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  2. Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    That's @Predacon you're thinking of.
  3. Last post wins V42

    Germany most likely, but we will see.
  4. Last post wins V42

    You planning on moving over there?
  5. Last post wins V42

    I might become a Europetamian so I accept Dutch as king of this thread but for now, I ain't no red coat wearing bastard.
  6. Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    You'll be building dick igloos in Russian with him.
  7. Today
  8. Last post wins V42

    Can't stop won't stop
  9. Last post wins V42

    noooo stahhp
  10. Last post wins V42

    dutch may never win
  11. Last post wins V42

    thanks for the back up whiskey. You are allowed to stay alive
  12. Last post wins V42

    we should just let Dutch win
  13. Discord Integration

    errr NYET!
  14. Wulfies album

    Random 13th and games pic's etc over the years i have taken myself while being in the clan.
  15. Community Poll #3: Next Battlefield?

    So disapointed........... another hardline me thinks rushed out and ruined
  16. Last post wins V42

    Sure?....I don't even know what that position means
  17. Yesterday
  18. Last post wins V42

    Doesn't work here.
  19. King Two Lima - (EU Time Slot)


    Who is Zues for this mission? @copat149 I'm guessing
  20. Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    i am rdy for BF5 :Squad Edition great changes so far lets hope they work out
  21. Last week
  22. Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    He does have that effect on people.
  23. Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    I withdraw my negative comments. If Dutch plays with me, I'm sure I'll love this game.
  24. Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    Can't wait to enjoy this game
  25. Last post wins V42

    thats a good trick
  26. Last post wins V42

    The trick is not to tell anyone you won, therefore assuming the position of high charity.
  27. Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    Yeah, I think they realized they need to go back to their roots like BF2 and further separate CoD from BF again. BF2 is where project reality is based on and then squad and post scriptum are based on PR too.
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