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As an element of the US Army's 10th Mountain Division, your squad has been tasked with been tasked with a Route Clearance mission on Route Irish, Baghdad, Iraq.  This road is a heavily trafficked connection between the Green Zone and Baghdad International Airport and is a vital link for supplies and troop movement. Your squad along with the support of three HMMWVs will conduct a patrol along Route Irish; you are instructed to clear any obstacles, threats, and report any enemy activity along the route. It is imperative that you avoid collateral damage and limit friendly casualties when possible.

What we need:

Team 1:
Team Leader - @Danius
Rifleman {AT4} - @Scags
Rifleman - @copat149
Medic - @WeabusUltimas

Team 2:
Team Leader - @cJack
Rifleman {AT4] - @Spillner
SAW Gunner @Jfranklin94
Medic - @Raven

Support Team:
EOD [doubles as demo]
Rifleman - @Nitehawk
Machine Gunner [240B]

MOD List:

  1. CUP Weapons
  2. CUP Terrains-Core
  3. CUP Terrains-Maps
  4. CUP Vehicles
  5. CUP Units
  6. CUP Terrains- CWA
  7. ACE
  8. TFAR
  9. CBA_A3
  10. Vcom AI V3.0
  11. Advanced Rappelling
  12. ShackTac User Interface (opt)
  13. Blastcore Edited(opt)
  14. 3den enhanced (opt)



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