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Suit up! Beta 2 for Insurgency: Sandstorm is here ?. Beta 2 runs from August 30th right up to the September 18th launch. The event is only scheduled for one hour but I for one plan on being on longer than that ?  ?


As many of you have read in the July Newsletter, Insurgency:Sandstorm (INS) is a game the 13TH have been keeping an eye on. I'm excited to announce it has now joined the 13TH as a new team with X-RAY Division!

INS offers addictive gameplay whether you have 15 minutes for a quick match or are getting ready for a full night of gaming with the 13TH. Please check out the INS chat in Discord X-RAY Division, official INS website, and our INS post on the 13TH website for more information and media:

Many of the 13TH already own, will soon be buying, or have shown interest in INS within the Discord app and the Sandstorm post on our website. INS holds great potential for the 13TH with action packed PvE, PvP, and in-game Competitive mode. I look forward to gearing up with you all. Launch can't come soon enough!

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