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  2. Age 38 Gender Male Location South Africa Microphone Yes Discord Username piet#2672 Steam username pk790421 Referrer Guest How did you hear about us? net Hours of availability 25 Why do you want to join us? learn and play competetive Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? friendly Additional information Additional information
  3. Yesterday
  4. Pirate games

    With gamepass @BirdDog2043
  5. Pirate games

    Yaa, They give you 2 weeks free trial
  6. Wulfies album

    Random 13th and games pic's etc over the years i have taken myself while being in the clan.
  7. Pirate games

    ohhhh that's a thing?
  8. Pirate games

    naval action you can be pirates in that also
  9. Last week
  10. Pirate games

    Dear gods of gaming, forgive me for I have sinned. I pre-ordered Sea of Thieves and I have hyped it up so much in my own head it's not even funny.
  11. Pirate games

    You shouldn't have...I'm just like the rest of the scum on earth...
  12. Pirate games

    Gonna try it with the 2 weeks free access on pc first ^^ Preorder shame on you bronx... I thought better of you
  13. Pirate games

    That sounds NOT fun at should have preordered like the rest of us...
  14. Pirate games

    I'll be keeping an eye on sea of thieves when it comes out. watching gameplay will be the deciding factor on whether i get it
  15. [POLL] Poll #1: How do you like your coffee?

    Do a poll about what next weeks poll should be about
  16. Pirate games

    NEVER BUY RETAIL Microsoft anything at all!
  17. Pirate games

    I gave him a few links to stores with 10/10 rep and both oem and retail for 10-20$ But there seems to be some resitance. I think @thebronxbomber just want a excuse to buy a Xbox one. And i am all for it, as long as there will be pirate play.
  18. EU Clan battles

    Clan battles for EU Signups. Please sign-up to show your availability
  19. EU Clan battles

    Clan battles for EU Signups. Please sign-up to show your availability
  20. Pirate games

    I'd buy from those on the principle that microsoft are greedy b*tches I know it can be stolen cards etc which sucks though
  21. EFT Screenshots/Gloryshots

    Scav run with Skya. I would've shared but Skya decided to become a meat shield during this altercation.
  22. Pirate games

    I have seen/heard of that offer multiple times (also from @Chris P Bacon )....I'm being cautious to say the least....or perhaps it's just out of principle that I'm probably not going to go with that deal (also why upgrade to win10 with this comp when I need a whole new comp).
  23. Pirate games

    Ooooooorrr you can get cheaper keys on like kinguin/g2play, think they're around 20 bucks for an OEM key (Means they're basically locked to your motherboard and you can only switch out hardware a certain amount of times per year, you can reformat how many times you want though) 20 bucks vs 120, They really ought to lower the price >_>
  24. Last post wins V42

    The only thing you won was an extra chromosome oheyo
  25. Fuck Mexicans, amirightbois?
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