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With the onset of hostilities between NATO and CSAT forces as the latter aggressively expand their territory and control into the "Med", CSAT have fired the opening shots in all at war. The 98th Guards has deployed a Mechanized unit to take Altis, whose strategic command of the Eastern Mediterranean is of dire import to either side. While the AAF fought a valiant delaying action against the aggressive and brutal onslaught of the CSAT invasion, they have lost control of their country and now hold a small pocket near the South Eastern edge of the island nation.

CSAT has used their control of the island to erect SAM hardpoints as well as SCUD missile sites, in hopes of controlling shipping lanes in the Eastern Med. NATO forces have committed the 13th MEU with supporting units and CAG CVN-83 [USS FREEDOM] to retake Altis and assist the AAF in regaining control of their country.

Primary Objectives are as follows:

1. Secure the AAFs remaining foothold on Altis
2. Eliminate SAM Hardpoints to solidify our Air Superiority
3. Destroy ALL SCUD Missile Sites.
4. Capture of Key Objectives:
                    MSR IRISH
                    OBJ MODOR
                    OBJ ROHAN
                    OBJ GONDOR

Secondary Objectives are as follows:

1. Secure defense along Phase Line Riddermark
2. Destroy Fire-Finder and Anti-Air Radar Sites.
3. Elimination of Viper Forces. 
4. Capture CSAT SATCOM Equipment.

Mod List is attached.

The Op will run 2 cumulative sessions approximately 4 hours each starting and ending the same time on Saturday and Sunday.
The week prior a Briefing and Planning session will be held with all Squad Leaders. 

Arma 3 Preset Aegis2.html

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