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This event repeats every 3 weeks forever

Event details


With 3.1 with us and performance is a thing now and in the works, with modular armour sets along with more guns, Star Marine is now back with a vengeance.

This event is to kick start STAR CITIZEN events for 2018, starting with Star Marine held by yours truly. We have many more events up coming such as PU held by Rorschach and Arena Commander held by Raven.

We are taking into account different timezones and preffered days of play, mainly saturday. 

So come join this spectacular roller coaster of a game, and suit up in what ever you prefer to suit up in, either that Outlaw heavy chest armour, UEE helmet or a bad ass cape, whilst choosing an array of guns, from laser SMG, laser sniper rifle or a ION cannon to blow your enemy out of space. With future events fighting against other orgs.. who doesnt like showing what we are made of fighting other clans, so lets do this and join.

Limited spaces avaible, so join quickly ONLY 7 spaces left

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