Top Gear Challenge: Euro Truck Simulator 2

Event details

Now for something completely different!


Time for a top gear style challenge in Euro Truck Simulator 2, if you want to join you need to register over at


The Challenge

Starting in Manchester you must get your truck all the way to Milan in the north of Italy, without the aid of GPS! Points will be awarded based on your position upon arrival in Milan. there will be bonus points for fuel efficiency and points deducted for any tickets you receive.


The Rules

  1. No GPS or using the in-game map (suggest you use google maps first to figure out geographically where to go!) 
  2. Any truck from the base game is allowed
  3. No mods other than the Truckers MP mod


Recommended Comments

@thebronxbomber Not at all...I don't know the European map very well. If we do something similar in ATS....hell yea. I would assume we're doing this without freight because it's pretty unlikely that we could all get similar weights and destinations from Manchester to Milan.

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Im all up for this and i think ATS one would be fun aswell :D 



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