Operation Chaos Spear

Spartans Calendar

This event repeats every day until 03/08/2020

Event details

           After the removal of CSAT Forces from Altis, an uneasy peace settled over the island nation as the AAF and the Altian government attempted to rebuild. In the shadows, VIPER teams had been dispatched to blend in with the local populace and sow discontent with the governments slow rebuilding process. Angered over the lack of progress, an armed insurgency has erupted across Altis, and the still battered AAF have lost all ability to contain the situation.

            NATO, still in the process of withdrawing equipment and personnel from the fight, has halted and turned its attention back onto the island nation after a suicide bomber killed 14 NATO personnel and 4 British Nationals near the Altis International Airport. In response NATO forces have announced that forces will remain in place until the insurgents have been dealt with and the situation is under control.

            Alongside NATO's response, a British SAS team has been dispatched with the intent on punishing those that dare raise the flag of war against her, and have been tasked directly with finding and eliminating the VIPER commander on Altis. 

             In an effort to not repeat the past mistakes of Iraq and Afghanistan, NATO forces have been assigned a local AAF unit to facilitate interaction with the locals, in an effort to lower tensions and hopefully gain more intel on insurgent movements. 

             CBRN equipment has also been dispatched to all units as intel has been received that Insurgent forces have acquired, and plan to use, chemical weapons to further their goals. 

It is of the utmost importance that destruction of peoples homes, civilian casualties, and unnecessary violence be avoided at all costs. 

Elimination of VIPER Commander
Destruction of Weapons Depots, Recruitment Centers, and IED Factories
Route Clearance of Main Highways and MSRs
Intelligence gathering on Insurgent movements.
Destruction of Chemical Weapons.


2x Helicopter Pilots
1 Crew Chief
2x Flight Medics

2x Helicopter Pilots - Kevin , lolitsjon F13

1 Team Leader
3x EOD
1 Repair Specialist

INF TEAM 1 - F13
1 Team Leader - Omega F13
1 Sharpshooter - CS42R F13
1 Medic - Raven F13
1 Autorifleman - Wulfie F13
1 Rifleman - RakingLeaves F13
1 Rifleman Light AT - Todo F13

INF TEAM 2 - F13
1 Team Leader - Danius F13
1 Machine Gunner - Danklin F13
1 Ammo Bearer - Skya F13
1 Medic - Ivar F13
1 Rifleman - Crusader F13
1 Grenadier - Baboking F13

1 Team Leader
1 Autorifleman
1 Medic
1 Grenadier
1 Ammo Bearer
1 Radio Operator

SQUAD LEADER [of Teams 1/2/3]
1 Squad Leader
1 Radio Operator
1 UAV Operator

1 Recon Team Leader
1 Recon Medic
1 Recon JTAC
1 Recon Autorifleman
1 Sniper
1 Spotter

1 Team Leader
1 Crew Serve Gunner
1 Assistant Crew Serve Gunner
1 Ammo Bearer
1 Radio Operator

ZEUS - Copat149 F13
ARTEMIS - Billy Mayonaise F13
Radio Operator

Please maintain Clan integrity where possible, but we do encourage mixing it up!

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