Jackbox Party Pack Night

Event details

Join us for a Jackbox Party Pack night in our Discord server!  Jackbox games are kind of unique in that only the host needs to own the game and everyone else only needs a web browser to join in and play.  They can sometimes get very ridiculous (in a great way) depending on how people respond to some of the questions asked.  Registration helps us plan which of the games we play, but otherwise, if you want to join, just pop into the Discord server.



Where will this be?

In Public Lobby 01 (or 02 if people have stolen it).  I will be streaming the game through Discord, and everyone else will join using a web browser or their phone.


Do I have to download anything?



How many people can play?

Most of the games have a cap of 8, but there are others with much higher caps, up to 100 in some cases.  What we play depends on how many people show up.  Otherwise, we can also take turns on who gets to play each round.


Which of the Jackbox Party Pack games will we play?

I own Jackbox Party Pack 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  The later games are better suited to online streaming, so we will probably choose from one of them.


I have another question!?

Post below.  I'll answer, probably. :) 

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