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  3. Thats how this game works yes. But I will win instead
  4. my previous comment lost
  5. Bebris

    Sup all

    Hey awulle.. long tine no see.. theres plenty of ppl who play warzone (including me but im baaad).. ask around the discord
  6. Dutch

    Sup all

    What are you doing here awulle. We didnt know you still existed, you should hop on the discord sometime, because the forum isnt used much anymore and can go down at any moment. Bronx was wondering how tall you were the other day so please answer that. Also we have a couple of people that play calloodooody warzone i think.
  7. You will fail at taking that bullet.
  8. Well, at some point one of us will be last post for real. I guess I'll take that bullet.
  9. Whatsup guys? Hows it going Wulfie?! How is the COD/Warzone activity going? Looking for some teammates to squad up with Regards Andrew
  10. Sure I dont care though, its not connected with el interneto
  11. no.. don't do that, it's not very nice. What they should do is ddos whatever sound mixing software you use
  12. eh someone should ddos the site after I comment. Ddos it forever.
  13. silly kids and their ddos attacks..
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