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In July 2018, Officer Stormwolfe of Warships NA has passed away. In memory of Stormwolfe, we have decided to create a quarterly cup named after him.


I am proud to present you: The Stormwolfe Cup! (Banner will come)


This tournament's Info is based on how many people will RSVP. So please do!


Please sign up if you're interested on what this is about ;)




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We start at 19:00 CEST (18:00 uk time)
There will be prizes for all participants and there will be fun for everyone.
Compared to last clan tournament we will make changes to minimize wait time between games.


Hopefully 3 man teams depending of sign ups
Tier 4
Battletime: 15min
All premiums except Nikolai allowed
Signals, consumables and camos is free to use.
Captains will be 0 points.
Only 1 BB/team and no carriers.
If you cap an cap that is not played for you lose


Ranked battle: Archipelago B cap only, Polar A cap only and Straight all caps.
(I have picked maps where the risk of capping them by misstake is minimal)


We will go through the rules at the briefing aswell.

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