Able Sentry: Nightstalker (Tactical Tuesday - 7/03/2018)

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After the events of 26 June's push into the North Western section of Baghdad, insurgent forces have withdrawn to the Eastern section of the city and the surrounding countryside, but have formed a formidable stronghold on the city center around the large Mosque. As of now, allied forces have been unable to find a solution to clearing the mosque and removing the stronghold, and as such the insurgents have ramped up IED production to stall troop movement and disrupt supplies even further. While allied high command works with the Iraqi government to find a suitable solution to the Mosque Stronghold, we must deal with the insurgents attempts to cause chaos within the city. As apart of 10th Mountain, your unit is being tasked with finding and destroying IED factories within the city, as well as eliminating enemy leaders in the surrounding countryside. UAV surveillance has determined that insurgent forces plant their IEDs during the night when traffic is gone and patrols are scarce. You will be launching surprise raids in the night to stop the enemy from planting IEDs, destroy the bomb factories, and capture or kill as many HVTs as we can. Phoenix Out.

What we need:

Team 1:
Team Leader - @cJack
Rifleman [AT4]  - @Spillner
SAW Gunner - @Jfranklin94
Medic - @Raven

Team 2:
Team Leader - @Danius
Engineer - @CS42R
SAW Gunner - @Jason99vmi
Medic - @WeabusUltimas

Support Team:
Engineer -
EOD [doubles as demo] - 
Rifleman -
Machine Gunner [240B] - 

MOD List:

  1. CUP Weapons
  2. CUP Terrains-Core
  3. CUP Terrains-Maps
  4. CUP Vehicles
  5. CUP Units
  6. CUP Terrains- CWA
  7. ACE
  8. TFAR
  9. CBA_A3
  10. Vcom AI V3.0
  11. Advanced Rappelling
  12. ShackTac User Interface (opt)
  13. Blastcore Edited(opt)
  14. JRSR (opt)
  15. 3den enhanced (opt)



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