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World War 3

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7 minutes ago, thebronxbomber said:

Looks awesome! I'll be looking forward to playing this.


Though I can't say I got a 'World War' vibe from this.

Yeah it will be very interesting to see where they go with persistent War stuff.  I am digging the concept.  Lets see what they can put out.

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1 hour ago, thebronxbomber said:

Is anybody interested in this enough to be buying into the early access deal on Steam?

Not at the moment. But I am keeping an eye on it.

Right now I have too many games I want, so I have chosen a few making the immediate cut and a few to watch. I have already bought or will soon be buying Insurgency Sandstorm, Anthem, The Division 2, and The Last of Us 2. I am gonna wait and see how the 13TH community embraces Battlefield V, World War 3, and Post Scriptum. Hopefully the 13TH join me in The Division 2, Anthem, and Insurgency Sandstorm ? and I'll probably pick up what other one gets played by all of you.

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