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After the events of 19 June, 10th Mountain has been able to successfully secure and open Route Irish for traffic between Baghdad International Airport and the Green Zone, allowing the uninterrupted movement of troops and supplies. However, the fight is long from over and the city of Baghdad itself is still contested. With Route Irish secured, it is time for the second phase of our campaign and to secure the surrounding neighborhoods. Your new task is to provide QRF to friendly elements as we push to secure another portion of Baghdad. After the events of 19 June, your squad has been reinforced with fresh squadmates, as critically wounded soldiers have been evacuated to hospitals in Germany. Be advised that even with the destruction of a large arms cache, the IED threat remains high, and insurgent aggression has risen to match. Phoenix Out.

What we need:

Team 1:
Team Leader - @WeabusUltimas
Rifleman  - @copat149
Rifleman [AT4] - @KingMoosey
Medic - @Nitehawk

Team 2:
Team Leader - @cJack
Rifleman {AT4] - @Spillner
SAW Gunner - @Jfranklin94
Medic - @TheMahaGamer

Support Team:
Engineer - @CS42R
EOD [doubles as demo] - DemoDan
Rifleman -  Danius
Machine Gunner [240B] - @Jason99vmi

MOD List:

  1. CUP Weapons
  2. CUP Terrains-Core
  3. CUP Terrains-Maps
  4. CUP Vehicles
  5. CUP Units
  6. CUP Terrains- CWA
  7. ACE
  8. TFAR
  9. CBA_A3
  10. Vcom AI V3.0
  11. Advanced Rappelling
  12. ShackTac User Interface (opt)
  13. Blastcore Edited(opt)
  14. 3den enhanced (opt)



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