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Tactical Tuesday is BACK!!!!


We have been away from our roots for some time now, but it is time to return home.  Tactical Tuesday is our weekly, weeknight event.  These events will have a focus on structured mission put together by your fellow community members. 

So this is how this is all going to work.

Every week on Wednesday you will see a post with a few questions.

  1.  First, we will need to know an idea of how many players we will have.  So Role Call DeathDealers!  COME GET YOU SOME!
  2.  Then a choice between PMC, Special Forces, or Regulars.
  3.  Last but not least What kind of mission we will be running the following week.  Rescue, Objective Assualt, Objective Defense, "Special Missions", or Combat Patrol just to name a few.


Once these questions are answered and we have a feel for what everyone is into, the mission planning will begin.  We will have our core group of mission makers, but this will be open to anyone who has an interest.  If you have ideas or would like to be part of the mission making process let us know.  The more involvement we have during this process the better these events will be.


So please discuss Ideas.  What would you like to get out of these events? 



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For clarification; the PMC/SF/Regulars choice is an equipment and mission style choice, for example, PMCs wouldn't encounter tanks but wouldn't have armor or real air support either, but regulars might and do etc. 

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