Destiny 2: Scourge of the Past

Event details

This Saturday we will be kicking some Fallen out of our lovely City in the raid Scourge of the Past! 



- Forsaken



- A penchant for destruction

- Patience

- Weapons mentioned below


There are two enemies that are best handled with a specific type of weapons - The Berserkers and the Boss. 


Firstly, the Berserkers are best handled with some sort of high DPS shotgun such as:


- Threat Level

- Imperial Decree

- One Small Step

- Legend of Acrius(With Catalyst)

- Any Rapid-Fire Frame Shotgun


Reason for this is that they need to be taken out quickly at close range or they will teleport around, costing valuable time. 


Secondly, regarding the boss of the raid there are a few options that we can run depending on what people have. We will run the option that works best with what people have. Please write a comment below if you have any of the following weapons:


- Outbreak Perfected(Works best if everyone has it. Ping me if you want help aquiring it.)

- Long Range

  - Whisper of the Worm


  - Izanagi's Burden

  - Polaris Lance(I would like to try a team of this one personally because I think it could be a sleeper for sustained DPS)

  - Sleeper Stimulant(Not optimal, but can work in a pinch)

  - Any Legendary Sniper Rifle


This is a fairly short and easy raid, with relatively few wipe mechanics(unlike Last Wish ಠ_ಠ). I still expect us to die a fair bit, but as you all know - Adversity is the anvil upon which greatness is forged! 


Spots are first come, first served! 

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