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Operation Breakwater
Georgetown, Tanoa
ION PMC Group.
29 May 2018 (21:00 EST / 20:00 CST)
After Typhoon Angela’s landfall on Tanoa, IDAP’s disaster reaction team was flown in, along with supplies and emergency equipment to start trying to get the island back on its feet. However, due to the logistical issues the recovery effort spearheaded by IDAP has been slow at best; many of the islands residents are still without power, and many more have yet to receive aid. Tanoan citizens are disgruntled with IDAP, and alleged rumors of corruption have spread. They have gathered around the central IDAP facility in Georgetown to protest IDAP, and an executive of IDAP was flown in to address the growing crowd and the citizens of Tanoa. Due to acts of violence and raids on IDAP facilities, ION PMC has been hired to guard the VIP as well as strategic IDAP facilities. At this time you are to keep a low profile, as we don’t know what true threat there is to the VIP.
What we need:
  1. @cJack
  2. @copat149
  3. @Danius
  4. @WeabusUltimas
  5. @Jfranklin94
  6. @Jason99vmi

Note:  All players are set to be "trained" medics.

MOD List:
  1. All of Cup
  2. ACE
  3. TFAR
  4. CBA
  5. Vcom AI V3.0
  6. Advanced/Urban Rappelling
  7. Shac tac (opt)
  8. Blast Core (opt)
  9. 3den enhanced (opt)


RSVP on the calendar 

Note:  The mission is not limited to 8 players.  Once the PMC slots are filled I will add the additional player options.





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22 hours ago, Raven said:

Pumped to play my first Arma team mission in over a year!

I played in the one last night but I'm gonna miss the next one on the 29th, gonna be working 

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