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Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

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 This looks like an infantry-focused map with two flavours of urban combat: close-quarters in the residential area and mid-to-long range in the industrial areas of the harbour town.


Fjell 652 

A mountain peak setting that pits infantry against planes. Good luck, infantry! The "extreme dynamic weather" can trigger vision-obscuring storms that should make life difficult for pilots. Plus it looks like there are plenty of AA emplacements around.



 We've played Rotterdam during Battlefield preview events. It's a nicely balanced map that has foot soldiers fighting for a bridge while tanks roam the streets below.



 An infantry-focused map set in icy ruins in the aftermath of Rotterdam.


Twisted Steel The broken bridge in this map is supposedly the "biggest structure ever created for a Battlefield game". The bridge itself looks like an infantry bloodbath but there are marshlands for tanks to fight for around the bridge.



 It's tanks vs infantry on this map set in France. Trench lines and bushes provide infantry cover and there's a big central church for snipers to camp in.


Hamada The biggest map "at launch" (which suggests bigger ones later). Set in Africa, Hamada is inspired by World War 2's biggest tank battles.



An axis airfield just recently bombed by allied planes. There's a massive killzone in the central hangar.


Panzerstorm (post-launch)

 Arriving in Tides of War chapter one after launch, this tank-focused map is set in lovely Belgian countryside.



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Awesome. Thanks for posting this @Stixx :)


A few things...


1.) Arras looks beautiful, I think one of the most beautiful battlefield maps so far, even if it is just a small countryside town in France.


2.) Is Twisted Steel's bridge really the biggest structure ever created in a battlefield game? What about the skyscrapers of Battlefield 4? But then again, I suppose you were only ever really at the top or bottom of those structures, not really the floors between.


3.) Fjell 652's setup is I think the most interesting--air/infantry battle. I think it balances it out quite well between air and infantry--on maps with all the different vehicles on it, at times it can be overwhelming for the infantry.


4.) Interesting concept creating a map for the ruins of Rotterdam (I guess it's kind of like those "day" and "night" maps in some games, like Battlefield Heroes), but I'm not as excited for this combination.



I'm looking forward to all these maps though.

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