [AT4] - @Jason99vmi
SAW Gunner - @FreakinYoda
Medic - @WeabusUltimas

Support Team:
Engineer - @Baboking
EOD [doubles as demo] - @CS42R
Rifleman - @TheMahaGamer
Machine Gunner [240B] - Matt(Skya297)

MOD List:

  1. CUP Weapons
  2. CUP Terrains-Core
  3. CUP Terrains-Maps
  4. CUP Vehicles
  5. CUP Units
  6. CUP Terrains- CWA
  7. ACE
  8. TFAR
  9. CBA_A3
  10. Vcom AI V3.0
  11. Advanced Rappelling
  12. ShackTac User Interface (opt)
  13. Blastcore Edited(opt)
  14. JRSR (opt)
  15. 3den enhanced (opt)



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